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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Big (And Overdue) Media Project Update

It's been way too long since I did a media project update and I've got stuff piled up a mile high (not to mention that the list itself is horribly out of date.) Thanks to everyone who's sent stuff in-- I do appreciate it and I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to get this stuff up, guys. If you sent something you don't see here, just be patent-- I'm going to try and burn off the backlog throughout the next month.

First up, thanks to Paul for sending in this previously mentioned clip from The Savages:
Download the clip here.

 Massive thanks to Katie and Dave for sending this one in:
This anti-miniskirt sign was posted in the window of Adele Ross in New York in August 1966-- too bad the idea never took off. As Katie says "Guess diaper humiliation goes back a bit longer than I thought ;)" I love this pic-- there's definitely a story hiding somewhere in there.

Here's something  from the always awesome Dick: a rather obvious gag from the January 8, 2011 edition of the comic strip Cornered:

How much do you love diaper girls? Enough to advertise it on a T-Shirt? You might enjoy this never-produced design, also sent by Dick, for DRE engine diapers:
Like Dick says: " If anybody asks, you're really into drag racing..."

Lucille Ball has popped up around these parts before-- here we see her in 1935, playing one of the Dionne quintuplets. From left to right we have Maxine Jennings, Virginia Carroll, Ball, Margaret Neering, and Joy Hodges (Dick found movie acting credits for all but Neering).

 Another find by Dick: this is actress Jane Harker in a holiday-themed pic from 1945.

 A mystery: neither Dick or I can turn up any info on this one (which appears to be a publicity shot of some kind.) Any info out there in blogland? Kind of looks like she's getting spanked in a diaper:

Last one from Dick: Mink Stole, from the 1974 John Waters film Female Trouble.

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