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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rimes with "Messy"

(I'm going to try and get things back on track this month, both with the Doctor Smiley/Mister Daddy story and the media project (which is long overdue for an update-- sorry to everyone who's sent something that hasn't been posted yet.) Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks to everyone who's bought a copy of Diaper Pins thus far, it's greatly appreciated.)
Did popular Country and Western artist LeAnn Rimes have a little accident at Miami Fashion Week? This picture recently appeared on both Exposarazzi and The Superficial, who are both chalking the mysterious brown stain on the back of Ms Rimes' skirt up to "anal leakage." Of course, there could be another explaniation... but you have to admit, the size and placement of the stain certainly makes it look like she may have "gambled and lost..."  Did LeAnn load her pants, or is it a load of crap? Let us know what you think.

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