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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Embarrassed In Public

Thanks to Syd for sending these in:

"These are sort of off topic.They just kind of reminded me of the video you posted a while back where the girls were embarrassed in the grocery store by their moms. The first clip is from an old Nickelodeon sketch show called Roundhouse: A girl is visiting her grandmother when they make an unexpected stop at the mall. The girl tries to avoid being spotted by some of her friends, but granny not only calls their attention, she lets slip an embarrassing detail about her granddaughter."

"The second clip is from an old episode of Mad TV: the joke is that the old pharmacist is having trouble reading the names on the prescriptions, so instead she reads out the ailments, thus leading to much embarrassment among the customers."

Like the aforementioned grocery store clip, these clips have nothing to do with diapers-- however, I think fans of public embarrassment will still enjoy them.

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