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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Sick... Here's Something Funny

(Thanks once again to all the women who've taken my diaper dream poll. I will probably be posting a few more written responses sometime in the next month, so keep them coming.)
I've been feeling crummy for a couple of days now and I'm behind on my various projects... I'm goofy from the cold medication, so here's something off topic and  funny for you: from Floricienta, "an Argentine family friendly telenovela based on the Cinderella story," according to wikipedia. Translating the description on Babelfish reveals that "the girls make a joke to Delfina, giving a tea of beans..." which leads to a predictably gassy aftermath:

You can view the full episode, including the part where she drinks the tea and releases an SBD at the table here.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mommy Dearest Chapter Two

Chapter One
Art for this chapter is provided by the always amazing Elven Dreamer. If you enjoy his stuff then don't forget to check out our comic collaboration, Little Miss Smarty Pants. You can also check out his contributions to Diaper Pins.

Again, feel free to redistribute this picture if you'd like, but please don't remove the watermark and please provide a link back here if possible.

Chapter Two

Six Months Later

It was going to be an affair to remember… Krystal had done everything in her power to ensure of that: the best caters had been hired, the reservation at the country club secured nearly a year before, her outfit carefully selected from the most expensive (and therefore best) boutique in New York… it was, after all, her night, and Krystal intended to enjoy herself (and maybe show off a bit, she thought, sipping her margarita through a lush smirk.) She could only imagine the expressions on the faces of her bitchy, spoiled friends when they arrived tonight… and how she would smile benevolently, watching their entire social circle cavort and frolic at what was sure to be The Event Of The Season, and probably the best birthday party any of them had ever attended… and they would all know that it was all possible by her grace and hers alone.
     Krystal’s dress, an elegant and revealing gown of the finest silk, dyed a deep, bloody, crimson, was sure to make her the center of the attention. It was held up my two tiny strands little thicker then floss, leaving most of her smooth shoulders and back bare, her skin glowing radiantly. The neckline plunged, revealing and enhancing her magnificent cleavage. The dress was finely tailored, hugging her body and accentuating her curves… especially the pleasingly plump globes of her tight, round butt
     She frowned when she saw the twins, sitting off by themselves and chatting inaudibly as always. She didn’t dare press them too hard. She’d spent weeks waiting nervously for the other shoe to drop after she’d paddled their belligerent little bottoms… it had been most satisfying to give the little bitches the punishment they so richly deserved, but she knew if they breathed one word to their father, it would be her own butt on the line. Gerald spoiled and doted on his daughters obscenely (in her opinion), and she knew he’d never tolerate her doling out any corporal punishment— and he would especially never sign off on anything as severe as an over the knee, bare-bottom spanking… no matter how well deserved it might have been.
     However, it soon became obvious that they hadn’t told him, and apparently had no intention to. It had her a little confused… and worried. But she’d decided not to question it, and so, the relationship entered a weird stalemate, with Krystal afraid to bully them too much and the twins mostly keeping to themselves, licking their wounds. Now they just watched her and whispered… sometimes, she even caught them sharing a smirk in her direction. It bugged her, but she realized there wasn’t much she could do about it. So she tried to ignore it and put the little creeps out of her mind. Which was exactly what she needed to do now, she realized… this party wasn’t going to put itself together, after all.
     The caterer brought some papers for her to sign. Krystal set them on a table, futilely scanning the room for a chair to sit in.
     “Here you go, Krystal!” Chloe said, materializing behind her with a wooden chair in hand. Krystal eyed her suspiciously, but forced herself to accept the chair graciously. “Thank you, Chloe,” she said through slightly gritted teeth. Sitting firmly, she set about signing the papers. When she was almost done, the decorators entered and laid out some patterns, fabrics, and pictures, trying to get the finishing touches ready. All in all, it was nearly 45 minutes before she’d finally gotten everything all sorted out. She was just about to rise when Carrie appeared with a margarita… an unusually thoughtful gesture, but she decided not to question it. It had been, after all, a big day, and she’d earned herself a little relaxation. The party was just hours away, and she needed to looked her best—a drink was just what she needed before she went back to work.
