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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Penny's Pamperd Pugilism

 Pampered Penny flexes a little muscle in Getting What She Deserves: When pushy popular girl Maxine Holloway tries to bully seemingly mild-mannered TA Penny into changing her grade, she gets more than she bargained for. Because Penny isn’t as meek as she looks, and when the confrontation escalates into a physical one, Maxine just might wind up wishing that she’d studied a little harder.

     Catfight fans and Crybaby Match enthusiasts are definitely going to want to give this one a look—Penny and Maxine go back and forth on the mat, employing a variety of holds and locks. The fight starts off relatively even, but soon Penny has Maxine right where she wants her, easily dominating the snooty sorority queen. Eventually Penny has stripped Maxine not just of her dignity, but of her clothes as well… she even makes poor Maxine kiss her butt! But that’s still not enough for Penny, who wants to make sure her rival is thoroughly humiliated.

     Naked and shivering, Maxine is forced to watch as Penny walks away with her clothes… and returns with a diaper! She argues and fights, but Penny diapers her with her usual ruthless efficiency, adding a heaping dose of powder for good measure; poor Maxine is going to have to walk back to her sorority in nothing but a diaper!

     It’s another great clip from Pampered Penny, but it should be noted that it’s a little light on the diapers—personally, I would have liked a more drawn out diapering and a little more teasing once Maxine was sealed into pampers.

     But those minor quibbles aside, I’d heartily recommend this clip, especially if you’re also a catfight fan (and to those of you who wanted more “realistic” wrestling in the Crybaby Matches.) It’s less cartoony and just a bit rougher than the HTM clips, and the added embarrassment of having Maxine run home in nothing but a diaper is a nice touch. You can check it out right now on Clips4Sale, 13 minutes for $13.99.
Download the trailer here.

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