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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Old Manor

This was supposed to be quick and breezy, but it grew into a tiny epic-- please let me know what you think, and have a happy Halloween!
Daisy tottered unsteadily on her high heels across the dusty floor, the accompanying clacks echoing loudly throughout the old manor with each step she took, like some infernal drumbeat signifying her doom. She panted, out of breath, shivering in the evening air, her thin, gauzy dress providing no protection against the cool, dank atmosphere permeating the house. She lifted her lantern higher and cursed herself, not for the first time, for allowing her stupid friends talk her into coming here tonight instead of going straight to the party like she'd wanted. They'd become separated from each other about an hour before; Daisy had wandered the house from top to bottom in that time, and not only had she found no trace of them, she realized with with growing distress that she was unable to locate an exit. Every door on the main level lead to more rooms. She'd spent the last 15 minutes walking in the same direction, each door simply leading to another room. She'd been through sitting rooms, libraries, studies, kitchens and dining rooms and she'd found not a single door leading out. Worse, she now found herself followed by an odd scuffing noise-- like someone was lurking in the shadow just beyond the light of her lantern.

     "H-Hello?" she called nervously, quickening her pace when she received no answer. Her breath caught in her throat when she heard it-- a second set of shoes, somewhere behind her, always matching her pace but remaining maddeningly beyond the ring of light cast by her lantern. Her heart banged against her like a fist inside her chest, sweat dribbling down her forehead in spite of the chill. In a panic, she headed up stairs. She may not have been able to find the exit... but she had definitely seen windows looking out on the street on the second floor... maybe she could find a place where she could jump down without hurting herself, or even climb out onto the roof.

     Up the stairs she bolted, quivering uncontrollably at the sound of footsteps ascending behind her. Reaching the top, she frantically threw open the first door she saw and jumped inside, slamming it behind her.

     She heaved for breath, pressing her weight up against the door in anticipation of the supernatural pounding she was sure was about to follow. She was ill prepared for what she saw inside:

     In the center of the room, her friend Penny was face down, ass up over a large woman's knee, getting her rear-end reddened with fearsome intensity. Penny's dark hair was banded into pig-tails by lengths of pink ribbon and she was bare naked-- except for a frilly bonnet and a big, fluffy diaper, which had been pulled down to expose her plump (and rapidly reddening) derriere.

     "OW! OUCH! Hey--OW! Would you quit it?!" Penny demanded, helplessly kicking across the woman's knee.

     The woman, her uniform crisp and immaculate throughout the struggle, pinned the protesting Penny in place with a minimum of effort and spanked her rosy bottom until it glowed. "Stay still and take your medicine, young lady," she lectured sternly, never deviating from her pace. "I can see we still have a lot of work to do on your attitude!"

     Daisy watched, wide eyed and horrified, frozen in place. Penny glanced over her shoulder, spotted her friend. The momentary rush of embarrassment she felt was overwhelmed by relief at the sight of an ally. "Daisy! Oh, thank God! You've gotta help me! The crazy bitch took my clothes and-- OW!"

     "Watch your mouth young lady! And as for you," the woman paused, fixing Daisy with a fiery glare, "you stay exactly where you are-- I'll see to you when I'd done with your little friend," she said ominously, punctuating the statement with another sharp spank to the plump pink heart of Penny's bare bum, making her squeal.

     Overwhelmed with fear, Daisy bolted into the hallway, Penny's cries of "Wait! Don't leave me!" drown out by the spanking and the woman's voice, so close it sounded like it was coming from inside her head: "You're only making it harder on yourself young lady."

     Daisy bolted down the corridor, running aimlessly, terror making her heart pound and her skin go all icy hot. She grew exhausted, knowing she couldn't keep running forever. She ducked into another room.

     Daisy slammed the door shut behind her and locked it. Gasping for breath, she quickly became aware of a foul odor permeating the air. "Phew!" she exclaimed to herself, pinching her nose shut. What's that smell? she wondered. She heard a small noise, a quiet sobbing from the corner of the room and suddenly realized she wasn't alone. "Kelly?!" she blurted when she saw her friend, not believing what she was seeing:

     "She's gonna be so mad," Kelly sobbed to herself, looking back over her shoulder at the chocolatey-brown discoloration in the back of her underwear-- that sticky, gooey bulge in the seat of her panties. "I said-- I promised I could keep them clean. I told her I would keep them clean and now she's gonna be really mad at me!"

