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Friday, November 7, 2014

Moms In Diapers

New stuff from Dick; Today's theme is "moms in diapers":

"This is from a family photo with everyone in diapers. I took the liberty of editing Dad out of the picture."

 "This video was made by a woman with a new baby, who wondered what it felt like to wear a diaper. She did the obvious thing - she put on an adult diaper and posed for the camera! Perhaps it is too much to ask for this to become a trend..."

"I've been searching for this next one for years. It's from an episode of a British sitcom called The Savages. In the story a couple of young parents have a child with a bedwetting problem. In order to support their son, the get the idea to wear diapers themselves. The mother (played by Victoria Hamilton) can be seen in a 1-second clip around 1:29. I would have liked to see the entire scene, but this show is hard to find (I don't think it's ever been released on DVD). Judging from her expression and body language, it does seem as if she's having second thoughts about the whole thing."


  1. Something of a fantasy of mine, a woman left incontinent after giving birth... she has to go through all the issues of potty training etc. while knowing she will be the last one in the family left in nappies!