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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pampers And PJ's: The Return Of Bridgette Redheart!

(For more awesome spanking and ageplay art check out SpankingToons on Tumblr!)

Let's check in on our old friend Bridgette Redheart and see what she's been up to since the last time we saw her:

The following pics are from a new series currently being produced on commission. Click here for info on commissioning your own custom art from SpankingToons.

Check out a few non-Bridgette pics from SpankingToons:

Miku is another of SpankingToons original characters-- you can check out her further adventures on ST's Tumblr.
If you enjoyed this feature, feel free to check out part one of my story Mommy Dearest which features an illustration by SpankingToons (and part two is coming really soon guys, I swear.) You can also check out his contributions to my Diaper Pins art collection (including an exclusive Bridgette drawing, unavailable anywhere else.)