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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mommy Dearest Chapter Four

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Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Here's something I hope will make you a little more thankful today. And some more good news: we're officially back on schedule! Look for the final part to arrive in this space two weeks from today!

Today's artist is JamJarMonster, who I'd like to single out for doing such a great job on this pic-- not only was it probably the most complicated of the series, with tons of action, but it's also based on what is probably the most openly pornographic thing I've ever written.

Not only does it look great, she got it done on time, too.

So this one's dedicated to you Zoe: thanks for doing such an amazing job! You can see more of her art in Diaper Pins.

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Chapter Four

“Christ, it stinks in here,” Chloe complained, watching her twin sister spoon the last portion of beans into her stepmother’s mouth. After choking them down, Krystal cut another trumpet-blast fart from the seat of her diaper with a strained grunt. She barely even seemed to notice—her belly, normally so flat and toned from hours of exercise, was round and tight as a drum.  Inside, the contents churned and festered—somewhere within her, a disaster was waiting to happen, heralded by a symphony of grunts and toots, moans and squeaks, groans and outright explosive eruptions of flatulence, and there was more than one moment where she thought she’d messed herself.
     “OK, Krystal,” Carrie said, detaching the tray from the high-chair, “are you ready to walk?”
     In response, Krystal lifted up a butt-cheek and passed gas noisily. Chloe and Carrie wrinkled their noses and fanned their faces.
     “Let’s get out of here,” Chloe said, helping Krystal out of the high chair unsteadily to her feet, “Before we asphyxiate!”
     Krystal belched lazily, regarding the twins with drooping eyes, her face, bib, even her swollen belly and the front of her diaper were still spattered with beans. She was sober now, but the heavy lunch she’d just been stuffed with was making her sleepy, and she was unsteady on her feet, the bulk and weight of the diaper between her thighs keeping her legs spread awkwardly.
     “Yeah, let’s get a move on,” Carrie said, patting Krystal’s diapered rump for emphasis. In response, Krystal blasted out a mushy fart, and Carrie pulled her hand away quickly. “Eww! How about a little warning next time?”
     “Open,” Chloe demanded simply, and Krystal lazily opened her mouth. The pacifier was shoved back between her lips and the straps fastened behind her head once more.
     “I think feeding her was a mistake,” said Carrie, pinching her nose shut for dramatic emphasis as they led Krystal unsteadily out the door and down the hall. “She stinks like an elephant’s butt!”
     Krystal attempted to ask Carrie how fresh she thought she would smell if she’d been the one who had just been force-fed a whole can of beans, but the gag prevented reduced it to a series of emphatic, muffled grunts.
     “Agreed,” said Chloe, ignoring her stepmother. “I wouldn’t get into the car with her now… it’d be like driving around in an outhouse!”
     Krystal glared, but there was little she could do about it now. She reluctantly trailed behind them, noting that, once again, they seemed to be moving deeper into the daycare instead of toward the parking lot.
     “I think a nap, for one thing,” said Carrie. “She looks like she’s just about out on her feet.”
     “Good thinking, dear sister,” Chloe said, opening one of the doors and guiding her stepmother inside. Krystal waddled along behind them, her soggy diaper drooping heavily between her legs. Since she’d first wet, she’d started just peeing whenever the need struck her—soon the diaper was warm and soaking wet—and starting to hang a little low. She tugged up the waistband absently and toddled groggily along behind Chloe and Carrie, following them obliviously into a room marked Nurses’ Station.
     The twins had been here before of course—hours ago, they had unpacked several more packages obtained over the internet. Had she not been stuffed to the point of unconsciousness, Krystal might have wondered exactly what the leather upholstered spanking bench was doing in the middle of the Nurses’ Office in a daycare… however, she was so out of it that she allowed the twins to guide her into place, face down along it’s cool, padded surface, and lash her wrists and ankles tightly, effectively immobilizing her, face down, with her big diapered butt stuck up in the air behind her.
