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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Diaper Desperation Starring Alexa Paige!

A new clip commissioned and written by me!

Fans of The Humble Games are going to want to give this one a look: lovely Alexa Paige is a smug, arrogant little princess who discovers a stack of Bambino Bellissimos and a mysterious note: "If you can wear one of these diapers until 5 pm without using the toilet or having an accident, you win $2000. Signed, Parker."

Alexa thinks that money is all hers; what she doesn't know is that I added a little something extra to her coffee... something that soon has her wriggling and squirming. She farts a few times to relieve the pressure, but it's too much for her, and soon Alexa has a big, messy accident in her diaper. She's upset and dirty-- but there's still one more thing she has to do...

Click here to download the trailer

You can check out Diaper Desperation right now on Clips4Sale at the awesome price of $10.99 for over 14 minutes! Alexa is talented and beautiful and really did a fantastic job on it.

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