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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Superior Girl Meets Her Match Chapter Three

 Here we go again. I've got an idea for another part-- let me know if you want to see it.

Chapter Three

I safely disabled the infrasound and subliminal-laden audio track before entering the nursery again. I crept in quietly.
     Superior Girl lay in front of the TV, propped up on a pile of soft, satin pillows and stuffed animals. She fixated on the screen, which at that moment was showing the former Pulitzer Prize winning reporter whose exposés had irritated the wrong people, who had stayed with me a short time last year. Little Miss  Journalistic Ethics had just made a big stinky mess in her diapers, and was currently cooing and gurgling her way through a sexy diaper change from yours truly. Her formerly impressive vocabulary had been reduced to around a dozen simple words, but she still communicated primarily through grunts, squeals, giggles and crying.
     On the screen, I lifted the ace reporter’s legs to reveal a messy backside. Superior Girl gasped sharply. Her eyes were glazed, fixed on the spectacle on the screen, her chin wet with drool. She was blatantly masturbating, the hand down the front of her diaper working furiously. She let out a delighted squeal when I started cleaning the reporter’s messy backside with a cloth and reached up and started playing with one of her nipples. I nearly laughed—she seemed to have shed her squeamishness over poopy pampers quite readily (with a little help from me, of course.)
     “What are you up to, silly girl?” I faux scolded.
     She turned and looked up at me with a delighted smile. She gurgled a hello to me from behind her soother, still playing with herself. “Enjoying the movie, I see,” I said archly. She squealed in agreement and reached toward me with her free hand. Kneeling on the floor next to her, I bent down to kiss her on the forehead.
     “You silly girl,” I said, reaching down to tickle her tummy, making her chortle and squirm helplessly. “Are you touching your no-no spot?”
     Her laugh was gleefully guilty. Groaning eagerly, she allowed me to replace her hand with mine, and I started fingering her soppy wet pussy. Feeling delightfully lazy, Superior Girl leaned back and allowed herself to be diddled to orgasm while she watched footage of another gurgling Adult Baby getting her hiney cleaned, powdered, and slapped into a fresh diaper.
     She flopped back, exhausted—I slipped the pacifier from her mouth, gently wiped the shiny coating of drool from her chin, and kissed her tentatively, thrilled when she responded enthusiastically. A quick glance into her mind revealed that I’d already been successful in my efforts. I felt a little guilty about manipulating her emotions, but it had paid off—now the crush she’d had on me from the beginning was blossoming into a full blown infatuation. The videos had had their intended effect-- Superior Girl was completely giving into her desires, and she was eager to try the things she’d seen on the clip.
     Hoisting her into the air, I settled her onto my hip and carried her out of the room. The Girl of Steel rested her head on my shoulder, and I could feel some drool soaking into my shirt. I could only smile—she’d certainly changed a great deal since she came bursting in hours ago. The prissy, immaculate superheroine was now well on her way to being a drooling, slutty Adult Baby girl. I patted her tushy and made her gurgle with delight… the thrill of having her bottom patted by “Daddy” made her entire body throb with pleasure.
     I took her into the kitchen and settled her back into the high-chair. Dinner consisted of strained prunes and apricots. Fibrous and mushy, they’d keep Superior Girl’s bowels full and her messes soft, gooey, and difficult for her weakened sphincter muscles to control—it was my goal to have her completely incontinent within the next 24 hours. I smiled, spooning a pile of goopy prunes into her mouth, watching as she swallowed, unable to prevent a bit from dribbling back out between her lips. Poor Superior Girl; by this time tomorrow, she’d be totally unable to distinguish between a fart and a bowel movement.
     In the midst of her meal, Superior Girl began looking uncomfortable, her chewing and swallowing becoming less frequent. “Sweetie?” I asked, “what’s wrong?”
