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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back To Daycare

Thanks to Michael for sending in this bit from the Village Voice:

  A pair of New Yorkers are running a month long preschool for adults, "offering finger-painting, show-and-tell, nap time, and even a class picture day that prompts you to 'dress your 4-year-old best.'"

     Preschool Mastermind is the brainchild of Michelle Joni Lapido, who founded an adult skipping club in Brooklyn, and Candice Kilpatrick, a former preschool teacher. Says Lapido:

     "Adults are in this routine, this stagnation, and by tapping into the 'play' part of our brains by skipping or doing the things that we did in preschool, we're bringing ourselves back to another place, another time with ourselves, maybe when we were more believing of ourselves, when we were more confident and ready to take on the world. And I want to nourish that in people."

     Lapido doesn't state whether or not they do diapers.

     Prices range from $333 to $999, excluding art-supply, snack-day, and class-trip expenses. Classes will be held at night once every week in Lapidos's home-office "play space" in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The first class is scheduled for March 3. Those of you in the neighborhood and willing to spend the money can find details and sign-up sheets on the Preschool Mastermind website.

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