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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Doctor Smiley and Mister Daddy Chapter Five

Just a short one to get back on track before I start wrapping it up. I'm still pretty burned out, but things have slowed down here a bit, hopefully I can get back into my groove this week.

As always, please let me know what you think.

The tranquil still of the air in the study was rudely interrupted by a sudden and quite noisy fart. Doctor Smiley looked up from his papers to the spot on the carpet in front of his desk where Constance was playing. She was on all fours with her heavily diapered butt pointed at him, and he could hear her grunting quietly to herself. Smiley checked his watch… almost exactly ten minutes since she’d finished her lunch. He turned and watched her nappy starting to inflate under her rubber pants. Constance made a small noise, a gurgling cramp stabbing her in her belly, followed by an involuntary surge of poop into her pampers with a mucky squish. She blushed, the warm, gooey mess spreading thickly across her buttocks and filling her crack. But she’d discovered there was little point in even trying to hold back anymore—all her efforts to control her bowels and bladder over the past few days had only led to embarrassment, as even her most heroic efforts to control herself had led to a wet and/or messy diaper.
     So she grunted quietly to herself, straining to fill her diaper, unleashing a strong gush of pee in the process, turning the mess into a hot, muddy slurry in her nappy.
     Dr. Smiley just watched with quiet satisfaction as adorable little Constance grunt and strain, filling her diaper with a ghastly loud farting sound. It had only been a couple of days since He’d dosed Constance with Liquid Incontinence, and as with Jasmine, the results had been almost immediate… and exactly what he’d wanted. By the end of the first day, he carefully explained to the tearful Constance that he’d work round the clock looking for the cure, and that he planned to keep her on staff… although not as a maid (since he couldn’t run the risk of having her nappies leak all over the place, he explained.) Her new position would be much simpler, and would make it much easier to take care of her…. and allow him to watch her little diapered bottom as he worked.
     She finished with a sigh, and Smiley pretended he hadn’t noticed as Constance shot him a guilty glance over her shoulder… no mean feat considering the strong, poopy odor that had emerged. He knew she was torn, desperate to get out of her messy diaper but cringing at the embarrassment of having another soiled nappy changed (her second one that day), even as she was forced to admit that Daddy did manage to make diaper changes something to look forward to. She bit her lip and sat back, suppressing a groan as she felt the mess squish under her weight, warm mush filling every nook and cranny and spreading across her butt. She hated the thought of sitting in a messy diaper, but she wanted to prolong the moment of confession as long as possible, and spare herself the embarrassment, at least for a little while.
     Meanwhile, Dr. Smiley was watching with a satisfied smile. Constance was becoming more and more dependant and childish by the day. He watched her playing in her dirty nappy until the smell became unbearable. “Constance,” he said seriously, in his best ‘daddy’ voice. “Come here, please.”
     Reluctantly, she crawled across the rug toward him, already blushing guiltily. As bad as sitting in a messy diaper was, getting caught in one was even worse. She realized she must’ve stunk worse than she thought, and it had given her away. She crawled around the side of the desk until she was in front of him. Her bulging diaper-butt squished as she sat back between her heels, and she avoided his gaze. “Constance,” he said, “is there anything you need to tell me?”
     She swallowed and squirmed, her messy diaper squishing beneath her. She was desperate to get her dainty little bottom into a clean nappy, but the thought of admitting she’d had an accident to the sexy Dr. Smiley was just too embarrassing. She knew she was being stupid, knew that daddy had changed more of her diapers than she could count at this point… but she just couldn’t force herself to confess it to him… it was simply too shameful. “No, daddy,” she murmured softly.
    He cocked an eyebrow and shot her a knowing grin… Constance’s cheeks flared red and she instinctively dropped her eyes to the carpet, heart thudding in her chest. Her tummy fluttered, and she felt the icy hot prickle of embarrassment/arousal spreading across her entire body.
     She tried to go back to her toys; but her heart sank when she heard his voice behind her: “Constance,” he said sternly, “stand up, please.”
    With a heavy sigh, she rose to her feet and allowed Dr. Smiley to turn her around. He smiled when he saw the seat of her diaper, clearly bulging and sagging, a dark stain beginning to spread. Her mess couldn’t have been more obvious… but that didn’t stop him from reaching out and hooking a finger into the back of the nappy, then tugging the material away from her lower back to peer inside. “Oh yes,” he said clinically, the plump, pale heart of Constance’s bottom coming into view, along with the large, mushy mess smeared across her cheeks and the seat of the diaper.
     He delivered a sudden swat to her rear-end, squishing the mess against her. Constance gasped, blushing, the warm, gooey pile in her pants mushing against her bottom, wedging itself thickly in her butt-crack. “You silly girl,” he chided smirking, taking her by the arm and easing her across his lap spanky style. “How come you didn’t tell me?” he asked, gently rubbing and patting her messy diaper bottom. Constance wriggled in place, luxuriating in the sensation of his warp, strong lap beneath her and his broad, powerful hand rubbing her squishy diapered butt behind her.
    “Answer me, young lady,” he chided, delivering a sudden, medium powered swat to the seat of her nappy. Constance gasped… although it hadn’t hurt through the extra layers of padding, it had squished the mess even further against her. She shuddered and trembled as the warm mush spread finding new nooks and crannies to fill.
     “I—I donno…” she pouted truthfully. “I—I guess I was embarrassed…” she buried her face in the side of his leg… somehow, being forced to confess her embarrassment somehow made it even worse. He chuckled quietly to himself and delivered a series of swats to her upturned bottom. Constance squeaked and squealed and wriggled, but made no real effort to protest or escape. As yucky as it was, she had to admit it felt weirdly good. She hung across his lap, limp as a ragdoll, cooing and sighing to herself as Dr. Smiley gave her a playful spanking in her messy diaper.
      At last he finished, and Constance lay across his lap, sighing gently to herself as he stroked and patted the lumpy seat of her mushy diaper, a satisfied smile plastered across her face. To humble and submit herself before him, to be so powerless and weak and small, like a kitten he could fit in the palm of his hand, filled her with a warm contentment Constance had never known.
     At last, he let her climb to her feet—but only for a moment, before he scooped her up and gathered her into his lap. Constance gasped as she felt the warm pile in her diaper squish under her bottom. She was blushing furiously, but she still wrapped her arms around his neck and burrowed against his chest, listening to his heart-beat. He chuckled, sliding an arm around her and reaching around to pat her squishy bottom with the other.
     “That’s my girl,” he said softly, kissing her tenderly. “Just relax… You know I’ll take care of you, right?”
     “Yes…” she whispered, and felt herself letting go… because she knew it was true. Embarrassing as it was to be having ‘accidents’ at her age, she was shocked to discover she was unconcerned about it… because, she realized, she knew Dr. Smiley would be there to take care of it for her.
     He started rubbing her through the front of her diaper. Constance groaned and shifted, her loaded nappy squishing warmly under her rump. Spreading her legs with a soft sigh, she sat back in the doctor’s warm lap and allowed herself to be swept away by his gentle manipulations.


  1. I love this! there's the perfect amount of poop in each chapter which most authors don't seem to do right. great job!

    1. Ha! Thanks! I guess you might say it's my specialty...

    2. I love the story! Keep up the good work. Will we see anymore Humble games?

    3. I really don't know... when I do i'll post something here.