     "Kelly... Oh my God," Daisy said, coming closer to inspect the bulging seat of her friend's panties. "What happened?"

     Kelly turned and looked at her, tears streaming down her cheeks. "She took my clothes... she told me to wait here and be good and she said I had to keep my panties clean. My tummy started feeling funny and-- Daisy, I swear I thought I just had to  fart!" She sobbed, starting to cry again. "Now she's gonna find me like this and I'm gonna be in so much trouble!"

     "Kelly, we've gotta get out of--" Her heart nearly stopped when she heard the lock sliding open. Daisy dove under a nearby bed, biting back a scream when the door opened and a large woman-- not the same as before but a totally different large woman-- entered the room and closed the door behind her. Daisy bit her lip, trying to remain as still as possible.

     "OK, Kelly, time for--" sniff sniff... "Oh Kelly, you told me you could keep your panties clean... now I have no choice but to put your naughty bottom into diapers, do I?"

     "No, please!" Kelly whined as she was dragged across the room and forced onto the bed. "I tried my best!" Daisy heard the panties discarded into the garbage with a heavy thump.

     "Well, it's diapers for you until you learn to try harder, missy," she heard the woman say over Kelly's sobs, and Daisy was forced to listen to her friend cry and whine like a two-year-old through the beginnings of a diaper change.

     "And don't think we've forgotten about you, young lady," Daisy heard the woman say, moments before she bent down to peer under the bed, looking her right in the eye and scaring the daylights out of her."As soon as I'm finished with your friend, it's going to be your turn."

     With a shriek, Daisy rolled out from under the bed and bolted out the door and into the hallway once more.

     She ran screaming, near hysteria now. She had to escape, now, she knew it... but the prospect of looking into another of those rooms was simply too horrible-- so she ran, just ran down the hall, still pursued, she was sure, by some loping thing in the shadows behind her. Her lantern had been abandoned somewhere, and Daisy groped blindly along the hallway, desperately looking for a window she could escape out of. But all she found was more hallways, endless corridors with endless doors, each one with a new horror lurking behind it... she could just feel it.

     It was gaining now, getting closer... she could feel it reaching out, and she was forced to dodge into another room.

     The smell of soap filled her nostrils, the sound of splashing water tinkling in her ears.

      "Stop splashing, you silly girl!" the woman dipped her rag into the tub, "We're never going to get you clean at this rate!"

     Emma squealed excitedly and clapped her hands, but forced herself to remain still as she was cleaned by the mysterious woman. "That's it darling... just hold still and let mommy get you nice and clean-- and once you're dry, we'll get you in a nice big diaper and put you down for a nap."

     She suddenly shot Daisy a knowing smile over her shoulder. "Then I think it might be your friend's turn for a bath," she said, her voice husky, and Daisy felt a wave of panic rising.

     Emma twisted around in the tub, spotting her friend for the first time. Rather than being embarrassed, she flashed a bright smile and waved happily. "Hi Daisy! Isn't this place great?! Like going to the spa!"

     The woman smiled invitingly: "just strip down and wait on the bed while we finish up here."

     "No way!" Daisy screamed, bolting from the room.

     Daisy barreled down the hall as quickly as her weary legs could carry her, but she was steadily running out of steam. At last she rounded a corner and was faced with a dead end. "Oh no," she whispered quietly, turning to face her nemisis, who stood, silhouetted in shadow, not moving but coiled, ready to strike at any moment. With no other alternative, Daisy opened the final door and ducked inside.

     "There you are. I've been waiting."

     Daisy screamed, coming face to face with her antagonist, who sat simply in the center of the room, her hands folded in her lap, waiting. "Enough dilly-dallying... come here this instant, my girl, so we can get you ready."

