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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Your Dose Of Cute For The Week Of Dec. 7 2014

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Not-so-cute department:
Like many of you, I've been following the development of the ATVOD law out of the UK with growing concern. Those of you not in the know can find a summery here, but essentially, as of Dec. 1, online porn produced in the UK is now expected to meet the standards of the British Board of Film Classification (similar to the American MPAA), effectively criminalizing the production of content containing ageplay, urination, female ejaculation, bondage and gags, and any spanking or caning that can't be described as “transient and trifling” (among other things.)

I don't really think I have anything to add here that hasn't been said already (click over to Dreams Of Spanking for a better summation and reaction by someone actually affected by this nonsense.) It's Orwellian and it should be concerning for everyone. I, for one, find it a little disturbing that a handful of chicken brained politicians think that they can dictate the tastes and morality of an entire nation. If you're in the UK, you can write your MP about it here. You can also sign petitions here and here (the second one being the "official" petition.) You can also attend a protest in London on Dec. 12. No matter where you are, you can sign this petition and donate to Backlash UK, an organization dedicated to "providing academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression" (thanks to Alex Reynolds for providing those links, and for reminding us that "If you live in the UK, it is NOT illegal for you to join spanking sites, purchase spanking content or posses this content. As a consumer, you are not at risk: only producers are.")



From Teen Age Romances # 3, July 1949; read all about it on Chicago Spanking Review.


From Diapermess.com
Catherine wants to get back at her sister, Nichole, for teasing her earlier when she accidentally shit herself...she wants to give Nichole a taste of her own medicine...and make her shit herself! And when she finds a bottle of castor oil in the bathroom she figures its just the thing to help do the trick!

While Nichole is fast asleep, Catherine sneaks in with her supplies and fills a baby bottle part-way with Nichole's favorite sports drink and adds a nice, huge serving of castor oil to the bottle! She knows that since Nichole's had a fun night out drinking & partying, she'd really want the juice & would never notice the change in flavor. And she doesn't!

Nichole accepts the baby bottle and starts sucking away while her big sister sings her a beautiful lullaby...

Miku's Regret by SpankingToons

 Enemarotica is converting their archives to HD downloads-- new titles added every day!

Pixie faces the paddle.

 Always nice to have some company when you're getting your diaper changed.

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