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Monday, October 6, 2014

Star Studded Media Project Grab Bag

Comedian Sarah Silverman plays with a friend-- from the Oct. 4/ 2014 episode of SNL
Some nice contributions from Dick today:

Highlights from a show called Fashioning Women. Diapers appear first under sheer, sexy nighties at 25 seconds, then appear sporadically throughout the clip. Then at 1:30 they strip down to diapers and bras, which appear on and off for the rest of the clip.

Footage from a sorority initiation.

"This is footage from a Dolce & Gabbana show. Although it's obviously that nothing here is intended to suggest baby clothes, the white shorts at 1:17 look so much like baby pants that I thought it would be worth including (similar garments in other colors at 0:57, 1:45, 2:03, 2:10)

A couple of more vintage publicity  pics:
Mary Carlisle (probably 1930s)
Joan Blondell (1935)
I'll let Dick explain this one:

"Jennifer Lopez, Big Baby?
No, not really. These are pictures from a recent performance in Singapore. I don't know what that outfit is supposed to be, but the big safety pin is rather babyish. "

Thanks for the great stuff, Dick!

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