   With a piercing scream, Daisy spun and grabbed the nob... only to find it refused to turn in her hand. She was trapped! Still she pulled uselessly at the knob and scratched at the door, but it was no use. The woman was coming towards her, she could hear her heavy foot-falls getting closer, feel her presence getting approaching long before she reached out and took Daisy by the wrist, ending her flight once and for all.

     She pulled Daisy struggling into the center of the room. "I've had quite enough of your mischief for one day, young lady," the woman said, her voice crisp and stern. "Now you're going to get it, Missy."

     "Ow! Ow! Hey you bitch-- OWCH! OWIE!" Daisy quickly found herself kicking her way through a brisk spanking, her tormentor easily pinning the struggling girl across her lap and swatting her plump bottom at a slow, but firm pace. "You stop right-- HEY!" Daisy squealed when she felt her panties unceremoniously tugged down at the back to reveal her jiggling tushy.

     She fought and kicked her way through the whole thing. When it was over, she sprang to her feet, tugged up her panties and rubbed her bottom, scowling at her tormentor. "This isn't fair! I'm not a baby, you have no right to do this to me... to any of us!" she pouted, stamping her foot when she thought of her friends.

     "Oh really?" the woman smirked, crossing her arms and watching Daisy from her seated position. "You think you're a big girl, do you? That funny... I was under the impression that a big girl could keep her panties clean."

     Daisy shot her a strange look. "I can assure you, madam, that my panties are as pristine now as they were when I put them on this morning," she said haughtily, absently rubbing her tummy, which was beginning to feel a little queasy. "I refuse to be made a fool of... I..." she frowned feeling very strange now. "I... I... Oh my goodness!"

     She tried to clamp down, struggling valiantly to save her dignity, but it was just too late. Daisy bent a bit, farting and filling her panties with a short, gooey blast of mushy brown poop before she was even aware that there was a problem. She gasped and shivered, but was utterly unable to stop from disgracing herself before the mysterious woman who smugly smirked at her predicament.

     "You were saying?" the woman said, crinkling her nose. In spite of herself, Daisy was beginning to cry. The woman took her tenderly by the hand.

     "Come darling... Let's get you cleaned up down there... you STINK!

     "Now let mommy pin you in your nice big didey!"

     "Awww... do I have to?" Daisy pouted.

     "Yes! We need to make sure you're protected in case you have another big accident," the woman said sweetly, causing Daisy to blush and look away.

     "Time to get dressed, baby; can't have you running around naked all day, can we?" she asked, tickling Daisy's stomach and making her squeal with mirth before pulling her to her feet. "Stay there while I get some things," she admonished, going over to the closet and removing an arm-load of clothes. Daisy stood by quietly and allowed the woman to start pulling them on, distress and embarrassed to be diapered and dressed like a toddler, yet terrified by the prospect of another spanking.

     "There!" the woman said at last, admiring her work with a broad smile. "Oh darling, you look adorable!"

     "OK, sweetie," the woman said, taking Daisy by the hand and leading her toward the door, "let's hurry down to tea!"

     "Tea?" said Daisy, reluctantly following behind as she was tugged into the hallway.

     "Yes, darling-- the other ladies and I are getting together for tea downstairs. All of your little friends are going to be there. Won't that be fun?"

     "But I wanted to go to the Halloween Party!" Daisy whined, sounding rather more like a little girl then she liked. The woman chuckled.

     "Halloween? Oh my no! You're still much too young for those shenanigans! You've still got a few more years of bottles and diaper changes before you can start to think about all that nonsense! Now come along, my sweet little treasure," the woman said, scooping Daisy into her arms with frightful ease and carrying her off down the hall again her hip, just like a real toddler. "All your friends are waiting for you!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Embarrassed In Public

Thanks to Syd for sending these in:

"These are sort of off topic.They just kind of reminded me of the video you posted a while back where the girls were embarrassed in the grocery store by their moms. The first clip is from an old Nickelodeon sketch show called Roundhouse: A girl is visiting her grandmother when they make an unexpected stop at the mall. The girl tries to avoid being spotted by some of her friends, but granny not only calls their attention, she lets slip an embarrassing detail about her granddaughter."

