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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Miley's Oral Fixation

OK, I admit it-- I thought that the suggestion that Miley Cyrus was into age play in the wake of her Ellen interview was a bit silly. Certainly she has employed infantile imagery in her shows, and she did use the term Adult Baby on Ellen, but I chalked it up to a desire to look and act cute, without any specific age play overtones. But the evidence continues to pile up, and even I'm starting to raise an eyebrow at this point. Let's look at Miley showing off her oral fixation:

Here's a pic Miley posted of herself sucking a pacifier on Facebook (thanks to gaBlaBla for the heads up.)

Here's a couple of pics of Miley sucking her thumb (thanks to the anonymous reader who sent these in.)

Lastly, here she is drinking from a bottle in a pic she posted on Instagram (thanks to Daniel for the find)

I mean, I'm not saying I think Miley spends her days off lounging around in Cushies, but she has appeared on this blog enough times to earn her own tag, so...


  1. She is definitely into ageplay.( Google image search some of the pictures and look at the galleries) Who knows this may be great thing for the community when she goes even more public.

    Emma Jay's daddy

  2. Gotta admit, she does look pretty adorable in all those pics

  3. or people could blame her ludeness on it when/if she says she is.