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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Double Shot From Pampered Penny

Penny and Ella Nova in Ella's Punishment
      “Pampered” Penny Barber has found a new playmate and the results are predictably scorching! Adorable Ella Nova is cute, but her shallow, self-centered attitude quickly gets under Penny’s skin—and we know what happens to those who Penny deems immature.

     The story begins in Ella’s Accident: When she grows tired of their dull conversation, Penny decides to liven things up by adding a little something to Ella’s wine. Soon the pretty little blonde has soaked her panties, jeans, and Penny’s couch. Always helpful, the devious Penny offers up a change of clothes with a solid dose of verbal humiliation on the side (Penny remains the purveyor of the best ABDL dialogue in the business.) Soon Ella is on her back in Penny’s nursery, being wiped, powdered, and diapered by the sweetly teasing Penny. Ella sucks a bottle, cooing and murmuring as Penny ruthlessly undercuts her maturity and convinces her she’s nothing but a helpless big baby. The diapering scene lives up to Penny’s usual high standards, and both she and Ella are excellent in their respective roles.

     Now thickly diapered, Ella is put into a pretty latex dress and, after a brief spanking, she’s allowed to ride Penny’s big rocking horse.  In just over 25 minutes, Penny has thoroughly regressed poor little Ella from a self-centered young woman to a helpless, dependent Adult Baby with a new mantra to repeat: “no more big-girl things.”

     Next is Ella’s Punishment; Ella’s diaper training has been progressing smoothly, and the clip opens with her relaxing in a school-girl uniform and a pull-up. But she’s been breaking Penny’s rules, sexting back and forth with her boyfriend. When Penny finds out what her little diaper darling has been up to, she isn’t angry; she just wants to make sure Ella’s found a boy who can accept her as she is—diapers and all. Penny strips Ella naked, then puts her in a big fluffy cloth diaper and a pair of baby-pants, bib, bonnet, and a cute pair of mittens to keep her from using her hands. Ella frets and pouts adorably until her boyfriend shows up. Fans of “exposure” will love the scene where Ella’s boyfriend Sam shows up and is shocked to find his beautiful girlfriend diapered and infantilized. Ella is forced to watch aghast as Penny seduces him right before her eyes.

     Those of you who like your clips a little spicier will definitely enjoy the last half of this one… Ella looks on powerlessly as Penny sucks Sam off, then fills her bottle with his special “milk.” Ella is so upset she wets her diaper. Finally Ella is forced to ask Sam for a spanking while Penny feeds her the bottle (the way she coos and squeals her way through her spanking is exquisite.)

     Ella’s Accident is available here for $25.99. Ella’s Punishment runs 22 minutes and is available here for $22.99. Separately or together, both make a more than worthy addition to your Pampered Penny library.

 You can download the trailer here.

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  1. Heh just the five second preview for the second movie almost sold me yesterday, if I wasn't so broke right now. She seems to have really done well with this one though.

    1. It's definitely worth a look once you've got a bit of money in your pocket.