     In response, she parted her thighs. A noisy hissing emerged, followed immediately by the pitter patter of liquid striking a rapidly dampening piece of cloth. She was pissing herself, mid meal, utterly without shame. I watched the diaper darken and expand between her legs and suppressed a chuckle—The Maiden of Might was regressing even faster than I’d anticipated. She strained and unselfconsciously pushed until her bladder was empty, gave an adorable sigh of relief, and promptly accepted another bite of prunes as though nothing unusual had occurred.
     At last she was finished. I cleaned her up with a wet rag, then helped her from the high chair to the floor on her hands and knees. “Come along, sweetheart,” I commanded easily, and she obeyed without hesitation, crawling behind me on her hands and knees, her puffy, soggy diaper butt wiggling in the air behind her.
     We stopped off in the nursery—I put her into an adorable pink dress, hemmed just below the bust line. Pink and frilly, it only covered her butt by a couple of inches, and her diaper would be exposed whenever she moved or bent over. Next I tied a frilly bonnet under her chin, and I smiled as she blinked her bright blue eyes at me from beneath the brim.
     “You look precious,” I said, bending in to kiss her. “Come along.”
     She crawled behind me into my office. “Wait here a sec, sweetie,” I said, quickly running to the fridge and getting her after-dinner bottle. “Drink it down honey,” I said, and I watched her roll onto her back and stick the nipple into her mouth. She worked her, the fluid draining at a steady pace. “You play quietly for a bit when you’re finished, honey bunny,” I said, pointing to a small pile of toys on the floor in front of the desk. “Daddy has some important work to do,” I explained, taking my position behind the desk and bringing my laptop out of sleep mode. I was writing a special dream for The Girl of Steel, and I didn’t want any interruptions.
     I could sense Superior Girl’s pouty disappointment immediately—in her mind, daddy should be paying attention to and entertaining her at all times. She slurped her bottle and eyed me sideways, her weakened bladder letting out the occasional involuntary dribble or squirt of pee into her already saturated pamper, making sure it didn’t get too cold. I turned to my work, but I was aware of her watching me from her position on the floor
     Finally the bottle drained with a noisy hiss, and Superior Girl set it aside and wiped her mouth dry with her forearm. “I’m done Daddy,” she piped, batting her lashes at me adorably. 
     “That’s good sweetie,” I said absently, absorbed in my work. “Play with your toys while daddy works for a while.”
     Pouting, Superior Girl turned to the toys and started playing listlessly with them. She pounced a little horse across the floor, now and then scowling impatiently in my direction. The soggy diaper was getting cool, but I decided not to change it just yet—after dinner and her bottle, another bowel movement was probably imminent. Instead, I left her to play listlessly on the floor and occasionally shoot me a hopeful or irritated glance.
     Gradually, her playing grew more enthusiastic. I was glad, at least at first—her playing grew nosier. At first I was happy to see her enjoying herself… however, as her clanking and banging and chattering grew increasingly loud, it became obvious that she was only doing it to get attention. I had to smile—it was exactly the kind of infantile response I’d been hoping for.
     “Darling,” I asked pleasantly, “do you think you could make a teeny bit less noise while daddy is working?”
     “OK Daddy,” she said sullenly.
     A few minutes ticked by in relative silence, and I was getting into my rhythm with work, nearing the end. I thought we’d put the issue behind us. However, after about ten minutes I was disrupted by a loud belch from her direction, followed by a little giggle.
     “Young lady!” I scolded, trying not to laugh.
     “Sowwy, Daddy,” she giggled, leaving no doubt that she most certainly wasn’t.
     I suspected I hadn’t heard the last from her. My suspicions were confirmed minutes later when she tipped to one side and farted, the wet, gooey sound reverberating loudly in the still of the study. “Ahh!” She exclaimed, not even slightly embarrassed.
     “You naughty girl! What do you say?”
     “’Scuse me,” she said with a naughty laugh.
     “Somehow I don’t believe you, little girl,” I said, struggling to keep my voice stern.
