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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Humble Games- S02 E01 (Part Four)

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Chapter Four

Although it hadn’t even been ten minutes yet, Rachel felt as though she’d been squishing around in her messy diaper for hours. She tried to focus on her work, but between the ooey-gooey mushiness in her diaper and the poopy odor that was beginning to hang over the office, it was almost impossible. She looked at the clock and huffed… how long was it going to take for him to get here, anyway? She stared blankly at the page in front of her praying for The Master to show up… and fearing what would happen when he did.
     But mostly, Rachel noticed she was being distracted by strange, new feelings welling up inside her diaper. Squirming around in a sloppy, stinky pamper was disgusting, there was no denying that… so why was it starting to feel so damn good? She stopped what she was doing and wriggled her butt firmly in her chair, trying to focus on how gross it was… so why couldn’t she stop?
     A sharp rapping at her door made her jump. “W-who’s there?” she called softly.
     “Diaper-gram for a big girl on her first day of work!” she blushed furiously, hurrying across the office. She recognized the Master’s voice, and she was desperate to get him inside and get the diaper change over with (preferably before he announces it to the entire office, she thought bitterly, tearing the door open and pulling him inside.) “Well well,” he said, checking his watch with a grin, “you’ve been here all of ten minutes and you’re already using up one of your changes. Not the best start I’ve ever seen, sweetheart…”
     “Shut up!” she snapped, blushing. His condescension made her want to punch him in his smug, smarmy face. “What took you so long?!” she tried to keep her squirming to a minimum. Her pamper was sagging behind her, and the contents were rapidly growing cool and clammy.
          “I’m not at your beck and call, my dear,” he informed her smoothly. “You’re just one of several projects I’ve got on the go at the moment.”
     Rachel muttered under her breath. She realized she was more than ready for a new diaper… so much so that the thought of submitting to a change, as a grown woman hardly even bothered her. She willingly discarded her skirt when he instructed, and soon she stood before him, every inch the carefully dressed and groomed business woman, her make-up immaculate, blouse clean and pressed, and a pair of sporty black heels to top everything off. She wouldn’t have looked out of place in the office of any Fortune 500 company… except that below her blouse, she was wearing nothing but a big, loaded diaper around her waist… as saggy and smelly as anything a two-year-old would wear.
     “Now,” he said, “are you sure you’re finished?”
     She gaped at him dumbly for a moment. “Sorry?”
     “Are you sure you’re done? Wouldn’t want to get into a fresh diaper and have to mess it up again right away... I think you should give another great big push,” he grinned, “just to make sure you’re totally empty.”
     Rachel stared at him, opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again right away. What could she say? She knew he was right… it was just the way he spoke to her that made her bristle. I’m not a stupid kid, she pouted to herself. She briefly toyed with telling him as much, but quickly thought better of it… he’d probably just laugh in her face anyway. Vividly aware of his eyes on her, Rachel spread her legs a bit and bent her knees, sticking her bulging, diapered rump out behind her before she started grunting.
     She sighed, a tell-tale hiss emerging as she soaked her diaper with a warm, wet gush. A loud, quacking toot emerged; Rachel blushed and shuddered when she realized she was messing herself again.
     “Oh my!” The Master commented with a grin. “You making a mess in your britches, honey?”
     “You know I am!” She snapped, before emitting a startled “Uh!” With her heart fluttering in her chest like a frightened bird, she felt another gooey surge splattering into the seat of her diaper, which was growing heavier and saggier by the second.
     “All done now?”
     Rachel nodded stiffly. He opened his briefcase, removing the changing supplies. She almost laughed-- it was just so absurd.
     She watched, blushing, shifting from foot to foot as he spread a plastic mat out on the floor. “Plunk your little bottom down, sweetie,” he instructed with a smile, patting the mat. Rachel’s nostrils flared at his condescending tone, but there wasn’t much she could say… not with her diaper all steaming and droopy behind her. Slowly, hesitantly, she lowered herself down to the surface, wincing as she felt the load compressing beneath her bottom once more. Soon The Master loomed over her, oversized pamper in one hand, wipes in the other, grinning sardonically: “ready for your change, dear?”
