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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mommy Dearest Chapter One

Something a little different for today:
This is the beginning of a new, five part story; each chapter will feature a brand new illustration by one of your favorite artists. I'm offering this on a payment optional basis: at the end of every installment will be a donate button. How much or how little you pay is up to you (the suggested donation is $2.50 Canadian.) All money gathered will be put toward commissioning art for future installments (with any extra going toward more publications, clips, and, if there's demand, projects like this.)

 So, without further ado, please enjoy part one of:


Our first illustration is by Spankingtoons. Visit his Tumblr for more great spanking and age play art. Feel free to re-post this picture, but please don't remove the watermarks (and please provide a link back here if possible.)

“That’s the last straw, young lady!” Krystal said, tugging her step daughter across her knee and pinning her, kicking and screaming, in place over her lap.
     “You can’t do this to me, you bitch!” Chloe spat, struggling and fighting like a wildcat— as embarrassing as it was to get hauled across someone’s lap and spanked at age 18, it was even worse when it done by someone who was barely older than she was. The fact that the someone in question was Krystal, her hated stepmother, the gold-digger who’d tricked her father into marrying her, was the final indignity.
     “Let her go, you psycho!” screeched Carrie, Chloe’s twin sister. The relationship between the sisters and their stepmother had always been antagonistic… but it had never gone past the level of strong, mutual dislike before now.
     Even Krystal knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that she was going too far this time… but her head was throbbing, she was still hung-over from the Christmas party the night before, and she’d quickly grown tired of her snotty little stepdaughters and their constant, smart-alecky remarks. When Chloe had commented on her stepmother’s haggard condition, Krystal had simply snapped.
     “You’ve had this coming for a long time, you bitchy little brat!” She snarled, delivering a rapid-fire series of swats through Chloe’s skirt, quickly warming her well toned hiney. The girl kicked and squawked, her long legs flailing behind her. Carrie could only look on in horror, frozen in place at the sight of her sister getting her bottom warmed.
     “Spoiled, mouthy, disobedient little rat!” Krystal emphasized each word by clapping her palm against Chloe’s backside. Dissatisfied with her stepdaughter’s reaction, she hiked up Chloe’s skirt and pulled down her panties, revealing her already pinkened tushy. Carry gasped—she could only cover her mouth in shock and anguish as she watched her twin getting her bare butt paddled, her embarrassment increasing when she realized that watching Chloe kick and squeal her way through a spanking was like she was watching herself get her bottom warmed.
     Krystal knew she was going over the line as she was doing it… knew that if Gerald ever found out she’d spanked his darling little daughters that she might be the next in line to get a paddling… but once she’d started, she couldn’t stop herself—the twins were always so smug and snide, always so quick with a witty little put down, and never giving her the respect she was due! This spanking was a long time coming, she decided, raining swats down on Chloe’s bare bum, gleefully making her cheeks sting and wobble.
     She maintained a steady pace, swatting the adorable, jiggling backside before her with gusto, careful to spread her swats out across the entire surface of Chloe’s plump little buns so that they remained a perfectly matching set as the pale flesh slowly turned red. Chloe alternately growled and sobbed, at once furiously angry and so ashamed she wanted to crawl into a hole. It was devastating to the girl’s pride to be punished in such a childish manner… especially considering that she was 18 now, legally an adult, and much too old for this kind of treatment.
     Chloe could only kick and squeal, the prickling sting building to an intolerable level. The spanking wasn’t just embarrassing, it hurt, and she frantically kicked her long, dancer’s legs in the air, her buns jiggling and reddening behind her. At last, Krystal shoved her from her lap, and Chloe tumbled to the floor onto her tender butt with her legs sticking awkwardly out in front of her. “YYYEEEWWWOO!” she cried, leaping up and launching into a desperate war dance, hopping from foot to foot and rubbing her glowing ass, howling and whooping like a scalded cat. Krystal delivered a searing, open-palmed swat to her bare rump.
     “Into the corner, you little brat,” she growled, starting to get into the role of disciplinarian. I could get used to this, she thought with a self-satisfied smirk, watching Chloe waddle into the corner with her panties around her ankles. “Hands on your head—I want to see that red little tushy.” She grinned as Chloe complied with a sniffle, the act of raising her arms raising the back of her skirt to reveal her bare bottom, red and sore and swollen. Even Carrie had to snicker at how silly her sister looked, skirt hiked up, panties at half-mast, her bottom shiny and red and plump like an apple… she did look wonderfully infantile.
     Her delight was short lived: Without a word, Krystal took Carrie by the hand and hauled her across her lap with a surprised squawk. “Hey, what the—OW!” she cried, the first open-palmed spank landing on the seat of her skirt. Like Chloe, she was given a brisk warm up over her clothes before she found her skirt pulled up and her panties hauled down to her knees.
     Now it was Carrie’s turn to kick and howl, bare bottomed over her stepmother’s lap as Krystal spanked her butt without mercy. The tingling sting soon built up into a scorching heat, and Carrie squalled and struggled, her legs scissoring in the air behind her.
     From the corner, Chloe peeked over her shoulder. Her eyes were still blurry with tears, but she could make out her twin, struggling across Krystal’s lap, blushing anew when she realized it was like watching the instant replay of her own childish punishment. She groaned and returned her nose to the corner—seeing how babyish and silly Carrie looked, kicking and squealing her way through a spanking, brought the sting of her own humiliation roaring back to her.
     Krystal rained blows upon her stepdaughter’s vulnerable, bare tushy in a slow, even rhythm, savoring her squeals and cries of humiliation… the little brats had truly been asking for this from the day she’d met them, and giving it to them was a wonderful feeling, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders—she’d finally put the twins, smug, smart-assed banes of her life, firmly into their place. They wouldn’t doubt her authority after this.
     With tears stinging her eyes, Carrie stewed in her outrage and humiliation. At first she’d gritted her teeth, trying to ride it out stoically. But as Krystal’s assault on her pale, plump bottom continued, she found herself crying out and hissing through her teeth involuntarily, and Carrie was beginning to feel like she was sitting on a stove.
     Soon she was thrashing and kicking wildly, but Krystal easily forced her down and pinned her in place, grinning gleefully as she delivered what was, in her opinion, a fair punishment well deserved. “Lay still and take your medicine, you little brat,” she said sternly, tightening her grip on Carrie’s writs and increasing the pace of the spanking.
     At last, Krystal unleashed one last barrage of spanks before dumping Carrie unceremoniously onto the floor. “Corner. Now,” she ordered, sending Carrie off to join her sister with a blistering smack. She squealed and waddled over as quickly as her lowered panties would allow her and took up a position in the corner next to Chloe. The twins stood side by side, sobbing and sniffling, their bottoms shiny and red. Krystal looked over with a smirk… I wish I’d thought of this when I first moved in, she thought smugly, and she took a long moment to watch Chloe and Carrie cry softly to themselves and shuffle uncomfortably in the corner, their formerly pale little moons blazing bright pink. Krystal smiled, savoring their humiliation and delighting in the warm glow of their well-spanked tushies.
     “Now you two can stay there for the next hour,” she said, rising and walking briskly from the room. “I’m going for a jog and then a swim,” she said breezily. She stopped and turned: “Don’t go anywhere,” she said, voice dripping with smug condescension.
     The twins waited until she’d gone, then turned to each other, tears still in their eyes. “OK, that’s it,” said Chloe, dabbing away some errant tears, “she has got to go.”

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