     She finished her drink with a sigh and started to rise...
     Her eyes bulged when she didn’t budge. After a deep breath, she tried again, planning her feet firmly against the floor and pushing up from the knees, just like she’d done a million times before…
     She rose only a few inches before being restricted by her tight dress. It was caught somehow, preventing her from rising. Almost like she sat in…
     “…Glue?” she whispered in horror, realizing her dress was ruined. She rose as far as she could, even taking a few tentative steps with the chair firmly glued to the seat of her dress before she fell back with a strangled cry of frustration.
     “Krystal? Oh my God, what happened?!”
     She looked over, blushing furiously at the sight of the twins in the doorway, drinking in her exceedingly humiliating situation. To their credit, they hid their glee well. Approaching their bitchy stepmother, their arch nemesis since she’d first appeared in their lives, you’d never know that they were positively reveling in her embarrassing situation... and this was only the beginning.
     “What does it look like?” she snapped. “Somebody put glue on this chair! Help me!”
     “Poor Krystal,” said Carrie through a poorly concealed smirk. “Come, sister—let us aid our beloved stepmother in her hour of need.”
     They set to work “freeing” Krystal, tugging at and examining both the gown and the chair (all the time strategically loosening her dress and carefully cutting a series of tiny tears with an x-acto knife.) Finally, Chloe shot Carrie a wink, and each twin took hold of one of her arms.
     “Ready, sister dear?”
     “On three?”
     “My thoughts exactly,” said Chloe. “One…”
     And with a quick, synchronized pull, the twins yanked Krystal up and out of the chair with a sharp ripping sound, tearing her completely free of her dress, which remained on the chair—torn, but otherwise in one piece. Krystal stood in the center of the room, immaculate, not a hair out of place, her expensive jewelry glittering… not to mention dazed, oblivious, and bare-ass naked but for her sheer silk stockings, garter belt, and high heels. Her dress precluded a bra, and she’d decided to go commando to eliminate VPL… a decision she very much regretted now that she saw the remains of her dress still in place on the chair. But if the dress is there, she thought cautiously, then I must be …
     Hesitantly she looked down, shrieking when her worst fears were confirmed… she was strutting around naked—in public—and the only clothes she had were in ruins. Gasping she tried to cover herself, feeling faint… it was like some kind of horrible dream. “You little idiots!” she bellowed, “You did that on purpose!”
     “Hush, darling stepmother,” said Chloe mischievously.
     “Wouldn’t want the workers to come in here and see you like this,” Carrie said with a smirk, “would you?”
     Krystal fumed, her nostrils flaring angrily, her firm, succulent breasts heaving indignantly. She wanted nothing more than to give these little bitches a piece of her mind… but her attention was quickly drawn toward the door by a pair of approaching voices… someone was coming!
      She shot the twins a helpless look, once again at their mercy. “I’ll hold them off,” said Chloe. “You find her someplace to hide.”
     “You got it, sis,” said Carrie. She took Krystal by the hand and led her toward the patio door. Trailing behind, her free arm wrapped around her breasts to preserve at least some of her modesty, she dragged her heals.
     “Wait a minute,” she protested, “I can’t go out there like this! Someone might see me!”
     Carrie pushed the door open and gestured for her to follow. “Well, if you stay here, someone will definitely see you,” she reminded, her point emphasized by the voices out in the hall. Cursing her luck, Krystal followed Carrie out the door and into the courtyard.
     With Carrie scouting the way, Krystal made a mad dash across the grounds, her exposed flesh all goose pimply, her bare rump jiggling behind her with every step as she alternately dashed between buildings and ducked behind cover, waiting for the all-clear from Carrie before she proceeded.
     At last, she saw Carrie holding open a door and gesturing inside. “Come on—we can hide in here… Hurry up, Krystal,” Carrie admonished, ushering her inside with a swat to her wriggling tushy, making her squeal and glare as she disappeared inside, followed quickly by Carrie, who closed the door behind them.
     Krystal couldn’t help chuckling nervously… the last couple of minutes had been fraught with white knuckle tension… but she’d made it! She was here now—wherever here was. She realized she’d never been in this part of the club before… the floor was strewn with toys the walls covered in brightly colored posters filled with ABC’s, 1-2-3’s, shapes, and colors. Clusters of tiny chairs sat around several little tables, their surfaces covered in papers, safety scissors, and crayons.
