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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mommy Dearest Chapter Three

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Sorry about the wait on this one you guys, but I think you'll agree it was well worth it. Art for this chapter was provided by RFSwitched, who did his typically terrific job. You can check out more of his work in Diaper Pins.

Once again, feel free to redistribute this pic anywhere you want-- all I ask is that you leave the watermark and provide a link back here if possible.

Chapter Three

Krystal quickly realized that the twins were leading her away from the exit. She started to squirm, her heart racing, panic rising… she was desperate to know where they were going, but since the gag prevented her from doing much more than groaning inarticulately, it was a moot point. So she padded along, barefoot, waddling from the bulk of the massive diaper between her legs. In her big, floppy bonnet and ridiculously tiny bib that barely came down over her nipples, her every step accompanied by a noisy crinkle that brought a rosy blush to her cheeks, Krystal knew she must’ve looked just like a giant baby.
     She tripped and stumbled, her stride disrupted by the thick bulk of the diaper between her legs. “Krystal, are you still hammered?” Carrie chided her stepmother. “God, only an irresponsible, immature little infant like you could possibly get drunk at a time like this.”
     “I know, right?” Chloe agreed, savoring the opportunity to condescend to her stepmother. “Who thinks ‘well, I’m running around in public with my bare ass hanging out… it’s Miller time?’”
     The twins broke up into helpless laughter. Krystal boiled with anger, dying to point out that it was them who procured the alcohol and started her drinking… but with the gag in her mouth, she had no choice but to stand by and listen to them share a laugh at her expense.
     “Well, I’m not driving around with her in that condition,” said Carrie “she’ll probably pass out and piss herself or something.”
     “Let’s check around,” Chloe suggested, “maybe we can get her some food, see if that sobers her up a bit.”
     “MMph?!” Kristal grunted around her gag. They knew she maintained a very strict diet, every calorie carefully calculated against her workout routine. She tried to remind them as she was dragged down the hall and into the kitchen, but between her pacifier and their infernal giggling, the effort was futile.
     Into the kitchen she was dragged, with the twins delivering a few quick spanks to her thickly pampered bottom for encouragement. Krystal squealed and fumed, outraged at this treatment—but she was no match for the pair of them, and the soon hustled her across the floor and into a waiting high-chair. Her big diapered butt just barely fit into the seat, but otherwise she was able to sit comfortably. Chloe slid the tray into place in front of her and locked it with a mischievous grin. Scowling furiously, Krystal gripped the sides of the tray and tried to rip it off, but her efforts were disrupted by Carrie taking one of her hands and pulling it around behind her. Chloe did the same with her other hand, and Krystal could do nothing but struggle impotently, desperately murmbling her outrage as her wrists were lashed together behind her. Although she was in a comfortable position, her hands and arms were totally immobilized. She realized, with increasing fear, that she was totally at the mercy of her bitchy stepdaughters.
     Once they had her secure, the twins began going through the cupboards, removing the items they would need. Watching nervously from her high-chair, Krystal strained as best she could to see what they were doing, but she couldn’t make out much. A can opener was employed; something thick and goopy was poured out into a pot, which was then set on the stove. Krystal glared and squirmed, sweating under her big stupid bonnet. The room was getting hot, her thick pampers like a sauna around her waist.
     Slowly, the room began to fill with the scent of cooking food, and Krystal, in spite of herself, began to relax. I guess it won’t be so bad to have a bite to eat, she reasoned. It would be nice to fill her empty stomach a bit. She would simply inform the twins that she only wanted a few bites, no more. I’ll just have a little lunch, she told herself, and then we can get out of here.
          So she sat in the high-chair and waited, trying to steady her breathing. The thought of being caught weighed heavily on her, and she was desperate to get out of there and change… if that meant playing along with the twins, she could indulge them… to a point, anyway.
     The room filled with a delicious and familiar scent. Her stomach gurgled noisily, and she began to salivate. Whatever they were cooking smelled wonderful, and she scanned the kitchen for clues about what they were making, but there was no sign, and the twins were huddled together and giggling between themselves. Krystal sniffed the air and tried unsuccessfully to place the smell. She couldn’t do it—but watching the twins cackle amongst themselves and tend to whatever was bubbling thickly on the stove, Krystal was unable to shake the image of witches stirring their caldron.
     At last, lunch was ready, and the twins came over with the pot in hand, each one brandishing a large spoon. There was something malicious in their grins, and Krystal squirmed on her diapered bottom, suddenly quite nervous.
     “Ready for lunch?” Chloe asked as she set the pot down on the tray in front of her. Carrie went around behind her and unfastened the gag. She pulled it from Krystal’s mouth covered in drool.
