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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breaking News

(Really hope you guys like this one. Like my last photostory it kind of got away from me-- unlike the last one, I'm not sure if I like how it turned out):
We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of The Humble Games to bring you this special news bulletin-- we now take you to Amanda Srury live in the studio.

Amanda: The mysterious ailment known as Baby Fever continues making it's way through the population, striking down able bodied women of childbearing age at an alarming rate. Scientists continue to be baffled and sales of adult diapers are on the rise across the country as scores of women are reduced to helpless Adult Babies.

Amanda: Baby Fever strikes seemingly at random-- thus far, researchers are at a loss as to how it is contracted or spread. Victims appear to have little in common, aside from the fact that they all range from 18 to 40 years old. The symptoms start slowly, but once detected, the victim's condition deteriorates rapidly. Society maven Eva Van Harrow (pictured above) was diagnosed with the condition last August...

 Amanda: This is Eva today (pictured here with her mother, Maggie.) In just a few short months, doctors estimate that Eva has mentally regressed to the level of a two year old, and she could be slipping further. She's attained an adorablity level of 7 on the Krenshaw Cuteness Scale, indicating that her condition might just be permanent.

Maggie: The doctors say there's little hope of recovery if they score higher than a 6 on the Krenshaw scale (Maggie discards her big baby daughter's thoroughly soaked diaper and fishes out a fresh one.) So it's likely that poor Eva could be stuck like this permanently. It looks like we've got a lot of diaper changes ahead of us.. isn't that right, sweetie? (Maggie coos to her regressed daughter, then bends down and blows a loud raspberry on her grown daughter's tummy, making her squeal.)
Amanda: Scientists now believe they're dealing with a mutated version of the disease... one that strikes silently, its symptoms appearing suddenly, with the condition of those infected by it deteriorating even more rapidly than before. Juliann Mally (pictured here in late November of last year) was a rising star in the business world, on track to become the youngest CEO in the history of her organization. NNS was able to obtain the following footage, taken at a company retreat just two weeks ago:

Real Wetting
(Cue footage of Mally on stage in front of her employees) Mally: --All of this change happens continuously in our company and the only thing I can promise you is that the rate of change is the slowest that we have experienced to date. (Mally pauses momentarily, looking uncomfortable.) This rate of change can only increase in the so-called Networked Society–the way we-- er... (Mally pauses again; she is beginning to look unsteady on her feet) the, uh, the way we will exploit technology, connect different types of electronic devices, and act differently. We’re wiving in a histowical ewa–between two wowlds (Mally stops, visibly embarrassed by her speech impediment) evewyt'ing we once built was fow voice, and-- and... (a dark stain begins spreading across the front and back of her pants) almo' evewyt'ing now is for d-d-d-data (laughter in the audiance... Mally finally realizes that she has wet herself) Oh no! Dis can' be happening! (Mally bursts into tears.)
Amanda: Now, just sixteen days later, doctors estimate Juliann's IQ has regressed to around 28 months. Her personal fortune ensures the best possible medical care... but the probability of a return to the boardroom remains dim.

Amanda: But what causes this mysterious condition that has left so many women drooling and dirtying their diapers? Is there really a link between Baby Fever and so-called "naughty behavior?"  Sarah Keegan filed this report.

Sarah:  It's know as the "Naughty Girl Factor," and it's one of the most promising leads in the fight against Baby Fever-- and the most controversial. Scientists in Finland are attempting to establish the correlation between the disease and the behavior of it's victims. But could this baffling disorder really be linked to "acting naughty," or "bratting" as researchers have taken to calling it?

Sarah: Proponents of the theory say you need look no further than the case of Brittany Buchanan, varsity cheerleader and Homecoming queen at her Memphis high-school. Days after this photo was taken, Brittany's friends say she began acting strangely, often breaking into baby-talk and having frequent accidents in her pants.

Naughty Diaper Girls
Sarah: Here's Brittany today, not even a month later, crying as she fusses in her soggy and loaded diaper, helpless until mommy comes to change her.

Sarah: Of course, I would never laugh at someone in such an embarrassing position... still, it gives this good girl a bit of a warm feeling knowing that brats like Brittany are being put in their place once and for all. You neva catch a' Ace Weporter wike me talking wike a baby and makin' poo-poo in my pants! (Sarah's face turns pale when she realizes that she began to talk like a baby.) Er... Dat is... Um.. what me meaned to say was... um... (she begins to rub her stomach idly) I... I got a tummy ache...

(BBBLLAAAPPP! A loud farting sound is heard) Oh... OOOHH! Oh no! Sarah go poopy! Mommy! Daddy! Help! Waaaa!

Amanda (suppressing a chuckle): That was 24 hours ago-- we now go live to Sarah's mother's house to check in on our little "Ace Reporter."

Amanda: As you can clearly see, it's been only one day since Sarah's little "accident," and she's already regressed past the preschool level! Doctors have her at an 8.5 on the Krenshaw Scale... well past the point of no return!

Amanda: So much for being a "good girl" eh, Sarah? But seriously, folks: if you or a woman you know is experiencing any of the symptoms we mentioned here tonight, we urge you to contact the National Baby Fever Cwisis Centa at one eight hundwed twee nine fouw... Hey, wat wong wit my voice? Oh noes! I's gettin' it too!

Wetting Her Panties
Amanda: Oh! Went tinkle in my panties!

Panty Poop
(BBBLLOORRRTT!) Amanda: Waaahaaa! Mandy go boom-boom! Hewp me! Me no wanna be a baby! Me--

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  1. I really liked the last Baby Fever post, and this one was just as good. I hope there'll be more in future.

  2. Very nice, but where are all the daddies at to help these nice babified sweet girls?? can't wait to see what the news update is on the next go around.

  3. Ah yes, Baby Fever. I had forgotten about that and was good to go through that photo-story (with the doctor's gown enf) again.

    I like the news idea and how those that mocked soon got their comeuppance.

  4. Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it!

    "where are all the daddies at to help these nice babified sweet girls??"

    I guess I probably should deal with that at some point, huh?