     “It’s the daycare,” Carrie said, reading Krystal’s mind. “It’s closed on weekends, so don’t worry—you’re not going to get caught. Probably not, anyway,” she added, suppressing a smirk when she noted Krystal’s blushing nervousness. The adrenaline was starting to wear off, the full, horrible implication of her situation was beginning to dawn on her. What had started out as the perfect opportunity to lord her status, beauty, and wealth over the community had turned into a nightmare… Krystal prayed it wouldn’t get any worse.
     She heard the door open… cold, blind panic gripped her heart, and she briefly thought about diving under one of the tables before she saw Chloe enter and swing the door closed behind her. “Everything OK?” she asked.
      “So far so good,” Carrie replied, trying to keep any conspiratorial tones out of her voice. “What about the dress?”
     Chloe shook her head sadly. “It’s stuck on there but good— I doubt I could even salvage enough to make a loin cloth.”
     “Oh no!” cried Krystal in disbelief. Her brand new designer dress was ruined… and worse than that, she was stuck here, naked as the day she was born, and the guests were due to begin arriving in just a couple of short hours.
     “Relax,” said Carrie. “The Galleria is only about half an hour from here—I’ll rush over, grab you something to wear, and rush right back… you’ll still be ready in time for the party.”
     Krystal could only nod… she hated the idea of relying on these two little brats to salvage her dignity, but she could see she had little choice.
     “Right,” said Chloe, “in the meantime, we can hide out here and have a few drinks.”
     For the first time, Krystal noticed the girl was carrying a pitcher of margaritas and a couple of glasses. Her mouth watered—a couple of drinks were exactly what she needed right now to take the edge off. Chloe set the pitcher on one of the tables, poured one and gave it to Krystal before pouring one for herself. While Carrie slipped out the door and made her way to her car, Chloe and Krystal sipped their drinks… well, Chloe sipped, anyway… Krystal downed hers in three big gulps, then quickly poured another with shaking hands. The stress of the situation was getting to her and she started drinking heavily… exactly what we expected, thought Chloe with a smirk. She continued sipping her drink, occasionally pouring large portions of it out into a nearby garbage can whenever Krystal wasn’t looking so she appeared to be keeping up. Soon, Krystal was slurring her speech, and she wasn’t slowing down. God, what a lush, Chloe thought disgustedly, pouring her another drink.
     An hour quickly past, then another thirty, and Krystal was starting to get uncomfortable… she couldn’t believe she’d entrusted her fate to her bratty, bitchy stepdaughters… they were plotting against her, she just knew it. The more she drank the more paranoid she grew… and they were quickly getting to the bottom of pitcher. She was waspish and irritable now, snarling at Chloe (who tried to suppress a sardonic grin—so much for gratitude.)
     Krystal drank her margarita and brooded… it was all so obvious now. They intended to humiliate her by forcing her to parade around nude in front of her guests. They would stall and lie and when the time came, they’d expose her, buck naked, to the entire world. Well, she wasn’t going to be made a fool of, no sir! She’d strip the clothes right off Chloe’s back before she’d allow herself to be seen in such a ridiculous state! Draining the last of her drink from her glass, she eyed her prissy stepdaughter darkly. Yes, that’s what I’ll do—I’ll strip the little bitches clothes right off… and then maybe give the bitch another spanking… her and that sister of hers… Yes… maybe I’ll do that just as soon as I finish this drink…
     Just then, the door began to swing open. Panicked, Krystal’s heart seized in her throat and she instinctively covered up moments before Carrie quickly entered and slammed the door behind her.
     “Carrie, darling!” she gushed drunkenly, standing up and shakily making her way over. Carrie scowled as Krystal laid a pair of slobbery kisses on her cheeks. “I’ll never forget thish, I swear.”
     “There’s something you should know, Krystal,” Carrie began, but Krystal just slurringly cut her off, snatching the bag right out of her hand. “I know I haven’t been the best stepmother… but I’ll do anything for you now… both of you… you just name it,” and she punctuated the remark with a soft belch. “Oops—‘scuse me.”
     “That’s very nice Krystal, but there really is something you should know...”
     “Nonsense, lemme just get this out of here and we’ll… what the…?”
     The last remark was directed at the first item she pulled out of the bag… at first she thought it was the tiniest t-shirt she’d ever seen... but no, where were the sleeves? Where was the back? Nothing but a piece of fabric with a strap up top to tie it… she realized, with rising disgust, that it was a frilly, brightly colored plastic bib… one that would hardly be large enough to cover her magnificent breasts. “What… is thish?” she asked stiffly trying to suppress her fury.
