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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lost & Found: Weather Report Girl Volume Eight

Some of you may remember our previous post about Japan's Weather Report Girl (AKA Weatherwoman), and specifically the series' reliance on laxatives employed as a weapon of public humiliation. Now Nolan (via Wetset) has sent in the previously missing desperation scene from volume eight of the manga. This time it's main character Keiko who gets a taste of her own medicine, suffering the consequences of a laxative-laced cup of tea-- on live TV!  These pages are, sadly, untranslated-- anyone who can provide one for us will be rewarded. (Note: the panels are laid out in the original Japanese format and should be read right to left.You can download all of volume eight here.) The original poster at Wetset also notes that the elusive Weather Report Girl live action series (which features a laxative desperation scene of it's own) appears to be available now on DVD-R and CDR (volume 1, volume 2.) Again, anyone who helps us track down this scene will be rewarded.

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