     But Superior Girl wasn’t listening—after a few moments of straining quietly, she passed gas once more, this time shockingly wet. The formula in the bottle was starting to take effect, and if her diapers aren’t messy after that one, I thought as she emitted a sigh of relief, they will be very shortly.
     “You’re being very rude little one,” I said, moving my chair around from behind the desk. “But if it’s attention you want, I think I can oblige you.” I pointed to the floor in front of me. She crawled over slowly, unsuccessfully trying to hide a satisfied smirk.
     “If you’re going to act like a naughty little girl, you’re going to have to be treated like one—is that what you want?”
     She responded with a perfectly timed fart, and I nearly burst out laughing. “I fluffed,” she giggled, pleased with herself.
     Reaching out, I slipped my hands under her arms, lifted her clear of the floor, and laid her across my lap, thickly padded diaper butt stuck-up in the air. She giggled nervously and kicked her feet lazily in the air behind her. I rubbed and patted the seat of her diaper, feeling her shiver in response.
     “Proper little girls don’t do that, babykins,” I said, somehow maintaining a straight face as I swatted the seat of her diaper. “Do you need a paddling on the seat of your little pampers?” I asked, quite rhetorically as I delivered another spank to her diapered bottom. “Hmm? Is daddy going to have to spank this tushy until you promise to behave like a little lady?”
     I heard her grunt quietly to herself—a sour tuba-note emerged from the seat of Superior Girl’s pampers, followed by the scent of Limburger left behind the radiator. The Maiden of Might laughed heartily at her witty rejoinder. It was all I could do to bite my tongue to keep from laughing with her as I swatted her bottom… Superior Girl had certainly changed since I’d first met her mere hours ago.
     “Bad girl!” I said, delivering a spank the popped noisily against her thickly padded backside. “You’re just going to have to stay here until you learn some manners, darling!”
     But I could tell she wasn’t listening… I could hear her grunting softly to herself, her body tense across my thighs. I thought she was trying to fart again, and I swatted her rump preemptively.
     Her efforts were rewarded with a gooey, flatulent noise in her diaper. Shocked, I craned my neck just in time to see her diaper start to bulge behind her, a large, gooey mess sliding out of her and settling into a large mass.
     “You naughty little thing!” I scolded, swatting her butt and squishing the growing mess around in her diaper. “I’m going to give you a hard spanking on the seat of your pampers!” Whap! “Shame on you!”
     “Uh-hhug,” she grunted in response, another gooey explosion inflating the back of the diaper and staining through the back panel. I landed another solid swat, right to the center of her upturned derrière, smushing the growing mess against her buttocks and up between her cheeks. She giggled and squirmed across my lap, obviously enjoying the sensation.
      It went on like that for a couple of more minutes, me delivering a medium hard swats to the seat of her increasingly messy diaper and her unselfconsciously straining to add to the pile in her pampers, giggling and squealing her way through a firm bottom patting.
     At last she finished with a contented sigh, contenting herself to “oo” and “ah” the rest of the way through her spanking. “Quite the little ‘accident,’ eh, my little princess?” I asked, arching my eyebrow. She cackled and squealed in response and enjoyed the rest of her spanking. It was a new one, even for me—I’d never had one of my “special girl” mess herself during a spanking… and on purpose, too! Superior Girl seemed to be settling into the life of an Adult Baby far quicker than any other subject I’d ever dealt with.
     I delivered another series of swats, squishing the mess all around her buns and up her crack. Then I held her in place across my lap, gently rubbing and patting and squeezing the load through the bulging seat of her pampers. Superior Girl giggled and squirmed, and I could feel her trying to rub her pussy against my thigh.
     Without another word, I turned her over and scooped her up into my arms. Superior Girl murmured contentedly and burrowed herself into my chest. I carried her from the room, padding her bulging rump and making her sigh.
