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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Superior Girl Meets Her Match Chapter Two

(Big thanks to everyone who commented on part one... please keep them coming! I had intended this to be the final part, but I've actually got ideas for another part, so if you guys want to see that be sure to let me know.)

Chapter Two

In the living room, I sat in my favorite chair and monitored her dreams. Superior Girl was sleeping deeply now, the images having ceased, but she was still being bombarded with phrases and suggestions on a subliminal level.
     In her mind, she was herself again, regal and mighty and glowing with power as she soared through the sky over Opal City—it’s protector. She was reliving some former glory; having beaten her arch nemesis Val The Virus to a pulp, The Maiden of Might of preening in front of an adoring audience of fans and reporters. As Val was hauled away by the cops, Superior Girl posed for photos and dispensed platitudes to the enraptured audience.
     “…And remember to eat a well-balanced breakfast,” she instructed with great self-importance, “it’s the most important meal of the day!”
     The crowd was drinking it in, listening with wide-eyed anticipation. She looked so pleased with herself—I just couldn’t resist the urge to tamper a bit.
     Suddenly, a ripple of gasps went through the crowd. People were now whispering to each other, not listening to what she was saying. Superior Girl frowned, annoyed. Didn’t they realize that she was still talking? Now they were chuckling… in fact one or two were openly laughing at… her? She began to feel self-conscious, nervous. There was a far off noise, a faint splashing coming from somewhere. And although she couldn’t place its origin, it gave her a strange sinking feeling, as though her confidence were draining away with it. It grew louder and louder, closer and closer, until it was almost all she could hear.
     People were openly laughing at her now, pointing and braying with hilarity. Superior Girl followed both their gaze and the sound of splashing water downward, toward her crotch, and gave a frantic squeal when she saw the urine running out of her at an alarming rate, creating a rapidly spreading puddle around her feet.
     Superior Girl squeaked and snapped her thighs together, trying to stem the flow. But her efforts were futile—if anything, the more she tried to re-gain control, the faster she felt it slipping away. Pee was gushing out from under her skirt like a waterfall now, soaking her legs and turning her boots a darker shade of red.
     Everyone was laughing now, and it was all the hapless heroine could do to stand there, blushing and stammering, as the gathered crowed enjoyed a good laugh at her misfortune (which, she realized, was being duly recorded by the media.) Finally, her accident sputtered to a halt, and poor Superior Girl was left fighting back tears and shifting from foot to foot in the large puddle she was standing in, stunned, unsure of what to do next.
     I was happy to give her a hint: “There you are, young lady!” I said sternly from behind her. She gasped and spun in my direction, staring at me with big blue eyes. “I wondered where you ran off to! You gave me quite a fright. And what’s this… you’ve wet yourself?! In front of all these people?! Oh sweetie, you’ve leaked all over the place! Now I’m going to have to change your diaper!”
     At this remark, the crowd exploded into laughter. Superior Girl turned quite red. “My…?” she began, her face going ashen when she looked down and noticed a bulky adult sized pamper bulging from beneath her skirt, just barely contained by her straining bloomers.
     “But… but… I’m a superheroine and… I don’t wanna diaper change!” she said, going slightly shrill with the beginnings of a tantrum. I held firm.
     “Don’t you back-talk me, young lady! Do you want met o put me over my knee in front of all these people? Hmmm? You better get your little bottom over here right now, young woman, or there’s going to be trouble!”
     Red faced and hesitant before the gathered crowd, Superior Girl toddled over uncertainly. Taking off her cape, I spread it out on the ground before laying her down on top of it. Dazed, she could only watch and blush as I removed her skirt, pee stained boots, and bloomers and quickly stripped her diaper off. Naked below the waist in front of the chuckling crowd, Superior Girl blushed and sucked her thumb as I expertly wiped her clean, powdered her and slapped a fresh didee on her quivering tushy.
     Helping her to her feet, Superior Girl found herself blushing and sucking her thumb, clad in nothing below the waist but an embarrassingly bulky diaper, while the crowd that had only moments before been eating out of her hand were now chuckling at her fall from grace…

     I let her sleep for over an hour before rising and entering her room once more. I smiled at the sight of her in the crib, still sporting the goggles and headphones. I crept over and touched her shoulder gently. She startled, and I was quick to reassure her.
