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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From The Magazine Rack

More goodies from our old pal Dick:

Here's a belated New Years pic from The Earl MacPherson Sketches of 1948:

Here's a pic and the accompyning text from an article in the February 1954 issue of Carnival magazine titled "Beware Marrying These Four Women," warning men not to be drawn in by her "child-like helplessness":

Here's a crib-bound cutie from the cover of Foto-Rama, August 1960:

And another from the February 1960 issue of Plush-- anybody know if there's any relevant material on the inside of these issues?:

Dick also sent in the clip he cut together featuring pictures of celebrities in diapers. I think regular readers will recognize most of this stuff, but I'm going to include it here just in case it's got anything you guys might have missed:

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  1. Love the Carnival one, good picture and lovely eye-catching description.