     “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” said Carrie. “The Galleria was closed—some kind of gas leak or something. The only store that was open was a costume shop, and the only costume I could find was…”
     “Diapers?! Are these fucking diapers!?” Krystal shrieked, losing her cool entirely now. “Just what are you tryin’ to pull you little bitch?!”
     “It’s a baby costume!” Carrie said brightly (though it wasn’t strictly true—although the oversized “baby” clothes and props were part of the costume, the diapers had been secured from an online medical supply store to ensure maximum capacity—and bulk.) Krystal simply gaped, struggling to find words.
    “This… that… I… you’re just trying to…” she was slurring her words and wavering on her feet, the alcohol wrapping her senses in a thick layer of cotton.
     Carrie and Chloe were biting their lips to keep from laughing. “Look, I told you: this was all I could find. Besides, it’s not like anyone is going to see you—it’s just in case, you know? If anyone asks, you just tell them you’re getting in touch with your inner child on your birthday, right?”
     “Makes sense to me,” said Chloe, somehow managing to keep a straight face.
     It certainly didn’t make any sense to Krystal, and if she’d been even a tad more sober she might have been able to identify the flaw in their logic.
     But the twins had already seized her by the hands and were pulling her deeper into the darkened daycare. Krystal tried to pull free, but their grips were surprisingly strong, so she was forced to try and keep up… no mean feat in her spiked heels with 2/3s of a pitcher of margaritas inside her. She tripped and stumbled along, but the twins kept her on her feet and moving at a brisk pace, whisking her down the hall and into a darkened room.
     “Hey… jush wait a sec’,” she slurred. But Krystal was behind on the curve once again; As Chloe bent down and quickly slipped her shoes off, Carrie quickly unsnapped her garter belt and sent it to the floor with one sharp tug. Before she knew what was going on, Krystal let out a squawk as she was spun on her stocking feet and pushed backwards onto a padded table of some kind. Dazed, she lay silently on her back as the twins quickly peeled her stockings off her long, smooth legs and discarded them to the floor, leaving their hated stepmother naked and vulnerable, squirming on her back and in absolutely no position to resist them. It had taken months of planning, but Chloe and Carrie finally had her exactly where they wanted her.
     Krystal, meanwhile, was in such shock following her recent ordeals that she was totally disoriented (the margaritas, of course, were not helping.) The room was dark, it was taking too long for her eyes to adjust… but there was a scent hanging in the air, something both familiar and totally alien to her.
     “OK, get her ankles,” she heard Carrie say.
     “Huh?” Krystal groaned. “What’re you talking--?”
      But she cut herself off with a startled whoop as Chloe grabbed her ankles and hoisted them high into the air, her knees going back almost to her chest. Krystal squawked and struggled feebly, looking exceedingly foolish with her bare-ass stuck up and squirming in the air, her legs apart and every intimate part of her body on vivid display.
     She was about to make another drunken demand to be turned loose, but instead just whooped again when she felt a thick line of cool baby-oil squirted across her struggling butt-cheeks. She merely groaned in confusion and embarrassment as Carrie spread the oil out with her hands, careful to slather every nook and cranny, taking perverse delight in watching her stepmother squirm and groan as her buttocks grew slick and shiny. Carrie lubed up her ass crack, paying special attention to the crinkle of her asshole.
     “OOooo!” she cried, squirming frantic to escape the embarrassing probing (but only succeeding in making her tushy jiggle delightfully.) “You stop that right now!”
     “Quiet!” Carrie snapped, delivering a sharp, open-palmed swat to her jiggling rump. The twins knew Krystal was in no position to be making demands. With her sister still holding her stepmother’s legs in the air, Carrie took a nearby container of baby-powder and began dusting it across Krystal’s squirming backside.
     “Oh!” Krystal cried in outraged surprise. “Stop that this instant!”
     “Aw, hush up, Krystal,” said Carrie, delivering another unceremonious swat to Krystal’s bare, upturned tushy. “You think I enjoy powdering your backside? I’m only doing this because I don’t want you to get a diaper rash,” she smirked, shooting a wink to Chloe.
     “I am most certainly not going to get a diaper rash!” she insisted haughtily. “I am your stepmother and I insist that you treat me with the respect I’m due! I—hey!”
