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Monday, September 8, 2014

Miley's Fuzzy Diaper Fashion Statement

Miley Cyrus is becoming quite the fixture around here these days: discussion over exactly what the naughty pop-star meant when she declared herself an "Adult Baby" on Ellen while back has been a hot topic of conversation in the ABDL community for quite some time now. The debate rages on... now JT's sent in some more fuel for the fire: Check out this article her appearance on Good Morning America sporting what the Daily Mail called a pair of "racy tight white briefs"-- or, as some of the more observant posters in the comments section referred to them, "furry diapers." You can take a look at some of the pics below (along with some of the choicer responses from the comments section):

"Who knew that high-waisted furry diapers were the next big thing? Oh. Well, someone should tell her."
"I´m glad my favourite artists doesn´t need to wear a diaper or make stupid 'sexy' dances to catch the attention of the media..."
"So fuzzy diapers are the new in thing? Oh right - mink, for the new kardash-west kid. Miley's a bit old for them though."
"Giant diaper"
"So diapers are in fashion these days? My grandma will be overjoyed!"
"All grown up...and still wearing diapers. Ugh!"

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  1. Você quis dizer: Parece uma fralda mesmo, essa roupa é muito engraçada.
    It seems even a diaper, this outfit is very funny.