"The second clip is from an old episode of Mad TV: the joke is that the old pharmacist is having trouble reading the names on the prescriptions, so instead she reads out the ailments, thus leading to much embarrassment among the customers."

Like the aforementioned grocery store clip, these clips have nothing to do with diapers-- however, I think fans of public embarrassment will still enjoy them.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It All Depends

Christian Vera of the show RightThisMinute
 (Thanks to both Dick and Dave for sending this in!)
According to the makers of Depends, Underawarness  "is both a social movement and a charitable cause. Over 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage, and nearly half of them are under age 50. But nobody wants to talk about it. Until now."

The campaign consists of several elements:
A. A tv commercial, along with print ads and online content.
B. A pledge to make a charitable donation for everybody who posts a photo or video to social media of themselves wearing Depends along with the hashtag #underwareness or #dropyourpants.
C. Several events including a live concert in New York City at which attendees were provided Depends to wear

Depends has set up a channel at Youtube dedicated to the campaign. Since most of these clips feature both women and men, I'll just post some of the highlights here and let you peruse the playlist at your leisure:

Here we see an executive for the company "dropping her pants for Underawarness":

Here's comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood (who actually is incontinent):

A few other minor celebs have come out to show their support:

Meghan Jones, of Dallas area radio station KVIL
Actress and model Margaret Anne Florence, who has appeared in some Depend print ads (and huge billboards)
Christian Vera again (view the clip here)
Dick was kind enough to provide us with a number of pics from the aforementioned concert (see clips here, here, and here):

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Adorable Fashion Fantasies Of Bobby Venice

Fans of DDNIXX and Picfab should hurry over to Bobby Venice's gallery on DeviantArt, where you'll find fantastically Photoshopped visions of mature, sexy women reduced to helpless, contrite Little Girls parading around in big bulky diapers and a variety of adorable little outfits. In public and in private, neither celebrities or the girl-next-door is safe from Bobby's infantile makeovers. Here's just a small sampling of what you'll find:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Post Is All Wet

 OK, here's one for those of you that keep complaining about how I've got tons of poop desperation stuff and very little content containing "number one" urgency. The reader who sent these in would like to remain anonymous-- thanks for the contributions!

Some behind the scenes footage from MTV's Real World-- a girls tries and fails to keep her pants dry:

Here's a sketch from Venezuelan  sketch show Radio Rochela:

Another from South American TV-- a hypnotist convinces two sexy talk show panelists that they're bursting to go:

Bonus Looks like a short scene from a fetish clip:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Spanky Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. In honor of the occasion, I'm going to give you something I hope will make you a little more thankful. I hope you enjoy and are able to put the information contained in the following instructional video to use in your own lives:

Some of you may remember a while back when I posted the famous spanking scene in Mclintock where John Wayne takes the divine ms. Maureen O'Hara across his knee and paddles her backside with a coal shovel. Now Dick has sent in this one smacker from the movie Spencer's Mountain, and although it lacks the intensity of the Mclintock scene, the delighted reaction of the children at seeing ms. O'Hara's plump bottom swatted is wonderful (starts at 1:17)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Return Of The Raptor

(Big thanks to everyone who's checked me out on Tumblr so far!)

Enjoy a pair of new pics from the always amazing Raptor Wedgie!
"Karina is an experienced galaxy patroller, with many successful missions. She is sent along with the July to patrol the planet Kiyoha. The natives of this planet already know Karina and she should dress like them, she removes her suit and wear just socks and panties, the leader of the Kiyoha orders the patroller him give a hug but the jump on his lap Karina is kissed on the mouth by the alien, the problem is that their kiss cause side effects in humans making an effect of instant laxative.
Ouchh ....
Will July spread the embarrassing story of Karina among other patrollers?"
"Jena is a famous model, but nobody knows she is a great thief . She steals with a gang of four girls but one day quarreled with one of the members named Sara. Outraged Sara put laxative in Jena drink the day before the robbery. Jena uses to disguise a blue cotton catsuit covering his entire body, tube socks and boots but does not use underwear she's totaly naked in the catsuit. The laxative starts working when she is running away from the bank. Will Jena be discovered?"