     She was cut off by Chloe lowering her legs again. Krystal squawked when her powdered hiney came into contact with the thick, padded plastic of the diaper that had been spread out beneath her. Krystal fumed furiously as the oil was spread out across her wriggling pussy. “Where’d you get all this stuff, anyway?” she pouted, looking around the dark room.
     She saw counters lined with lotions and oils and powders, shelves piled high with diapers. A few little plastic potties sat stacked in a corner, and a large diaper-pail squatted next to the table. Her face burned with shame—she’d been laid out on a changing table like some squirming brat with a loaded diaper!
     The image was too much to bear, the perceived indignity too great. She squirmed and writhed on the table. “Hey!” she cried, struggling now, “You little brats can’t humiliate me like—mmph!” her tirade was cut off by Chloe pushing a thick rubber nipple into her mouth.
     “Quit your whining! God, you think you really were a baby or something,” she admonished sternly taking the straps on either side of the pacifier-gag (another online purchase) and fastening it behind her stepmother’s head. Krystal quickly found she could neither spit the nipple out nor undo the straps… she was forced to content herself with scowling furiously as the oil was rubbed into her pussy softly. Carrie’s hands were taking altogether too much time, her smooth, slender fingers doing far more rubbing and probing than was strictly necessary. The hyper-sexual Krystal quickly found herself getting aroused, her treacherous bitch of a pussy soon sopping wet and throbbing against her will. She knew she was making an obscene display of herself, but that didn’t stop her from spreading her thighs as wide as they would go and groaning around the nipple of her pacifier/gag. The booze had made her skin extra sensitive and lowered her inhibitions… soon Krystal was bucking and grinding lewdly, practically begging for an orgasm. She nearly burst into tears when Carrie stopped… but it was only so that Chloe could sprinkle a bit more powder against her bare, glistening crotch. She patted and rubbed it in sensually while Carrie firmly inserted first one, then two, and finally three fingers into Krystal slippery pussy, making her shudder and writhe. Naked, quivering, slathered in oil and powder, her proud, firm rump nestled into the seat of an open diaper, Krystal totally abandoned her inhibitions and greedily allowed herself to be propelled toward an explosive orgasm by her younger stepdaughters.
     “Oh, I see Baby Krystal is settling in nicely,” said Carrie archly.
     “Do you want to come, Baby Krystal?” Chloe smirked
       “UUUHHHHHH-HHHUUUUHHH!” she groaned excitedly in response, feeling like she was about to go over a cliff. She’d almost reached the point of combustion now, all shame and restraint gleefully abandoned in the face of a searing, steamy climax…
     Carrie suddenly withdrew her fingers, just moments before her release. Krystal let out a holler of outrage, her climax so maddeningly close, yet so far away.
     Carrie and Chloe were half dead from laughing. “Oh my God, Krystal, you are such a slut!” Chloe chided her, pulling the diaper up tight between her legs and quickly fastening it around her waist.
     “Almost having an orgasm over being put in diapers—at your age,” Carrie admonished. “You’re an embarrassment to our family… What does our father see in you anyway?”
     Krystal could only bite into her pacifier and seethe. She vowed to get even with Chloe and Carrie if it was the last thing she ever did… she blushed, realizing it would be difficult in her current position.
     “Come on stand up—we need to get you dressed. Hurry! Get that big, fat, diaper-butt in gear,” Chloe demanded, actually swatting Krystal’s padded bottom. She fired her an angry scowl, but was forced to stand helplessly by as the bib was tied around her neck. The square of fabric was incredibly short, but it would keep her nipples covered… provided she didn’t make any sudden movements or breathe too hard.
     A comically oversized novelty bonnet was pulled from the bag, and Krystal could do nothing more than stand there and fume impotently as they tied it under her chin in a big bow.
     The twins stepped back to admire their handiwork, cackling to each other as they did. Krystal stood there seething, nostrils flared, unable to even express her displeasure through her gag.
     “Whoa! Looking good, Krystal!” Carrie said, now openly laughing at her stepmother’s ridiculous condition.
      “Those diapers do wonders for your figure,” Chloe laughed. “At least you have a valid excuse for having a fat ass now!”
     “Hey!” Krystal spat as best she could through her gag. She hated the idea of these two little bitches openly mocking and humiliating her, but what could she do? Krystal realized with a shiver that she was totally dependent on these two little brats if she wanted to get out of this with her dignity (more or less) intact.
     So she held her tongue and allowed herself to be led from the room, desperately praying that it was finally time for them to make their escape.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Hollywood Flashback

