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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Sick... Here's Something Funny

(Thanks once again to all the women who've taken my diaper dream poll. I will probably be posting a few more written responses sometime in the next month, so keep them coming.)
I've been feeling crummy for a couple of days now and I'm behind on my various projects... I'm goofy from the cold medication, so here's something off topic and  funny for you: from Floricienta, "an Argentine family friendly telenovela based on the Cinderella story," according to wikipedia. Translating the description on Babelfish reveals that "the girls make a joke to Delfina, giving a tea of beans..." which leads to a predictably gassy aftermath:

You can view the full episode, including the part where she drinks the tea and releases an SBD at the table here.

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