     Slipping the headphones from her ears and replacing them above the crib, I spoke softly to her: “It’s OK, darling,” I said sweetly, drawing out the last word and smiling to myself as she shuddered a bit. It was one of the phrases I’d implanted into her mind—just hearing one of these words was enough to make her twitch with pleasure or writhe with shame. The later stages of hypnosis would allow me to control her actual bodily responses, making her babble baby talk, lose control of her motor functions, wet, mess… even orgasm in her diapers when she was presented with the correct verbal or visual cues.    
     “Just let me help you,” I said when she started straining against her bonds futilely, apparently still in the grip of her dream. She groaned a bit when she discovered she was unable to tear her restraints, and she sagged with a quiet sob and allowed me to undo the visor and peal it off. I smiled when her pretty face came into view. She blinked her bright blue eyes against the light and stared up at me both pleading and expectant… her expression reminded me of a toddler. I noted with glee that the pacifier was working itself in her mouth nervously, the first sign that the conditioning was working.
     At last I released her from her bonds—Superior girl glared up at me, her arms tight to her chest, weak and useless for anything more substantial than crawling or holding a bottle up to her lips… and they’d remain that way as long as she had the drainer looped around her waist.
     “OK, come on; upsey girl,” I said, surprising her by reaching into the crib and lifting her from the mattress as easily as a real toddler. Superior Girl gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck, not expecting this display of strength. I chuckled… it was another effect of the drainer; not only did it rob the former superheroine of her ability to walk or use her hands, it also emitted a gravity field that interacted with the units implanted into my arms. As long as the drainer remained active, Superior Girl would be as light as a kitten to me.
     I patted her bulging bottom through the seat of her onesie and felt it squish wetly. “I can see someone’s got a soggy bum,” I said, chuckling as she blushed and buried her face in my shoulder. The conditioning was already taking hold… The Maiden of Might was now a bed wetter.
     “OK, princess,” I said, laying her gently onto the adult sized changing table in the corner of the room, “Let’s get this BIG wet tushy into a dry pamper before baby get’s a rash, OK?”
      “Not a baby,” she muttered through her pacifier, glaring angrily as I unsnapped her onesie.
     I chuckled indulgently. “We’ll see,” I said, tearing the tapes of her diaper with dramatic flair and tugging down the front to reveal a very yellow diaper and a very soggy pussy. “That quite a wet diaper for someone’s who’s not a baby,” I pointed out, hoisting her ankles into the air and slipping it out from under her and into the waiting diaper pail. She blushed and fumed, but decided to remain silent… for the moment, anyway.
     Taking a wet wipe from the container, I warmed it in my hand before applying it to her loins. Still Superior Girl gasped and twitched, drawing in a sharp breath. “It’s OK, sweetie… lay still for me,” I admonished gently, wiping the surrounding area clean before starting on her soft, delicate lips. She couldn’t suppress a groan, and I smiled, sensing her heart rate increase. She parted her thighs and displayed herself lewdly. I continued cleaning her, pretending not to notice that I was stimulating her clit.
     “There we go,” I said with pride, “all nice and clean again.” I bent down and planted a big, wet kiss on her sex, tonguing it lovingly. She squealed and groaned in ecstasy, and I could sense her rushing toward climax…
     …I withdrew suddenly, moments before Superior Girl plunged headlong into orgasm. I took her ankles and hoisted her into the air and repeated the process on her backside, grinning and she fussed and squirmed her butt to avoid the cool cloth. “Be still!” I admonished with a stinging slap to her bare, vulnerable bum. She squealed, but forced herself to remain silent as I finished and lowered her legs.
     “Turn over,” I commanded, assisting her in rolling onto her tummy. Her naked tushy jutted up toward the ceiling, still radiating hot and pink after her spanking, and she watched me with wide, questioning eyes. I said nothing, pretending not to notice her gaze as I took the tube of KY from under the table. Superior Girl eyed me warily and sucked her paci nervously, squirming ever so slightly on the changing table’s padded surface. I suppressed a grin as I watched her bottom twitch nervously in the air behind her.
     I lubed my index finger, then reached out with my free hand and spread her buttocks. She shot me a shocked look, and I could feel arousal and anticipation warring with prudishness and apprehension inside her.
     “Get ready,” I said, positioning my finger at her rear entrance, smearing some of the cool gel onto the rosy crinkle of her anus and watching her shiver and squirm in response. And without further hesitation, I began to insert my finger, slowly but firmly.
