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Saturday, October 4, 2014

In Your Dreams

As promised, here are a few more written responses to my diaper dreams poll-- if you're a woman and you haven't taken the poll yet, please consider heading over to Mister Poll and going through it... it's quick, easy, and anonymous. Click here to check out the first batch of written responses. I am still planning to write a story using some of these experiences for reference (assuming that my health ever improves and I can get all the other stuff I'm bogged down with out of the way), so please keep them coming.

If you see your response here and you'd like me to take it down, let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

-I've had quite a few different diaper dreams over the years, but most commonly, they involve me deciding to wear diapers to work or school, or just out with friends - or just being in those situations already in diapers for some reason - and having a big accident in them, only to hope that everyone around me doesn't notice. They do eventually, of course, and usually they wind up humiliating me about being a baby and using my diapers.

I've also had dreams where I would get put back in diapers for doing badly in classes, or for playing on my cell phone instead of paying attention in class, which usually winds up with me being spanked, diapered, and then put into some kind of time out that usually involves baby furniture of some kind - sometimes high chairs, which usually involve being fed laxative-laced baby food, sometimes a play pen, and sometimes just being stood in the corner - and using my diaper while I'm stuck there.

-Since I wear diapers daily anyway, dreaming about them is sort of like a regular person dreaming about being in their underwear. Though, in the dreams my diaper is usually wet and messy, and I'm often trying to find someone to change me. The dream sometimes involves being physically regressed as well.

-My dreams about diapers usually occur when I've not been able to wear them on a regular basis (which I quite frequently do). I've had a couple of occasions where I think someone might've noticed something (like the bulge of a wet diaper while wearing slacks) and I feel foolish so I end up having a dream about it. It's stupid, I know, but I think it's the "guilt" of doing something so radical as wearing (and wetting) a diaper when I don't really need it that causes it.

-I have dreams about diapers when it has been a long time between the time I last wore one.  I usually dream that my husband has discovered that I have wet myself or I have disobeyed him and thus he is going to punish me by making me wear diapers and occasionally baby clothes.  Sometimes I dream of bondage and diapers, other times I have become a real baby again.

-I often dream about being at a crowded place like an amusement park. I am dressed like a big baby with a bonnet, booties, a pacifier, and of course a THICK diaper. I have messed my diaper due to a suppository put up my bum as a punishment by my mommy (girlfriend). I am put up on a picnic table and changed right in front of everyone as part of my punishment. My mommy puts ten suppositories in me that will surely guarantee a HUGE mess in my diapers later! The day ends with me completely humiliated and now everyone knows me as a BIG baby who can't seem to keep from messing herself or her diapers!

-When I was younger I wanted to dream about diapers since I couldn't wear them but when i did it was me being punished or as something that my friends were aloud to wear but I couldn't. Now I am being revealed in my dreams. Finding myself having to answer the door in my diaper and then going to the store and walking around in my diaper without bottoms on.

-Messy diaper spankings, messy knee bouncing, forced messy orgasms. Horsey rides. Bondage.

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