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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weather Report Girl: The Final Desperation

Big thanks to Mark for tracking this one down-- the final (as far as I know) Weather Report Girl laxative desperation scene (view our other entries on the series here and here.) It's definitely the most broadly comic version of the scene, and nether the desperation or the result is as satisfying as the scenes from the manga, anime, or live action movie-- however, the victim is cute and you do get to see her sitting on the toilet at the end, so I'm sure it'll appeal to some of you:

So which version was your favorite: the first manga scene, the second manga scene, the anime adaptation, the scene from WeatherWoman Returns, or the live action TV adaptation? Personally, I'd love to mix and match the elements-- the victim from WeatherWoman Returns in the scenario from the anime (with the devious Keiko furiously masturbating as she watches her poor rival writhe and squirm in desperation), and the more graphic elements of the first manga-- all leading to Keiko getting a taste of her own medicine toward the end!

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