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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't Let This Happen To You-- A Baby Fever PSA

Photomanip by Bobby Venice
This was Madison and Kelly just two weeks ago: their friend Ella recently entered the final stage of Baby Fever, regressing past the preschool level. Her so-called "best friends" have been stopping by a couple of times a week to "support" her in the form of some teasing and a few laughs at her expense.

Kelly: Just look at that cute little diaper butt bulging under those petticoats!

Madison: >Sniff sniff< Eww! Someone's got stinky-pants! Did baby make a messy in her britches?

Let's check in on our naughty girls just two weeks later:
 Make way for Kelly! This little cutie has gone from business school to baby buggies!

Kelly's Mommy: Kelly was always so active; she just wasn't happy unless she was hiking or biking or playing tennis. She's hasn't changed much since she came down with Baby Fever; she still still loves the outdoors, it's just that now she's seeing it from inside her stroller!

 And as for her partner in crime?
 Poor Madison! The former law student is about to get a big jar of prunes for lunch, followed by a good dose of castor oil! Her former fiance and current caregiver says:

Maddie's Daddy: The doctor told me how important it was to keep her regular, so I make sure she  gets a very high fiber diet. These days, nothing makes Maddie happier than squishing around in a big, messy diaper!

Ladies-- Don't let this...
AB Hunnies
...Happen to you! Follow these simple tips to help prevent Baby Fever:

Pigtails N' Pacifiers
A former brat.
1) Resist your bratting instinct: Although conclusive proof is still needed, most studies show that the rate of infection and the speed of the decline is exacerbated by naughty or bratty behavior-- women are advised to keep catty remarks to themselves and resist the urge to cause others irritation, no matter how entertaining their reaction might be.

Laugh now, pay later...
 2) Avoid contact with those already suffering from Baby Fever: Baby Fever is not believed to be contagious... however, studies have show that many women can't resist the urge to have a giggle or make jokes at the expense of their regressed contemporaries, thus opening themselves up to an embarrassing decent into diapers.

I Need 2 Pee

Photomanip by Doom 219
  Two naughty girls headed for diapers.

 3) Avoid accidents: habitual wetters and panty-poopers beware: science has made a definite connection between chronic accidents and Baby Fever! Female readers are advised to make extra effort to reach the bathroom... your next potty mishap could be only the first of many!

Playboy Plus
  Adorable cuties...

AB Hunnies
 ...get pampered booties.
 4) Being adorable leads to diapers:
Remember-- cutie-patooties get diapered derrieres! "Cute" mannerisms should be kept in check... however, since many of these mannerisms are unconscious, keep in mind...

Punished Brats
Red bottomed and humble... the only surefire defense against Baby Fever!

 5) ...A spanking a day keeps the diapers away: A well behaved, disciplined girl is 30% less likely to end up pampered than a wild, unruly one. Doctors recommend a strict regimen of spanking, corner-time and enemas for even minor behavioral infractions.

If you or someone you know are experiencing the early symptoms of Baby Fever, don't hesitate: visit your doctor today!


  1. Very useful advice! As ever, enjoyed the Baby Fever stories and in this case, the way it was formed into an offical bulletin.

  2. Loved it. Hey, did you know AB Kingdom is closing?

  3. Well, I tried to follow all tips, but now I stand in the corner with a red behind and the enema is about to fill my panties... I hope I can hold it until...
    Oh no!!!!

    1. Uh oh! hat mess isn't going to help anything...

  4. Good short story Parker. I wonder if these stories come from experience??? Hehe