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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Diaper Dreams

Checking out DJ Black's excellent spanking site A Voice In The Corner recently, I ran across this lovely short story about a woman's kinky spanking dream, and it set me thinking: how many people here have diaper dreams?

And since I'd like to shamelessly steal pay homage to Mr. Black's story in one of my own stories at some point, I've created a new poll at Mister Poll to gather some thoughts from you good readers on the matter. The poll itself is open to women only but males are free to browse the results (all information gathered is strictly anonymous.)

So how about it, ladies? Ever had a diaper dream you wanted to come true? Or maybe one you pray you never see fulfilled? Please take the time to fill out the poll... your participation is greatly appreciated!


  1. Hey, just wanted to know how the dreams data was coming along. I for one wrote in my latest diaper dream and was wondering if we'd get to read the others (Anonymously of course)

  2. I think you can read them by clicking "download the results" on the results page.

    1. Ah... turns out that only the person what started the poll has that option... I hadn't planned on posting them, but I don't see the harm (the poll is 100% anonymous anyway.) Maybe I will after I get a few more...