     Superior Girl gasped and tightened, her feet kicking against the table as I penetrated her most private place. Behind her soother, she let out a shocked and outraged squeal, followed by a liquidy groan. Her eyes rolled up, and she began squirming on the end of my finger with total abandon, oblivious to anything except how it made her feel. Superior Girl’s breathing grew heavy, and I smiled and allowed her to thrust her hips back and forth a bit, sliding my finger in and out.
     “Naughty girl,” I said, and I couldn’t resist delivering a swat to her upturned rump.
     “OOoohhh!” she squealed, her desperate gyrations increasing in speed.
     “I’m doing this for your own good,” I lectured, emphasizing my point with another medium swat, making her gurgle. “If you want to act like a naughty girl,” I said with a swat, “then you can take a spanking like a naughty girl,” I concluded with another swat. “Silly girl,” SWAT! “if this is the way you’re going to behave,” SWAT! “then I think you’re going to be spending a lot of time over my lap,” SWAT! “followed by a lot of bare bottom corner time.” SWAT! “Now hold still,” I instructed, suddenly withdrawing my finger and making the helpless superheroine squeal. “We still have to take your temperature.”
     I left her lying limp on the table for a moment so I could retrieve the thermometer from its place in the bedside table. Superior Girl moaned and groaned and sucked her soother, but she remained in place, and soon I was lubing up the thermometer.
     “Deep breath, baby,” I instructed, bringing it closer and closer to her back passage, “this is probably going to be a bit cool.”
     I could tell by her gasp that ‘cool’ was an understatement, but the powerless Girl Of Steel took it without a fuss, and I noticed once again that her breathing was increasing. A quick glance between her thighs confirmed that her pussy was soaking wet. Her heart pounded, her head throbbed, the room spun about her… I smiled and patted her bare and recently spanked bottom, praising her for being such a good girl during her check-up. In response she groaned and sagged against the table, giving in to the infantile feelings that had been building inside her. Her eyes glazed, the lids drooped, she melted against the table and sucked her soother lazily and I felt her surrender. I knew it wasn’t final or permanent, not yet, but it was a good start.
     She squealed when I withdrew with thermometer quickly, groaning and wiggled her bottom when it was finally out. “Hmmm… your tempy is a little elevated, babykins,” I said sagely, inspecting the glass tube. “You’d better take it easy for a few days,” I patted her bare butt gently, and she squirmed under my touch—I could sense her body throbbing with desire. I squirted a fat “S” of baby oil down the center of her ass and started rubbing it in. Instantly Superior Girl loudly groaned and giggled, Pressing her backside up into my hands and wiggling her tushy suggestively. A liberal dusting of powder was next… Superior Girl chortled loudly as I padded it into her vulnerable, wiggling derrière, still shiny with oil.
     Turning her over onto her back, I slid a fresh diaper under her and repeated the process on her front. She moaned and thrust her hips as I oiled her adorable pink pussy, then giggled when I dusted her with powder and patted it in firmly. She let out a disappointed groan when I pulled the diaper up tight and taped it closed, encasing her sopping wet pussy behind a thick layer of crinkly plastic.
     “Come on now… upsie girl,” I said, wrapping my arms around her and lifting her as easily as a rag doll. I settled her against my hip like a real baby, propping her up with a hand on her thickly pampered bottom. She blushed and wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her face in my shoulder as I carried her from the room.
     Nude but for her diaper, I placed Superior Girl in the highchair in the kitchen and sealed her in behind the tray. She pouted when I tied a bib around her neck declaring her to be “Daddy’s Diaper Diva.” She watched me retrieve her lunch from the fridge and warm it in the microwave, working the pacifier in her mouth nervously.
     “Who’s hungry?” I grinned, setting a big, steaming bowl of oatmeal on the tray before her. Superior Girl eyed the grey mush, crinkling her nose adorably—the oatmeal looked unpalatable, and the portion was larger than she was used to. The Maiden of Might, I could tell, was a fussy and light eater… but that would soon change, I told myself with a smile, spooning up a heaping portion of mush and pushing it past her unsuspecting lips, making her balk and dribble some down her chin. I watched her choke down the bland concoction, shoveling in another spoonful when it looked like she was nearly done, ensuring she had a very full mouth the entire time. Her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunks to accommodate the oatmeal, with was still overflowing her mouth. Soon the area around her lips and down her chin were quite smeared and she’s had more than a few splats on her bib. She looked at me imploringly, but I just grinned and shoved in another spoon of mush.