     Rachel realized she was pouting childishly, but she just couldn’t help it. “Yes,” she said (with what she’d intended to be quite dignity, but in actuality sounded more like a sulky teenager.) She lay back and passively allowed him to remove her shoes, and soon she had nothing on below her waist except for the heavily soiled diaper. Rachel felt a rush of childhood memories as she watched him tower above her with a weird mixture of anticipation and dread—from this angle, he seemed absolute and all powerful… and from her vantage, squirming on her back in the middle of her office, half naked, about to have a dirty diaper changed, it was impossible to feel anything other than totally helpless.
     He was down on his knees in an instant, and she heard the diaper tear open and the cool breeze of the AC in such quick succession that they seemed to have happened at the same time.  She lifted her head and chanced a peek downward, nearly fainting when she saw that she was now squirming around naked on an open diaper… open, and visibly messy. The poopy stench increased ten-fold, but The Master never lost his smile as he went to work with the wipes. She felt him enfold her ankles in one massive palm, before her legs were lifted, exposing her messy hiney. Rachel tried to stifle a sigh, slowly closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of having her butt wiped.
     It was certainly embarrassing, there was no question of that. However, she couldn’t deny that it felt absolutely heavenly to get clean again… if only I didn’t have that strange compulsion to suck my thumb, she thought as The Master passed the soft, wet cloth between her butt-cheeks, where the mess was really caked in, I might even be able to relax a bit.
     By the time he’d gotten the mess cleared away, Rachel was forced to admit the sensations she was feeling weren’t entirely objectionable-- even the embarrassment left a pleasant tingle, like a private joke shared between friends. The wipes felt wonderful and he wielded them skillfully, clearing away the mess with sure, gentle strokes.
     “I certainly hope you remembered to lock the door,” he said in a low tone, “it would be embarrassing to be caught getting your diaper changed on your first day of work.”
     She groaned in agreement, cheeks flushing bright red at the thought. But there was nothing she could do about it now. She sucked in a shaky breath and tried to relax; The Master took her by the ankles and hoisted her curvy butt into the air once more so he could slip a fresh diaper under her. Rachel couldn’t suppress a contented sigh as her newly washed tushy hit the clean, fresh padding of the thick and thirsty diaper.
     “Oh,” she whispered contentedly, squirming her bare bottom on the seat of the open diaper and luxuriating in the feel of its soft thickness against her freshly powdered buns. She felt a giddy combination of embarrassment and freedom at being so exposed and helpless. Rachel had to suppress a groan of disappointment when she felt the diaper tugged up tightly over her privates, sealing her in beneath layers of soft plastic. She realized she was practically panting, and made a conscious effort to slow her breathing.
     “There now,” The Master said, patting the front of her diaper and making her twitch, “doesn’t that feel much better?”
      Rachel could only nod, dazed. On her back in the middle of the floor, feelings of warmth and contentment warred with mortification and a profound sense of helplessness.
     “What a good girl you were for your diaper change,” he said, with a patronizing smile that made Rachel squirm and blush. “Such a good little girl,” he said, and started tickling her belly. Rachel squealed and giggled furiously, trying to keep the noise down. “Yes you are! You’re just such a well behaved little-lady when you’re getting your diaper changed!”
     Without warning, he bent down and blew a loud raspberry on her bare stomach. Rachel screamed with laughter, writhing and giggling helplessly on the floor as The Master easily tickled her into submission.
     “OK, dumpling,” he said, rising suddenly, “time to get back to work… it’s not all diaper changes and tickling, you know.” He helped her to her feet and gathered his things into his briefcase. Rachel watched, dazed, still clad in nothing but a diaper below the waist. She sat on the edge of her desk and struggled to catch her breath. Soon The Master was packed and ready to go. “That’s one down, two to go,” he reminded her gently, and Rachel nodded, not able to make eye contact.
     “Knock ‘em dead, kid,” he said as he left, and Rachel was alone again.
     Slowly, she picked up her skirt and slipped it on over her pamper. To her dismay, this one seemed even thicker than the last; she frowned when she realized she could see the outline through her skirt. She waddled her way around the back of her desk and practically fell back into her chair. It had been a strange end to a strange morning.
     Frowning, she tried to take her mind off of it by turning her attention to work.


  1. Thank you Parker. This story is only getting better and better. I'm loving it a lot because you have a good hand in writing!! Wishing you a Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks, MoliCareMan; I'm glad you're enjoying it. Happy New Year to you too... hope it's a good one!