Monday, October 6, 2014

Star Studded Media Project Grab Bag

Comedian Sarah Silverman plays with a friend-- from the Oct. 4/ 2014 episode of SNL
Some nice contributions from Dick today:

Highlights from a show called Fashioning Women. Diapers appear first under sheer, sexy nighties at 25 seconds, then appear sporadically throughout the clip. Then at 1:30 they strip down to diapers and bras, which appear on and off for the rest of the clip.

Footage from a sorority initiation.

"This is footage from a Dolce & Gabbana show. Although it's obviously that nothing here is intended to suggest baby clothes, the white shorts at 1:17 look so much like baby pants that I thought it would be worth including (similar garments in other colors at 0:57, 1:45, 2:03, 2:10)

A couple of more vintage publicity  pics:
Mary Carlisle (probably 1930s)
Joan Blondell (1935)
I'll let Dick explain this one:

"Jennifer Lopez, Big Baby?
No, not really. These are pictures from a recent performance in Singapore. I don't know what that outfit is supposed to be, but the big safety pin is rather babyish. "

Thanks for the great stuff, Dick!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

In Your Dreams

As promised, here are a few more written responses to my diaper dreams poll-- if you're a woman and you haven't taken the poll yet, please consider heading over to Mister Poll and going through it... it's quick, easy, and anonymous. Click here to check out the first batch of written responses. I am still planning to write a story using some of these experiences for reference (assuming that my health ever improves and I can get all the other stuff I'm bogged down with out of the way), so please keep them coming.

If you see your response here and you'd like me to take it down, let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

-I've had quite a few different diaper dreams over the years, but most commonly, they involve me deciding to wear diapers to work or school, or just out with friends - or just being in those situations already in diapers for some reason - and having a big accident in them, only to hope that everyone around me doesn't notice. They do eventually, of course, and usually they wind up humiliating me about being a baby and using my diapers.

I've also had dreams where I would get put back in diapers for doing badly in classes, or for playing on my cell phone instead of paying attention in class, which usually winds up with me being spanked, diapered, and then put into some kind of time out that usually involves baby furniture of some kind - sometimes high chairs, which usually involve being fed laxative-laced baby food, sometimes a play pen, and sometimes just being stood in the corner - and using my diaper while I'm stuck there.

-Since I wear diapers daily anyway, dreaming about them is sort of like a regular person dreaming about being in their underwear. Though, in the dreams my diaper is usually wet and messy, and I'm often trying to find someone to change me. The dream sometimes involves being physically regressed as well.

-My dreams about diapers usually occur when I've not been able to wear them on a regular basis (which I quite frequently do). I've had a couple of occasions where I think someone might've noticed something (like the bulge of a wet diaper while wearing slacks) and I feel foolish so I end up having a dream about it. It's stupid, I know, but I think it's the "guilt" of doing something so radical as wearing (and wetting) a diaper when I don't really need it that causes it.

-I have dreams about diapers when it has been a long time between the time I last wore one.  I usually dream that my husband has discovered that I have wet myself or I have disobeyed him and thus he is going to punish me by making me wear diapers and occasionally baby clothes.  Sometimes I dream of bondage and diapers, other times I have become a real baby again.

-I often dream about being at a crowded place like an amusement park. I am dressed like a big baby with a bonnet, booties, a pacifier, and of course a THICK diaper. I have messed my diaper due to a suppository put up my bum as a punishment by my mommy (girlfriend). I am put up on a picnic table and changed right in front of everyone as part of my punishment. My mommy puts ten suppositories in me that will surely guarantee a HUGE mess in my diapers later! The day ends with me completely humiliated and now everyone knows me as a BIG baby who can't seem to keep from messing herself or her diapers!

-When I was younger I wanted to dream about diapers since I couldn't wear them but when i did it was me being punished or as something that my friends were aloud to wear but I couldn't. Now I am being revealed in my dreams. Finding myself having to answer the door in my diaper and then going to the store and walking around in my diaper without bottoms on.

-Messy diaper spankings, messy knee bouncing, forced messy orgasms. Horsey rides. Bondage.