     “That’s a good girl,” I praised, gently scraping some of the overflow off her chin and depositing it into her waiting mouth. “Come on—you’ve only got a little over half a bowl left!”
     She groaned and pouted and mechanically opened her mouth to accept another spoonful. I couldn’t help but wonder how Superior Girl would feel if she knew the oatmeal had been specially designed by me to ensure soiled and stinky diapers? It didn’t matter—she’d be cured of her squeamishness soon enough, I reasoned, depositing another scoop of ultra-high fiber oat-mush into her waiting mouth. I’d been carefully peppering our conversation with keywords like “naughty” and “tushy” and “pampers” to keep her in a state of thwarted arousal. It worked—she was squirming uncomfortably in her high chair, and I could easily pick up on her desperate urge to masturbate, particularity any time I called her “darling” or “babykins,” another pair of trigger words.
     Finally, she was finished. Superior Girl accepted the final mouthful of oatmeal, swallowed, and immediately belched loudly. Her face was smeared with mush, and I could see her normally trim tummy bulging a bit. “Such a messy little eater,” I chided as I washed her face clean with a damp cloth, revealing her brightly blushing cheeks beneath. I knew it must be an especially embarrassing experience for The Girl of Steel: earlier that day she could soar through the air, swim through lava or go toe to toe with a killer robot. Now she wasn’t even allowed to feed herself. I took a bottle from the fridge, then easily hoisted her out of her high-chair and carried her on my hip into the living room, occasionally patting her diapered butt to make her blush.
     Settling in the big armchair, I held Superior Girl on my lap and smiled at her. “Did you get enough to eat, sweetie?” I asked, patting her protruding belly gently. Superior Girl nodded heartily, and I knew that she was feeling quite stuffed at the moment.
     “That’s good,” I said, taking the bottle and moving the nipple towards her mouth. She pressed her lips together and eyed me suspiciously. “Come on, darling, drink up,” I encouraged as she started twisting and fussing in my lap. “Stop that, young lady!” I commanded sternly, emphasizing my point with a sharp swat to the back of her thigh.
     She immediately ceased her squirming. Her mouth dropped open and she gave me a disbelieving look—I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and popped the rubber nipple right into her mouth.
     “UUUMMPH!” she complained through a full mouth, her eyes bulging. I just shushed and soothed her, and a smile crossed my face when she started sucking, slowly and rhythmically. Eventually, she stopped fussing, shutting her eyes and allowing the rich, creamy fluid to trickle slowly down her throat. She wriggled in my lap until she’d found a comfortable spot with her head nestled against my chest. I cooed softly to her, encouraging her to drink her bottle all up while I savored her weight and warmth against me, the scent of baby powder and female flesh hanging in the air around her. I watched the contents of the bottle drain with satisfaction. The chemical agents in the milk were designed to interact with the fibrous oatmeal she’d just eaten… the primer on a very messy bomb that was now ticking away inside The Maiden of Might. I smiled and checked my watch—sometime within the next hour or so, Superior Girl’s diaper training was going to begin in earnest.
     But for now she was blissfully unaware of all that… nestled in my arms, Superior Girl shut her eyes and sucked her baba. I could feel her relaxing, content for the moment to enjoy the warmth and the taste of the sweet cream running down her throat.
     At last she finished. I tugged the nipple from her mouth, set the bottle aside, and wasted no time in hoisting her over my shoulder and patting her back firmly. She squawked, blushing furiously when she realized what I was doing. “Hey!” she cried, “stop that! I don’t have to…”
     But she cut herself off with a mighty burp and lapsed immediately into an embarrassed silence. As I suspected, Superior Girl was quite gassy without knowing it—she emitted a few more mid-sized burps and groaned when she involuntarily farted loudly.
     “Oh my!” I said with a chuckle—the formula was starting to work.  “You do have a full tummy, don’t you babykins?” I said, settling her back onto my lap. The Maiden of Might blushed furiously… proper, dignified superheroines did not pass gas, certainly not in front of anyone, and definitely not in front of someone they had designs on dragging off to prison.