Michael recently sent in another set of vintage Age Play/ LG pics. Michael was unable to provide any info on these pics (names, dates etc.) If anyone can identify the subjects and shed some light on the origins of these pics, please comment below or send me an e-mail.

Update: Thanks to Dick for tentatively identifying our mystery Age Players. He also says these are likely publicity shots from movie studios.
Lila Leeds, probably taken taken in the 1940s
Rita Hayworth, from the movie "You'll Never Get Rich" (1941)
Mary Carlisle, probably 1930s
Joan Blondell, 1932
Sheila Terry, 1933
Not sure, but I think it's Anne Francis (probably 1950s, judging by the babydoll nightgown)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Au Revoir Naughty Diaper Girls

I got some sad new from Clare at Naughty Diaper Girls this morning:

I have had Naughty Diaper Girls up for about 7 years now. It was suggested by the ABDL community and I got a lot of good guidance and feedback.  I really had fun with the site but I'm too busy to really keep up the quality. The models have rocked. Once in a while we got a model who felt compelled to tell you and show you she wasn't into the fetish and that was the only time I'd shoot her. I liked working with the open-minded girls, obviously, and there are so many. Spanking models were great on Naughty Diaper Girls. My plan is to run the site with updates for the next month or so (mainly featuring Odette Delacroix) and then it will remain online as a non-updating site but with YEARS of content for anyone who wants to join. Thanks for the years of support and if you're a current member enjoy at least six more weeks of updates!

I, for one, am sorry to see you go Clare-- NDG is a really fun, unique page with tons of great content starring some of the most beautiful, sexy models in the industry. I'm going to miss the updates. On top of being an absolutely adorable Adult Baby, you were one of the best mommies in the business, and I'm really going to miss your stern, sexy, and often very funny approach to the material.
Good Luck with everything you do in the future from your friends at Babes In Diapers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real Life Stories Of Rectal Temp Taking

Anyone into sexy girls getting spanked should check-out Spanked Sweeties, where your favorite fetish models discuss their spanking histories and experiences in intimate detail, then re-create a few of those memories with some of the most popular tops in the industry.

Here we see something a little different... in this clip, the lovely Paris Kennedy (always a favorite around these parts) tells the story of how she tried to play sick... only to have her mother call her bluff in the most embarrassing way possible! Then watch as Paris re-creates the scene with the devious Clare playing her mother.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pampers And PJ's: The Return Of Bridgette Redheart!

(For more awesome spanking and ageplay art check out SpankingToons on Tumblr!)

Let's check in on our old friend Bridgette Redheart and see what she's been up to since the last time we saw her:

The following pics are from a new series currently being produced on commission. Click here for info on commissioning your own custom art from SpankingToons.