     Chloe uncovered the pot with a flourish. Krystal hesitantly peered inside. A large mass of baked beans simmered within, steaming deliciously. Krystal estimated there was nearly a pound in there, and she began to sweat. Krystal’s diet had kept her from eating everything but the smallest portions of the blandest food possible since she was in high school… any deviation from that routine tended to produce embarrassing intestinal upsets. “N-now girls,” she tried to reason, struggling against her bonds as they dug in. “Let’s talk about this… you know that mommy is on a very strict die—umph!” she grunted, cut off by Chloe shoving a big spoonful of beans into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed as quickly as she could, because Carrie already had her spoonful ready, and she vindictively smeared Krystal’s luscious lips while she waited. Scowling, Krystal swallowed and opened her mouth again for Carrie to deposit another spoonful in her mouth. Meanwhile, Chloe loaded up a massive, heaping helping, taking great care to overflow Krystal’s mouth so that a few errant beans spilled from between her lips and trailed down her chin, plopping messily onto her bib.
     They continued feeding her in this fashion at a steady pace. Soon a quarter of the pot was gone, then half, and Krystal was beginning to feel full. In fact, she realized with a groan, she was beginning to feel positively swollen. Her face was smeared with bean sauce, her bib thoroughly splattered. Her belly, normally flat as a board, was beginning to pooch out noticeably. She groaned, then followed it up by letting out a shockingly loud belch. The prissy Krystal blushed furiously at her unladylike outburst. The twins shared a grin with each other—their plan was starting to pay off.
     Krystal took this brief pause to beg a little. “Enough girls… please—I feel like I’m going to burst!”
     “You just might,” Carrie cackled, shoveling another heaping spoonful into Krystal’s mouth.
     “Of course, not in the sense that you mean,” said Chloe cryptically, waiting patiently for Krystal toswallow before she spooned another pile of beans into her stepmother’s mouth. They had liberally laced Krystal’s lunch with a bulk forming fiber laxative powder, designed to soak up liquid and clean the intestines out. It would quickly soak up the booze and help sober Krystal up— among other things…
    Suddenly, Krystal farted loudly, a long, drawn out cheek-flapper only slightly muffled by her thick diaper. “Oh!” she grunted, reddening as Carrie shoveled in another spoonful of beans.
     “Krystal!” Carrie tittered, feigning outrage. “How rude! Exercise some control over yourself!” she chided, barely maintaining a straight face and she rammed another spoonful of beans into her stepmother’s mouth.
     Worse, the margaritas she drank had gone straight through her. The urge had snuck up on her suddenly, but now her bladder was throbbing painfully. Almost before she realized it, she’d let out a big, hot gush, the material between her legs growing warm and soggy against her pussy. She futilely struggled to maintain control, but it was nearly impossible to concentrate with the twins stuffing her face full of beans. Krystal reddened, pissing her diaper helplessly. Her one consolation was that Carrie and Chloe were so busy stuffing her face they hadn’t noticed—not yet anyway.
     The minutes crawled by on the clock. Soon Krystal’s entire mouth and chin were smeared with beans, her bib well splattered. A few errant drops had landed on her tummy and thighs, and more than a few had hit the front of her diaper. Her guts were filled to the point of bursting with gas, and she squirmed uncomfortably, the soggy diaper squishing beneath her dainty bottom. She choked down the beans as best she could, alternately belching and farting, humiliated to discover that she appeared to be unable to control it. The twins simply smirked, pinching their upturned little noses and fanning their faces, never passing up an opportunity to make an embarrassing remark as she passed gas in her pampers.
     “We are definitely going to have to get her a fresh diaper after this!” Chloe chuckled as a particularly wet, greasy fart cut through the air, and Krystal thought, for one breathless moment, that she’d dumped a load in her diaper.
     Krystal fixed them with her most pitiable stare and begged. “No—” she belched heartily. “No more! Please!”
     Carrie fixed her with a shocked look. “Krystal! I’m surprised at you! There are people going hungry in the world tonight, and you want us to waste all this food?” She shoveled a spoonful of beans into her stepmother’s mouth, cutting off her protests. “You be a good girl and finish your beans!”
     Krystal moaned and swallowed, her stomach swollen and her bowels percolating, her guts full to bursting with rancid gas. She lifted up a cheek and pushed out a loud, stinky machine-gunner, all thoughts of modesty and civilized behavior abandoned in her quest to relieve her achingly bloated stomach.
     Chloe crinkled her nose. The confined space of the kitchen was filled with the stench of Krystal’s flatulence, and her stepmother was further adding to it with every passing minute. But neither sister was willing to relent until the pot was empty, and they continued forcing the beans down Krystal’s throat. Overstuffed, groggy, gassy, and desperate to just get through this ordeal, Krystal passively accepted the now rapidly cooling beans, periodically lifting up a cheek to push out another positively nasty, splattering, rump-rumbling fart.
     But it brought her no relief, and Krystal slumped in her highchair, no longer even straining to escape her bonds. She chewed and swallowed and farted and waited for the seemingly endless supply of beans to run out.
     “Cheer up, Krystal!” Carrie chirped, “you’ve only got another third of a bowl left!”
     The stepmother grunted and farted in response, nearly blowing the seat of her diaper off with her rumbling under-thunder.

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  1. I'm not as fond of the wet and smelly play, but I am enjoying the humiliation aspect, so I liked this part and I'm looking forward to more.