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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pampered Penny Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

 OK: We’ve seen Penny Barber dish it out (here, here, here, and here, to be exact) —how well does she take it? In Roommate Enema Punishment, the expert infantilizer has the tables turned on her by her frequent victim Maxine Holloway and is subject to a dose of her own embarrassing punishments.

     An atypically irresponsible Penny gets drunk and passes out in her room. Her roomie comes in and scolds her—they were supposed to go to breakfast with Maxine’s parents. Maxine decides that Penny needs to learn a lesson and get cleaned out at the same time. After preparing an enema, Maxine easily overpowers the drunken Penny, flips her over, strips off her panties, and unceremoniously sticks the nozzle up Penny’s butt! Penny whines and complains, but she’s in no condition to fight back… Maxine just smacks her butt and scolds her, forcing poor Penny to take the whole thing!

     But Penny’s ordeal isn’t over yet: Maxine takes out the tube and tapes Penny up in a big diaper. Maxine tells her that she’s going to have to expel in her pamper—and Penny isn’t too happy about it. In order to encourage her to use her diapers, Maxine pulls out a vibrator and tries to force Penny to both climax and expel into her pampers! Things don’t quite work out that way, however, and Penny manages to hold onto her enema, even through her thundering orgasm. Too late to worry about it now; Maxine stands her up, straightens her clothes, and drags her off to breakfast—they’ll just have to get that diaper changed later!

     Roommate EnemaPunishment is $9.99 for nine minutes, and is available now on Clips4Sale. Those of you who are dying to see one of the best Dommy Mommies in the business get a taste of her own medicine and get taken down a peg or two are sure to love it.
Download the trailer here.

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