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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Your Dose Of Cute For The Week Of Nov. 9 2014

(Some of you may have seen that we had a little scare last night. I believe it had something to do with my Youtube account being killed, but if we do get pulled for good in the next couple of days, watch my tumblr and DA accounts for updates. I'm planning on pulling up stakes and moving the blog to a custom domain-- you'll know more when I do.

Update: OK, here's what's going on--
 YouTube purged a bunch of my clips (about ten) and killed my account. For some reason, that caused my blog to go down until I gave them confirmation. It's pretty ridiculous since everything was labeled adults only, but that's Google for you. I'm going to try and get the missing clips back up, even if it's on a DL only basis. I'm also looking for new digs... if anyone has any hosting suggestions, I'd love to hear them (since, as you can probably tell, I don't really know anything about web design.)

In the meantime, let me know if you notice any missing clips anywhere (I'm already working on the Ella trailer, the governess clips, the Ludella trailers, and the wrestling trailers.) And if anyone can recommend a good youtube alternative please let me know (not X-hamster, it's a pain in the ass.)

 Meanwhile, enjoy the inaugural edition of a new, (hopefully) weekly feature. If you are the owner of any of this material and you'd like me to take it down, contact me and it'll be taken care of.)

Age Play 24/7

Coulrophobia by Bobby Venice


Two Halloween stories from Long Rifle: Down (parts one and two) and Kind Of Short (parts one and two.)

Chloe from Diaper Gal.

Corner time on A Voice In The Corner.


New art by Pink Diapers.

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