     But I easily held her in place and squeezed her tight, kissing her sweetly on the top of the head. “It’s alright darling… Just relax, baby,” I whispered, employing trigger phrases again. She slackened, melting against me once more and I pushed the paci into her mouth, which she eagerly worked between her lips. “That’s my girl,” I said warmly, rubbing her belly gently and lulling her to sleep. “Just relax darling. Let me take care of it… Daddy will take care of everything.”
     She groaned, but didn’t respond. Her eyelids were drooping, her head bobbing up and down as she helplessly fought sleep. At last she started dozing lightly, resting her head against my shoulder as she snored lightly. The soother drooped in her mouth, but her lips clung to it tightly, and I could see it wasn’t going anywhere.
     I checked my watch and smiled—it wouldn’t be long now before the bottle and oatmeal kicked it… the only question now was would she sleep through it or wake up and fully experience her first messy accident in her diaper.
     She dozed peacefully, occasionally twitching her diapered bottom on my lap. I gently soothed and patted the front of her pamper, trying to make her feel as relaxed as possible. Eventually she started to squirm and shift on my lap, and I could her bowels gurgling inside her. At one point Superior Girl groaned and stiffened, and I thought she was going to wake up. Instead, she merely grunted and farted loudly, her diaper rumbling against my lap. I suppressed a chuckle as the cabbagey stench emerged and thought for a moment she might wake herself with the noise.
     But The Girl of Steel merely yawned and shifted, curling herself up against me and snoring, out like a little light. I patted her tummy and was rewarded with a ferocious growl— Superior Girl would be ready to pop any minute now…
     Finally, her eyelids fluttered open and she gave me a sleepy look. “Hello, darling,” I said, bending down to kiss her on the forehead. “Did you have a little snooze?”
     She nodded and squirmed a bit, as though trying to free herself from my lap. I maintained a tight grip—she was too weak to stand on her own power now, and I didn’t want to see her hurt herself. It was easy enough to subdue her, and soon I held her against me, squirming but immobile. I rubbed and patted her thigh and asked her what the matter was.
      Actually, it was easy to tell just by looking at her: Poor Superior Girl was squirming, rubbing her tummy and moaning, and I could feel her clenching her buttocks against my thighs. The slightly panicked expression on her face said it all— I didn’t need to read her mind to know that Superior Girl was desperate to move her bowels.
     All of a sudden, she lurched in my lap, attempting to leap to her feet and make a run to the toilet. Wrapping my arms around her, I easily thwarted her escape and held her, gently but tightly in my lap. “Careful sweetie! You nearly fell! What’s the matter?”
     “I gotta go!” She squealed, thrashing weakly in my arms. I chuckled and tightened my grip, easily subduing her in her weakened condition. Superior Girl squealed and squirmed, but she knew there was nothing she could do.
     “Go? Where are you going?” I smirked, knowing full well.
      “I gotta go potty!” She blurted, blushing when she realized she’d said ‘potty’ instead of ‘bathroom’ (the conditioning triumphs again, I thought contentedly.)
      “Don’t worry, babykins,” I said softly, “that’s what those big pampers are for.” She gave me a horrified look.
     “But… but… I-I-I gotta… I mean… I can’t!”
     “Shhh,” I soothed bending down to kiss her bare shoulder. “It’s OK, darling…” she twitched and squirmed as I continued raining trigger words on her, making her sleepy and horny. I rubbed her belly gently, feeling it rumble and growl angrily beneath my touch… it wouldn’t be long now.
     Superior Girl sat in my lap, panting, frantic, her eyes darting in her head. I could feel her heart throbbing in her chest, trying to pound it way through her rib cage. Her thoughts were racing, her desperation increasing, and her cheeks burned as she passed gas like a muted trumpet. Her guts were burning, her bowels clenching tighter and tighter inside of her, her buttocks and sphincter squeezed to their absolute limits, and all the time I just soothed and shushed her, planting the occasional kiss on her cheek or the back of her neck, making her groan and sigh. In spite (or perhaps because of) her desperation, her pussy was positively sopping, her thighs growing wet, and I smiled when I noticed she was grinding her backside into my lap obscenely. I reached down and started to rub her through the front of her diaper, making her gasp and shudder.
     “That’s it, baby,” I encouraged gently, “just let go. Daddy knows you’re just too little to help yourself—too weak and fragile. Just relax and let Daddy take care of you…”
     It seemed she didn’t have much choice… Superior Girl strained with all that was left of her strength, putting forth one last mighty effort. The Maiden of Might was locked in the toughest struggle of her entire career—keeping her big-girl pampers clean.