Check out a few non-Bridgette pics from SpankingToons:

Miku is another of SpankingToons original characters-- you can check out her further adventures on ST's Tumblr.
If you enjoyed this feature, feel free to check out part one of my story Mommy Dearest which features an illustration by SpankingToons (and part two is coming really soon guys, I swear.) You can also check out his contributions to my Diaper Pins art collection (including an exclusive Bridgette drawing, unavailable anywhere else.)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Miley's Fuzzy Diaper Fashion Statement

Miley Cyrus is becoming quite the fixture around here these days: discussion over exactly what the naughty pop-star meant when she declared herself an "Adult Baby" on Ellen while back has been a hot topic of conversation in the ABDL community for quite some time now. The debate rages on... now JT's sent in some more fuel for the fire: Check out this article her appearance on Good Morning America sporting what the Daily Mail called a pair of "racy tight white briefs"-- or, as some of the more observant posters in the comments section referred to them, "furry diapers." You can take a look at some of the pics below (along with some of the choicer responses from the comments section):

"Who knew that high-waisted furry diapers were the next big thing? Oh. Well, someone should tell her."
"I´m glad my favourite artists doesn´t need to wear a diaper or make stupid 'sexy' dances to catch the attention of the media..."
"So fuzzy diapers are the new in thing? Oh right - mink, for the new kardash-west kid. Miley's a bit old for them though."
"Giant diaper"
"So diapers are in fashion these days? My grandma will be overjoyed!"
"All grown up...and still wearing diapers. Ugh!"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Diaper Dreams: Results

Thanks very much to all the women who've taken my diaper dream poll. I'm not entirely sure what shape this research is going to take yet (beyond vague notions of doing some kind of ABDL spin on Little Ego), but I very much appreciate all the help, especially those of you who took the time to describe your dreams. I promised a while back to share some of the more interesting results-- so here are a few of my favorites. If you see your response here and you'd like me to take it down let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

- A few...

Wetting the bed in the night and then forced to go out in it to a picnic of a friend of a friend. She notices how wet I get, says something then babies me in front of everyone else at the park and proceeds to changer out in the open.

Going to a costume party wearing diapers under my costume and then throughout the night using them. Falling asleep then waking up having people surrounded around me after realizing I was the one making a smell and changing me in front of everyone.

Being hypnotized via trigger words and losing all control. Both of my bodily functions and what escapes into my diaper, but still know everything that happens to me.

-In my dreams I get punished for acting childish, and the person punishing me says, if you're going to ACT like a baby, you should LOOK like a baby.

When I'm punished, my freedom is taken away- I am put in a crib or a playpen, I have to eat in a highchair, have to drink from a baba, or eat baby food.

-I'll start off saying that when I do dream about diapers, as opposed to other subjects, it's because I was doing something diaper related before going to bed. Often RP-ing, or just running through short stories in my head, etc.

Mine are mostly hazy. Never did remember my dreams too well. Usually the highlights or bits and pieces. The parts I do remember are often the more humiliating and embarrassing bits... often messy diapers being pointed out and poked at/pushed in, stuff like that. Just making me feel it.... I'm... quite a naughty girl I suppose. Most of those messy bottoms are often from punishments.... or the occasional laxative I didn't know about.. usually how my fantasies go at least.

- I just last night had a diaper dream! In it I went to surprise my mom by going to stay with her for a few days at her house out in the country, only to find out my moms youngest sister (aka my aunt) already had her car parked in the driveway. Curious I used my key to sneak in and heard loud cries and the distinct sounds of spanking coming from my moms room. Sure enough I go in and see my aunt bent over my moms knee, naked from the waist down, being spanked with a large hair brush, and with a very yellow diaper hanging between her clenched thighs. It being a dream my mom simply looked up and gave me a warm smile before cheerily explaining that my aunt had been naughty and let her diaper leak. I then nodded in agreement before dropping my pants and asking if she could change me when she was finished.

-Being treated like a baby by a boyfriend, with no restraints and no limits. I would want to be a full baby, and treated as such, i.e. wearing baby clothes, being diapered, using baby items and furniture, presenting myself in public as a baby, having the bladder and bowel control of an infant.

-I have an infrequent dream about a facility where adults wearing diapers can go to be changed by an attendant.

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