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Friday, October 24, 2014

It All Depends

Christian Vera of the show RightThisMinute
 (Thanks to both Dick and Dave for sending this in!)
According to the makers of Depends, Underawarness  "is both a social movement and a charitable cause. Over 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage, and nearly half of them are under age 50. But nobody wants to talk about it. Until now."

The campaign consists of several elements:
A. A tv commercial, along with print ads and online content.
B. A pledge to make a charitable donation for everybody who posts a photo or video to social media of themselves wearing Depends along with the hashtag #underwareness or #dropyourpants.
C. Several events including a live concert in New York City at which attendees were provided Depends to wear

Depends has set up a channel at Youtube dedicated to the campaign. Since most of these clips feature both women and men, I'll just post some of the highlights here and let you peruse the playlist at your leisure:

Here we see an executive for the company "dropping her pants for Underawarness":

Here's comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood (who actually is incontinent):

A few other minor celebs have come out to show their support:

Meghan Jones, of Dallas area radio station KVIL
Actress and model Margaret Anne Florence, who has appeared in some Depend print ads (and huge billboards)
Christian Vera again (view the clip here)
Dick was kind enough to provide us with a number of pics from the aforementioned concert (see clips here, here, and here):


  1. Hello! I found these little clips from YouTube after watching some foreing independent films.

    The Finnish film group called "Asemafilmi" (or "AsemanLapset", which is name of their YouTube account) has made a lot of movies and videos, but two tiny things got my attension.

    In this video (which is approximately some sort of behind the scenes footage) there's a girl getting dressed as something which I think is some sort of big baby (?). She's wearing a diaper which I think is Tena diapers. It starts at 13:10 and lasts few seconds. http://youtu.be/RfhbjeVpxSA?t=13m10s

    The other video is actually from a movie of theirs called "The Groke" (which is very well made amateur horror film!) There's a same girl wearing same pyjamas and in one sec I think she's wearing a diaper too! I guess this is supposed to be same character and the other video is some sort of spoof, but I'm not really sure. In this movie the girl is having a nightmare about her abusing father and she's wearing those pyjamas and diapers only then. http://youtu.be/ixe3mvC3ZBc?t=53m25s

    Note: There's also other dream sequence but the possible diaper is not cleary visible there. It starts 35:14