     “I think the patient needs something to clean her little tummy out,” said Carrie with well practiced clinical detachment.
     With perfect comedic timing, Krystal grunted and blew a nasty Bronx cheer from her diapered backside.
     “I couldn’t have put it better myself, stepmother dear,” Chloe deadpanned, crinkling her nose.
     “I think a good dose of castor oil should do the trick,” Carrie said. Beneath the bonnet, Krystal’s eyes widened as she watched Carrie take the bottle of castor oil from her purse. She struggled against her bonds, and her grunts behind the pacifier gag grew more emphatic—but Carrie simply ignored her, dumping a large dose of the oil into an IV bag, which she then hung on one of a pair of conveniently located poles.
    Carrie squatted down in front of Krystal, looking her right in the eyes with a sadistic smile. Reaching out, she pulled a small plug out of the front of the pacifier, then fed the end of the IV tube into the opening. With the pacifier now effectively transformed into a feeding gag, Carrie rose to her feet and slowly reached toward the switch. Krystal shook her head furiously and looked up at her with pleading eyes. By Carrie merely fixed her with a cool, superior smirk. “Bon appetit,” she smirked, hitting the switch and starting the flow.
     “BBBLLLLAAAAGGGG!” Krystal cried as best she could as the thick, oily, positively disgusting concoction hit her mouth, coating her tongue and rolling down her throat. The flow was slow but steady, and she was forced to swallow at regular intervals to prevent choking. Krystal moaned and groaned, struggling against her bonds and trying desperately to dislodge the gag from her mouth… but it was no use, and she was left to gag, struggling against her bonds under the watchful eyes of her hated stepdaughters.
     “You know, Carrie,” said Chloe conversationally, “I don’t mean to knock your skills as a diagnostician, but I’m not sure I agree that this is the proper course of action.”
     Krystal grunted out a sob of relief… finally, someone was talking sense.
     “How do you mean, sister dear?” Carrie asked.
     “Well, I think your instincts are right,” Chloe said, moving around to the other end of the table. Krystal peeked over her shoulder, watching her nervously, sweat dribbling down her brow, the thick, goopy castor oil still rolling down her throat. “I just think you might be dealing with things on the wrong end…”
     “HHUUUHHH?!?” Krystal cried from behind her gag, not liking where this was going one bit.
     “Is that so?” asked Carrie with a smirk.
     “Indeed… foul though her mouth may be, I think this is a problem that’s going to be best dealt with at the source…” she smirked, giving Krystal upturned rump a gentle pat for emphasis, the thick padding crinkling audibly beneath her touch. Krystal shifted as best she could with her arms and legs secured in place, watching with eyes the size of saucers as Chloe removed a big red enema bag from her purse.
     Krystal struggled against her bonds and shook her head furiously, desperate to free herself… but the best she could manage was wriggling her diapered butt, stuck up in the air behind her. Chloe laughed as she filled the bag with warm, soapy water.
     “Just relax, Krystal dearest,” she smirked, quickly filling the bag to capacity. “Soon we’re going to have you all cleaned out.”
     Krystal watched, sweat dripping down her face as Chloe hung the bulging bag on the second IV pole and wheeled it around to the back of the table. Krystal, now so focused on what Chloe was doing that she’d nearly forgotten the foul tasting liquid that was still filling her mouth, watched in horror as the tapes of her diaper were undone, the back panel folded down to hang limply between her legs, leaving her wearing nothing but a messy bib and a big, frilly bonnet. “Eww—did you piss yourself?” Chloe said accusingly, barely able to contain her smirk. “Bad girl!” she admonished, delivering a stinging, open-palmed swat to one of Krystal plump, vulnerable buttocks, delighting as it jiggled. “You’d better learn to control yourself,” she lectured, delivering another swat to the other cheek, bringing out a red hand-print to match the one on the other side and making Krystal growl angrily behind her feeding gag as she swallowed helplessly. Chloe smirked, taking a tube of KY jelly from her purse.
     “Let’s lube you up a bit,” said Chloe, putting a large dollop of jelly on her index finger, “not that you deserve it.” Krystal emitted a gurgling squeal as the cool gel hit the crinkled rosebud of her anus. She tried to maintain her composure, but she emitted a barely restrained groan of pleasure… one that only became more emphatic as Chloe’s finger slowly penetrated her asshole. Krystal was desperate to maintain her composure, but the sudden rush of pleasure was too much for her, and before she knew it she was wriggling her bare, vulnerable butt as best she could. Chloe gave a surprised laugh.
