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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Humble Games- S02 E01 (Part Five)

Happy New Year everyone! Here's hoping everyone had a fun time last night; may you all enjoy a safe and prosperous 2015! 

Here's a little something to take the edge off that hangover. Once again, please let us know if you're enjoying the story.

Chapter Five

     The rest of the morning had been surprisingly productive. Following her “release,” Rachel had thrown herself into the work, desperately trying to occupy her mind. True, she was wading through proposals for schlocky reality shows, but anything was better than thinking about how her day had gone up to this point… or what might happen later.
     So she forced herself into a Zen state, living only in the moment, focusing entirely on the task at hand and vowing to abstain from all food and drink for the rest of the day.  It had worked surprisingly well, and Rachel smiled to herself. The first round went to you, Mister Master, she thought to herself, but I’m going to win the game.
     A knock echoed in the office. “Come in,” she said, and smiled when she saw Chad. “Oh hi,” she said enthusiastically. “Just checking in?”
     “Actually, I just stopped by to see if you were ready to go.”
      She squinted at him, not connecting with what he was saying. “Walter’s last day?” he reminded. “We’re going out for pizza.”
     “Oh… I forgot,” she said quietly, trying not to squirm. She didn’t want to go, knowing that every second she was away from her desk brought her closer to having her diapers discovered. Worse, it would probably mean she’d have to break her no food or drink edict… which could have potentially disastrous consequences for the rest of the day.
     But she didn’t want to seem unfriendly, especially on her first day… so Rachel told him she would get her stuff ready.

     “Have another slice, Rachel,” Chad said, not waiting for a response before he slid another piece of greasy, rich, pepper laden pizza on her plate.
     “Thanks,” she said as enthusiastically as possible, taking a bite to be a good sport and praying it would be enough to placate everyone. She’d already filled her tummy with pizza and pop, and she was starting to feel a bit queasy, though whether it was from what she’d eaten or just because she was nervous she couldn’t tell.
     Nobody had mentioned her diaper, and nobody appeared to be staring… Still Rachel felt queasy and self-conscious. If I can just hang in there for a little while longer, she thought, I’ll be back in my office, nice and safe, and cozy. And from there, I’m just about home free.
     It became the mantra she repeated to herself when she wasn’t interjecting the occasional remark or question so she appeared engaged in the conversation. Interestingly enough, Chad seemed to have taken kind of a shine to her, frequently asking questions and smiling warmly at her. Rachel was flattered, and she’d probably would have returned his flirting with a bit more enthusiasm if it hadn’t been for the thick, crinkly pamper taped around her bottom.
     The diaper was tight against her bare skin, and the padding was making it difficult to sit normally. It was warm in the restaurant, and the inside of Rachel’s diaper was practically steaming. Worse, her bladder was swollen inside her, and the pressure was growing uncomfortable. Rachel tried to hold still, but at one point she found herself squirming and she could clearly make out the crinkle of her diapered bottom… subtle over the din of the busy restaurant, but definitely noticeable. She forced herself to sit still—I hope nobody heard that, she thought, reddening.
     Rachel squeezed her thighs as tightly as possible (which wasn’t even enough to touch her knees together thanks to the diaper), but there was no relief for her discomfort, and she began to grow quiet, the conversation around her growing to a dull, inaudible roar. There was no way she’d be able to walk back to the office in this condition; clearly, action had to be taken.
     Trying to be as casual as possible, Rachel spread her legs and gave a little push. She was rewarded with a long, hot squirt that was quickly absorbed by the waiting padding. The relief was marvelous, but her bladder still ached painfully. She bore down and pushed out another splash, carefully checking around her for signs that anyone was watching.
     A sloppy grin broke out across her face. She knew that sitting in a wet diaper was not only gross, it could possibly give her a rash, but in that moment, the relief was so great that she didn’t care. Even with a bladder that was still mostly full, Rachel still felt giddy with relief.
     “Are you OK?” Chad asked her, noticing that’s she’d gone quiet.
      She flashed him a warm smile. “MMmm, fine,” she said dreamily.
     She walked back to the office in a warm, wet diaper squishing away between her thighs, just letting her bladder go whenever the pressure got uncomfortable. She remained silent, still nervous about drawing attention to the bulky padding around her hips and butt.