     She wasn’t even close to being up to the task; with an embarrassed squeak, a large dollop of poopy squeezed out with a sizable fart. “Oh no!” she whispered, the mess settling into the seat of her diaper and squishing against her pert tushy. Her mind reeled, she sobbed and strained her buttocks tightly, wracking her brain for a solution—after all, this couldn’t happen to a superheroine!
     A series of rude noises thundered from the seat of her diaper, accompanied by a succession of muddy squelches. Superior Girl squeaked and squealed, and I could feel the mess in the seat of her diaper expanding against my thigh.
     “It’s ok, angel,” I encouraged, rubbing her tummy to help settle her cramps. “You’re alright. You just relax and make as big a poopy in your pampers as you can.”
     It wasn’t like she had a lot of choice—another gooey load came surging into the seat of her didees, and I could see her being lifted by the mess as it rushed out of her and filled her diapers, lifting her on a cushion of poop.
     “Oh!” She sobbed, squirming in embarrassment on my lap, her stomach rolling as she felt the big, mushy load in her pampers squishing against her buttocks and filling the space between her cheeks.
     “Hush,” I said tenderly, rubbing the front of her diaper now. My use of trigger phrases had worked… Superior Girl was upset, near tears after her accident, but beneath her diaper, her pretty pink pussy was dripping wet… I rubbed it through the thick padding of the diaper, amplifying the pleasure she was feeling with my mind and with the trigger words.
     “That’s a girl,” I said, bouncing her on my knee. “It’s OK… you just let Daddy take care of it now.” Soon I was bouncing her energetically on my knee, and the former superheroine was squealing and shuddering as her load squished beneath her.
     Superior Girl was squirming and squishing around in her messy diaper, trying and failing to repress her aroused groans. She berated herself, horrified that she was allowing a stranger to get her off in a stinky, loaded diaper. Her prissy, repressed ego could only watch in horror as her body willingly gave in to the forbidden pleasures I was stoking inside her… and begged shamelessly for more.
     At last, with one last triumphant squeal of pleasure, she slumped into an exhausted and, I must admit, quite smelly little ball in my lap. I squeezed her and kissed her gently, praising her for being such a good girl in her pampers. She merely groaned, exhausted, and squirmed her little tushy, trying in vain to find a more comfortable position. But all she succeeded in doing was mushing the mess in her diapers around, and finally she started to whine and fuss uncomfortably, like a real baby in a loaded diaper. Perfect, I thought, hoisting her up into my arms and carrying her off to have her diaper changed. I could feel her relief radiating off of her and smiled… soon she’d be totally dependent on me, just like a real baby.
     In the nursery, I laid her down on the table, smiling when she groaned as the mess in her diaper compressed slowly beneath her buns. She seemed to be hovering on the verge of tears, and I moved to comfort her. “Awww sweetie…don’t be sad.” I bent down and kissed her sweetly on the lips. She groaned in response, looking up at me, pleading for reassurance. I gave it to her, tenderly kissing her, stroking her hair and whispering sweetly into her ear. I reached down and began pressing and rubbing the front of the pamper again, until Superior Girl was writhing and giggling on the table before me. Finally I moved around to the end of the table, dramatically tore open the tapes of the diaper and pealed down the front panel.
     “Oh dear,” I said simply. The Girl of Steel had done quite a number on her big-girl pamper: the seat was messed right up, spreading from the center out towards the two leg bands and half-way up to the waistband. Superior Girl looked like she’d sat her naked bottom down right in the center of a big gooey chocolate brownie—both her neatly rounded cheeks were smeared quite thoroughly, and the space between the rounded hillocks was filled completely with a mushy mess. There was no denying that the adorable young superheroine was in quite a state, and she looked up at me blushing apologetically. I smiled benevolently and patted her tummy, feeling the shame and exhilaration throbbing through her with every beat of her heart.
     “Don’t you fret, my adorable big baby,” I said, enjoying her blush, “I’ll have you all clean in a jiffy.”