     “Whoa! That’s not the reaction I was expecting!” she chortled, watching her stepmother’s pussy growing visibly wet as she worked her digit in and out in a slow, maddening rhythm. “Is there any limit to your slutty behavior?” she laughed, delivering a couple of more spanks to her stepmother’s upturned, quivering rear-end.
     Chloe withdrew her finger with maddening slowness, gently twisting it from one side to the other as she did. Krystal groaned and shook, grinding her sex against the leather bench and wiggling her bare ass in the air behind her. Finally she was clear, and Krystal collapsed to the surface of the bench with a sob, swallowing another mouthful of the wretched tasting castor oil. Chloe smirked, taking the nozzle of the enema and greasing it with KY. The nozzle (another internet purchase) was made of soft, thick black rubber and was probably far larger and more phallic than was strictly necessary.
     “Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting you to enjoy this,” Chloe sniffed self-righteously, playing the tip of the nozzle across her stepmother’s crinkled little asshole (Krystal stiffened, sweat dribbling down her brow. Her bratty little bitch of a stepdaughter had discovered her anal-eroticism… and now it seemed she was intent on using it as yet another means to embarrass her. ) “But since you do, well… enjoy the ride, dear stepmother!”
     Krystal’s eyes first widened, then crossed before emitting a positively piggish grunt of pleasure as she felt Chloe push the nozzle home, its well-greased rubber surface slipping up her equally well-greased hiney with practiced ease. Groaning, her bare flesh quivered all over as Chloe pushed the nozzle home, it’s black bulk filling her back passage, sending throbs of pleasure throughout her body. Chloe pushed its entire length up Krystal’s butt with maddening slowness, grinning gleefully as she watched her helpless stepmother writhe and shiver in the throes of involuntary passion. “There we go,” Chloe said, giving the nozzle a gentle wriggle for good measure. Krystal reared up and made a noise that was half grunt and half gurgle, her eyes rolling back in her head, a thick rivulet of spit and castor oil dribbling down her chin. “Time to drop the checkered flag,” Chloe said with a chuckle; and without further ado, she opened the clamp with a click, and seconds later Krystal gave a low moan as she felt the warm, soapy water rush into her colon with a forceful whoosh. She was filled both with the desire to leap up and flee (an impossibility bound as she was) and the equally powerful desire to stay in place and hump the leather bench beneath her to a furious climax, which she began doing almost immediately. The water rushed into her with the force of a raging river, further filling her already swollen abdomen. Krystal was helpless to do anything more than lewdly grinding her neatly trimmed sex against the cool, soft, smooth surface beneath her and clench and unclench her fingers and toes as she found herself thoroughly stuffed from both ends.
     The twins watched and giggled mischievously—this was all going far better than they’d hoped, and they were enjoying the spectacle of seeing their hated stepmother, trussed up and naked, being pumped full of castor oil in one end and water in the other while she alternately gagged and dry-humped the bench beneath. But still Carrie frowned. “Seems like something’s missing, doesn’t it?” she mused allowed. She scanned the room quickly, her eyes lighting up when she saw the thin, plastic ruler on the desk in the corner. “Ah… perfect,” she said, picking it of off the desk and walking slowly toward her bound and helpless stepmother, swishing it in the air menacingly.
     “You know, Krystal,” she lectured condescendingly, “you’re really not supposed to be enjoying this.” She punctuated her statement my tapping first one vulnerable bare cheek, then the other with the cool, flat side of the ruler. Krystal’s head immediately shot up, and she glanced back at Carrie, her eyes wide, filled with a curious mix of desire and apprehension. She saw the ruler go up, then heard it slicing sharply through the air as it swung downward toward her vulnerable bare bum.
     SMACK! “Bad girl!” Carrie admonished. SMACK! She brought the ruler down again, this time on the other cheek, making Krystal squeal and wriggle her rump helplessly. “This is a medical procedure being carried out for your own good!” SMACK! “Not an opportunity for you to indulge your degenerate perversions!” SMACK! “If you can’t restrain yourself like a proper young woman…” SMACK! “Then it’s going to be a very red bottom you’ll be sitting on!” SMACK! “Naughty girl!” SMACK! “You’ve had this coming for quite some time, young lady!”
     SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! The spanking continued at a slow but deliberate pace… soon Krystal’s buns were roasting, glowing red in the air behind her, and she uselessly wriggled her butt back and forth to avoid the stinging swats... a futile effort since Carrie was in perfect position to swat either plump, vulnerable buttock at her leisure no matter how hard her demoralized stepmother wriggled. Krystal tried to grit her teeth and ride it out—but the humiliation of her situation, trussed up and spanked by her stepdaughters with a hot, soapy enema rushing up her butt like old faithful, was all conspiring to make her pussy sopping wet, and she was now humping herself frantically against the bench beneath her loins. Chloe rooted around in her purse to produce a small, thick vibrator.
     Moving around to the rear, she squatted between her stepmother’s legs and switched it on, pressing it against her rapidly moistening sex. Krystal gave a loud grunt in response and wriggled her rump accordingly. She was painfully aroused, her pussy positively dripping, and she was desperate to finish herself off.  She gave a squeal when Carrie landed another swat to her rapidly reddening rump, rattling her bonds theatrically. At least she appeared to have finished off the castor oil, but the enema was still flowing at a good clip, her already bloated tummy gurgling and swelling beneath her, and Krystal was tormented with visions of her beautiful body being blown up like a giant balloon. Worse still, her bratty stepdaughter, whom she’d so recently held under her thumb, was now doling out a brisk spanking. And all Krystal could think of, at this, the moment of her most sublime humiliation—was how desperate she was for Chloe to slip the vibrator between her legs and end her exquisite torment.
     And finally, she did—with her arms and legs bound helplessly in place, the hot, soapy enema still gushing up her butt, Carrie delivering a rapid and well-deserved spanking to her helpless and perfectly presented ass, Chloe slipped the vibrator into Krystal’s sopping pussy without any resistance. Her world went red—she bucked and squealed and writhed, the concert of conflicting sensations and feelings overwhelming her. She laughed and cried, tears leaking down her cheeks and drool running down her chin, her pussy being vibrated into orgasmic submission as her bowels were filled with hot, frothy liquid. She wanted to beg them to stop, she wanted to beg them not to stop, and had the gag not remained in place in her mouth she would had demanded to be release immediately even as she begged for an orgasm, would have command them to stop spanking her delicate tushy even as she implored them to make her ass as red as a ripe tomato, would have ordered them to remove the enema even as she pleaded with them to fill her up to the brim and purge her of her wickedness…
     She exploded into orgasm, straining convulsively at her bonds, bare flesh quivering, her howls of shame and pleasure barely muffled by her gag. Carrie and Chloe shared a smile as they watched their rival writhe and quake and gurgle in pure animalistic ecstasy, her shameful pleasure pushed to further and further heights by the semi-involuntary nature of the situation. To be vibrated to an apocalyptic climax by her hated stepdaughters, especially as she struggled, nude but for her silly bib and ridiculous bonnet, wrists and ankles bound, a pacifier in her mouth and a big, thick enema nozzle shoved up her butt, as the little brats alternately masturbated and spanked her with impunity… it was by far her most embarrassing moment—and the sexiest thing she’d ever experienced.
     With a groan, Krystal sagged at her bonds and lost consciousness.

     Chloe checked her watch. “The guests are going to start arriving in about 45 minutes,” she informed her sister. “Is that going to be enough time?”
     Smiling smugly, Carrie went over to the counter and picked up one of the clocks they’d bought off the internet. Concealed within was a tiny camera— which they’d conveniently placed to capture every second of Krystal’s wild ride. They’d hidden them throughout the daycare, each one carefully positioned to record every moment of Krystal’s downfall. With the birthday girl slumbering softly now was the perfect moment to start preparing the footage.
     “Don’t worry,” Carrie assured her sister, taking her laptop from her book bag. “Give me half an hour and I’ll edit together a highlight reel our dear stepmother will never forget…”