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Friday, October 10, 2014

Return Of The Raptor

(Big thanks to everyone who's checked me out on Tumblr so far!)

Enjoy a pair of new pics from the always amazing Raptor Wedgie!
"Karina is an experienced galaxy patroller, with many successful missions. She is sent along with the July to patrol the planet Kiyoha. The natives of this planet already know Karina and she should dress like them, she removes her suit and wear just socks and panties, the leader of the Kiyoha orders the patroller him give a hug but the jump on his lap Karina is kissed on the mouth by the alien, the problem is that their kiss cause side effects in humans making an effect of instant laxative.
Ouchh ....
Will July spread the embarrassing story of Karina among other patrollers?"
"Jena is a famous model, but nobody knows she is a great thief . She steals with a gang of four girls but one day quarreled with one of the members named Sara. Outraged Sara put laxative in Jena drink the day before the robbery. Jena uses to disguise a blue cotton catsuit covering his entire body, tube socks and boots but does not use underwear she's totaly naked in the catsuit. The laxative starts working when she is running away from the bank. Will Jena be discovered?"

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