     She groaned and choked back a sob, but I was good to my word, and soon Superior Girl’s little bottom was as clean as it had been before. She regarded me from her back on the table; the formerly boisterous heroine, now laying before me as nude and helpless as the day she was born, had gone all shy and blushy. I spent a few moments just running my fingers over her perfectly sculpted body, tickling her arm pits and the underside of her breasts lightly and watching her chortle and squirm powerlessly in reaction.
     I raked my fingernails lightly down her belly, delighting as she squealed and twisted in response, utterly unable to defend herself. Lower and lower my fingers strayed, until they were brushing and rubbing her swollen and increasingly wet pussy. She gurgled and groaned with guilty excitement, spreading her thighs even as she blushed furiously. I grinned and bent down to kiss her. I played with her for another few moments, touching, tickling, and otherwise playing with her naked, quivering body as I moved her into position toward the bottom of the table.
     At last I had her primed—The Maiden of Might panted and quivered, all pink and naked on the table before me. Her legs were parted as far as they could go, her pussy bare and glistening. Her lips puckered and shivered uncontrollably, and she regarded me lustily with lazy, heavy lidded eyes.
     “You’ve been such a good girl for me today,” I said softly, “and you hardly fussed at all about your dirty diaper… would you like a special present from Daddy?” I asked suggestively. Superior Girl just looked up at me, chewing a finger and giggling breathily. She grinned when I undid my fly, her big blue eyes bulging with delight when she saw my cock.
     Her tiny pink slit was saturated, almost dripping wet—I slid myself into her with ease, and Superior Girl responded with a gurgling squeal. I started thrusting, slowly pulling myself back until I was almost out, then gently pushing back in with deliberate ease, making her writhe and squirm on the table. I reached out to play with the hardened nubs of her nipples and stroke the undersides of her breasts, making her shudder and groan. Behind her soother she gurgled and cried and moaned, and I noticed she was working the rubber nipple in her mouth with abandon.
     I continued thrusting myself in and out, gradually increasing my speed. On the padded table before me, Superior Girl wriggled and shivered, perfectly naked and helpless. She groaned and cried and worked her hips like a professional, desperately seeking her orgasm. I smirked and slowed my pace, and she released a whine of protest. I reached beneath her and swatted her thigh, drawing a gurgled protest.
     “Hush,” I commanded. “Babykins needs to remember that she’s not the one who’s in charge here.”
     I saw her pout beneath the pacifier, but it was short lived—I started picking up the pace again, and soon Superior Girl was screaming and pounding the table beneath her in. There’d be no pulling back this time, so I thrust even harder and pushed the moaning superheroine over the edge and into a firey climax.
     She collapsed on the table, gasping. Squeezing her eyes shut, she quivered and murmured, smiling behind her pacifier. After withdrawing, I cleaned her off with another wet-wipe, then powered her squirming pussy and adorably plump butt and sealed her into another oversized pamper. Superior Girl groaned and eyed me lazily… her diapers, still a source of shame and a painful reminder of what she’d been reduced to, were also quickly becoming a symbol of pleasure for her… good, I thought. I’d built a strong link between diapers, especially messy ones, and sexual pleasure in her mind, and her inhibitions were rapidly disappearing.
     I helped her down from the table and smiled at her—with her bulging tushy, Superior Girl looked just like a toddler. I took a t-shirt from the dresser and addressed her sternly: “Arms up,” I said, tugging the shirt over her head when she complied. She frowned and pouted first when she noticed it left most of her midriff bare and exposed her diaper in its entirety, then groaned when she saw it too bore a small version of her famous ‘S’ shield.
     “Now come over here, I instructed, helping her down onto the floor in front of the TV in the corner of the nursery. “I’m going to put on some things for you to watch while you play,” I said, setting up the program I’d made up for her.
     The screen came to life, displaying more video of Adult Baby women playing, crying , sleeping, eating, having their diapers changed… all set to the same subliminal audio and visual cues. Superior Girl seemed nervous and embarrassed, but as I crept from the room I saw her staring into the screen, enraptured.
     In my study, I flipped on the nanny-cam and watched her watching the footage of women very much like herself being stripped of their adulthoods and reduced to a second infancy. I allowed myself a satisfied smile when I watched her hand disappear down the front of her diaper… Superior Girl’s conditioning was coming along nicely. I couldn’t wait to introduce her to her sisters.


  1. Loved the dream sequence and how he built her arousal while using Daddy language.

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  3. Really amazing writing and work! Easy to follow and super sexy. Thank you so much for your effort ;D