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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Babe In The Woods

(All pics from Ageplay 24/7. You can visit the lovely Odette Delacroix on Clips4Sale.)

Oh! W-where did you come from?! I-- I thought I was alone out here! What's that? A.. d-d-diaper? Um... no, I'm not wearing a diaper, this is just some, uh, special underwear...

Sigh... OK, fine, it's a diaper! Sometime I like to come out here, take off my pants, and relax a bit in my pampers-- happy?!

 Yeah, that's right, I like to walk around in nothing but my diapers sometimes... Go on, laugh it up you big jerk; I was having a great time until you showed up!

Wait... You're not laughing? You think it's... cute?

>Giggle< And you think I've got a cute little diaper butt? Tee hee-- that's soooo embarrassing! Tell me more...

Well... it's getting a little late-- soon it's going to be too dark to finish my diaper walk! Um... do you think you could give me a ride home?