     When she arrived back at work, Rachel plunked herself down on her soggy pampered backside behind her desk and went back to work. She quickly got back into her rhythm, wearing a small, private smile and squirming around in her soaked diaper. It felt lovely, but it was beginning to get cold and itchy… not to mention full. She started to get worried about springing a leak.
     So she squeezed her bladder, trying to make sure she was empty, before she picked up the phone and dialed the number once again, before returning to her work.
     It’s not so bad, Rachel thought to herself, warming her pamper up with another little gush of pee and then squishing her bum around. I could get used to wearing a diaper, if I had to, I guess. In a way it was sort of nice—cozy and comforting. She just wished she could change herself—or better yet, she thought with a lazy grin, that she had a cute guy to do it for her. Someone hunky, she thought… like Chad, maybe. She grinned slowly at the thought—her own, personal diaper changing assistant. It had a nice ring to it.
     Not that the master wasn’t handsome—on the contrary, he looked like an old-time movie star. But there was something so creepy and unwholesome about him. If she was being honest with herself, Rachel had to admit he scared her a little.
     She jumped when the door swung open—he stuck his head in and grinned at her. “All ready for a change, honey?” he asked, closing the door behind him.
     “Sure… I guess,” she muttered, fuming over the patronizing way he spoke to her. It was so unfair for him to treat her like a child—after all, she wouldn’t even be wearing diapers in the first place if it wasn’t for him.
     Yet a small part of her was looking forward to a change… and not just because she to get out of the cool, clammy pamper. Something about exposing herself like this in front of him gave her a naughty little thrill.
     “Lay down, honey,” The Master instructed after he’d spread his sheet out on the floor again, and Rachel lowered herself to the floor with a slow squish, her heart thumping in her chest excitedly. She lay back and allowed him to unzip her skirt, lifting her butt off the floor a bit to allow him to draw it down her legs. He slipped her shoes off, and Rachel settled in with a sigh, shutting her eyes and trying to slow her breathing—trying to reconcile her embarrassment with the strange, tingling anticipation she was feeling. She’d made sure the door was locked this time, so she knew she could relax in privacy.
     “Oh, you’re soaked, aren’t you darling?” he said when he unfolded the front panel, revealing he thoroughly stained padding within. Rachel gave a little moan in response, sighing as she felt the cloth against her skin. That’s nice, she thought lazily, shutting her eyes and relaxing. The master cleaned her front clinically but tenderly, taking great care to ensure she was totally clean.
     “Don’t want you to get a rash, after all,” he said, taking her ankles into his hand and hoisting her legs into the air before starting in on her rump. Rachel murmured in agreement and squirmed on her back, enjoying her helplessness. It’s really not so bad, she was forced to admit, quivering delightfully when she felt the cool, damp cloth pass between her buttocks. Very relaxing, actually. Soothing, she thought, letting out a contented purr when she felt him applying cream to her bottom. She smirked at the irony; Mister High And Mighty, strutting around like he owns the place, anointing my precious little tushy with cream… she smirked and wriggled her bum at the thought.
     He dusted her bottom with powder and patted it in firmly, then lowered her onto the seat of the diaper before repeating the process on her front. Rachel sighed contentedly and relaxed, allowing herself to drift in a dreamy state as the Master tended to her diaper.
     At last she was sealed in, fresh as a daisy. The Master patted the front of her pamper. “All done,” he said, helping her to her feet. “Only one change left,” he reminded her as he packed his things away. “Better use it wisely.”
     Joke’s on you, she thought triumphantly, my bladder is emptier than it’s ever been, and there are just a couple of hours left anyway. Even on the outside chance that I do need one more change, she reasoned, there’s no way I’m going to need more than that. I’ve won, Rachel thought triumphantly, watching him pack his things away. I’m actually going to get away with this!


  1. Y'all know the master has to pull some magical strings at some point, he is like the "house" in a poker game, and the house always wins in the end.
    Thank you Parker, it's soo awesome to be reading these stories from you again. You Rock!!

    1. Thanks MoliCareMan, I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

      Rachel is pretty cocky right now... I hope she fares better than some of the other cocky girls they've had on this show.