     In the nursery, I lay her down on the changing table with a gooey squish. She cooed and parted her thighs suggestively. “Oh-ho,” I said with a laugh. “Babykins thinks she deserves a reward for her naughty behavior, does she?” I reached down and started tickling her through her dress. Superior Girl giggled and squirmed in response. “Well… I don’t know,” I said, withdrawing my hands and beginning to pace the room. “I don’t think you should be rewarded for naughty girl behavior, sweetie. If only there were some way for you to show me that you’re going to be a good girl from now on…”
     She looked up at me, her eyes eager and hungry. I helped her to her hands and knees on the table. She looked up at me, wide eyes staring out at me from under her bonnet as I stroked her cheeks and her chin. “Are you going to show Daddy what a good girl you can be?” I asked, slowly undoing my pants and removing my cock, which had grown uncomfortably hard.
     She stared at it for a moment—for a second I thought she didn’t know what to do.
     But it was only moments later that Superior Girl allowed herself a naughty smile before bending down to plant a sweet little kiss right on the end of my dick. Giggling to herself, she planted a series of kisses down the shaft, then all the way back up again. I shuddered when I felt her little tongue on the end like a kitten lapping up milk. I murmured encouragement and stroked her face to let her know how she was doing.
     Finally she took me into her mouth. What she lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm-- Superior Girl’s technique was fast but gentle, and she eagerly took as much of my penis into her mouth as she could, then slowly pulled back, working her little mouth and tiny tongue over every inch of the shaft, her swollen, messy diaper-butt wiggling slowly behind her as she got into her rhythm
     I held back for as long as I could, but finally, she was simply too much for me—I exploded into her mouth with a contented sigh, watching her take my load and swallow it with a satisfied gurgle.
     “Good girl,” I said quietly, bending down to kiss her forehead. She giggled, proud of her efforts. I helped her back down to the table, where she looked up at me expectantly, eyes gleaming. “What a sweet little girl you are,” I said, rubbing the front of her diaper and making her groan. “Is it time for baby’s treat?” I asked, smiling when she moaned and squirmed in her poopy pamper. “One good turn deserves another, I suppose,” I said to myself, reaching below the table and pulling out the Hitachi. I brought it to life with a formidable buzz. Superior Girl grinned and squirmed on her back, eagerly anticipating what was to come.
     I teased the end across the front gently… she squealed impatiently, squirming, the stinky load in her diaper mushing against her dainty buttocks. Grinning, I pressed down; Superior Girl groaned, squeezing her eyes shut and thrusting her hips, bucking and grinding her pussy against the vibrator. She humped it obscenely, cooing and gurgling, moaning with displeasure whenever I let up with the Hitachi.
     It wasn’t long before she reached the homestretch, and I was thankful that we were in a secluded spot—even with the extra layer of insulation in the walls, I’m sure any passersby would have heard Superior Girl’s ecstatic cries.
     She finished quickly, eagerly humping herself to a climax in her dirty, stinky diaper. When she’d finally finished, I collected her in my arms and settled her into the crib. “Time to get ready for bed,” I said, fishing he goggles out of their place.
     “Awww… but I’m not sleepy,” she said, suppressing a yawn as I slipped the goggles into place over her eyes.
     “I know, honey,” I said, making sure they were firmly in place before I took the headphones down. “But you’ve had a busy day, and you’ve got another big day ahead of you tomorrow. Besides… don’t you want to see what dreams Daddy has programmed for you?” I asked with a sly grin.
     “Maybe… I guess,” Superior Girl said hesitantly as I strapped her into the crib to make sure she wouldn’t take the equipment off in her sleep.
     I switched the system on. Once more, she drew a deep breath, then visibly relaxed as she was bombarded by infrasound and subliminals. She cooed and murmured to herself, enjoying the show on her goggles (again, a series of short clips displaying my former customers, with an emphasis on messy diapers.) Smiling, I crept out of the room—soon she’d be asleep, and then the fun would really begin.

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