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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Doctor Smiley And Mister Daddy Chapter Four

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“You look sweet enough to eat,” he said when he saw her, and Jasmine smiled, hoping he really meant it.
     Her relationship with Edward was a strange but oddly satisfying one. During the day she did he errands and ran through her preparations, she appeared at the club three nights a week, and got home late. Edward was usually there when she arrived, an somehow he could just sense what she needed—if she was tired and achy, he’d give her a bath and a nice hot massage, followed by a fluffy nappy and a quiet evening of cuddling. If she was in a more lively mood (usually on her nights off) she was lovingly pampered with oils, lotions, and powders, (which often, but not always involved and orgasm or two), put on one of her nice (but loose fitting) outfits, and hit the town, her bulky diapered bum hidden (mostly) underneath. They’d go to dinner in some elegant, upscale restaurant (Jasmine had to admit it gave her a naughty thrill to wet her diaper while surrounded by such opulence) then out for some shopping, or maybe a walk or a carriage ride, then back to the apartment for a sexy nappy change before he put her to bed. It wasn’t a bad arrangement, even if it did mean wearing diapers overnight.
     Tonight he was running late… He came inside and quickly stripped her nude, then carried her to the bedroom and diapered her without ceremony… they’d have to hurry to make their reservations. Jasmine was disappointed, but only a little: she knew Daddy would make it up to her later. He insisted she share a nip of sherry with him before they left, and watched with an odd smile as she drained her glass.
     They took a carriage, though it wasn’t far. Jasmine didn’t mind—she loved to cuddle up with Edward in the back of a carriage, her diapered bottom so warm, the padding rubbing up against her most delightfully. Edward kissed and touched her gently the entire way, making her coo and mew softly. But just she was getting really steamy, they pulled up in front of the restaurant, and Jasmine had to hastily re-arrange her skirts and fix her hair as Edward opened the door and helped her out.
     She sat in a booth, sliding all the way over when Edward came in after her, trapping her between himself and the wall. Jasmine felt a sexy little thrill to be at his mercy.  Dinner was excellent, as always. Edward knew all the best places, and Jasmine always ordered the finest thing on the menu and stuffed herself. Tonight it was lobster and pasta, and Jasmine giggled at what a pig she was making of herself. But, as always, she’d saved room for dessert, and smiled lazily when Edward ordered her a dish of peach ice cream and a crème de menthe for himself. Jasmine burped lazily and patted her tummy. It was funny— she was sure she’d left room for ice-cream, but suddenly she felt quite full… a little nauseous, actually.
     Edward’s arm was around her shoulders, he leaned in to kiss her ear, but Jasmine was becoming quite uncomfortable… her stomach was cramping and she realized, to her embarrassment, that she was feeling the beginnings of an urge to move her bowels. Jasmine shifted in her seat, trying to move her bottom to a more comfortable position in the diaper, hoping she could suppress the urge until it went away.
    But to her horror, not only was the sensation not dissipating, it was getting stronger with each passing moment. Soon Jasmine was shifting and squirming awkwardly in her nappy pinned to her bottom hot, uncomfortable, and a sobering reminder of what would happen if she couldn’t control herself.
     “Darling? Are you alright?” Edward asked, knowing full well… The formula in her sherry had rendered Jasmine incontinent, and after the big meal she’d just put away, it was only a matter of time before she discovered that fact for herself.
     “Oh, yes,” she said, forcing a smile. “I’m just… anxious for dessert,” she said, her guts churning at the thought.
     He gave a deep, rumbling chuckle and leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Patience, pet,” he whispered, reaching down to rub the front of her diaper through her dress. She smirked, enjoying herself in spite of her discomfort.
     There was a sudden, involuntary trickle from her bladder. Jasmine’s eyes widened. She opened her mouth, but forced herself to stay silent, not wanting to embarrass herself in front of Edward. She strained, trying to stem the flow… but her efforts were in vain, as though the muscles just weren’t strong enough… the trickle became a squirt, which became a full-force gush, and she chewed her lip, glancing around nervously, praying that nobody could hear the telltale hiss of her bladder emptying into her thirsty diaper at full force.
     Edward grinned to himself, kissing her neck and subtly rubbing her through the front of her diaper. Not only could he hear Jasmine’s bladder emptying itself totally beyond her will, he could detect the sharp odor of her urine, growing stronger the more saturated the diaper beneath her squirming bottom became. Further, he could hear her bowels percolating inside her, smell her sweat, practically taste her desperation. Jasmine was about to have a big messy accident, it was only a matter of time. He felt his desire for her flare at the thought.
     At last, Jasmine reached her limit and began to squirm a bit. “Um, darling,” she whispered, “Um… could you move over so I could use the ladies room?”
     “Ladies room?” he whispered, flashing her a wolfish smile that made her feel two feet tall and frightfully aroused. “You’ve got your ladies room strapped to that cute little bottom of yours,” he said firmly, kissing her ear.
     She moaned, embarrassed, but also desperately turned on. She thought back to when she was a little girl—how she used to hold it as long as she could, savoring the sweet torment…
     She made one last, half-hearted attempt to get past him, and was secretly thrilled when he simply held her in place… she felt confined, imprisoned… but somehow his sweet kisses and gentle murmurs made it alright.
     She felt a sharp cramp in her side—without warning, her back passage opened; a strong surge of mush blorped out of her with a gassy accompaniment, settling thickly into the seat of her nappies. Her jaw dropped, her eyes bulged, and Jasmine felt her face growing very warm.
     Edward smiled and continued nibbling her ear, stifling a laugh when he heard another messy, gassy bubbling sound from her diaper, followed by a startled gasp from Jasmine. The formula seemed to have done its job perfectly, rendering her totally unable to control her bladder or bowel movements.
     “Are you alright, darling?” he asked, somehow maintaining a straight face.
     She stared at him, mouth open, not even knowing where to begin. “I…”
     “Here we go,” said the waitress, arriving at the most awkward moment to deliver the dessert. Edward thanked her and asked for the check… Jasmine stared at the peach ice cream, her stomach rolling, vividly aware of the warm pile in her diaper. Edward took a sip of his drink and looked at her expectantly. “Dig in, honey,” he smiled. Jasmine blushed and squirmed, the gooey mess squishing around in her diaper.
     “Oh… um… I’m really not hungry anymore,” she whimpered, squirming around on her bottom, trying to find a more comfortable position. It was all in vain… the mess was gooey and slimy and had mushed thickly between her buttocks and across her cheeks. Worse, her stomach was still fluttering inside her… she was sure she’d have another accident if she kept eating.
     “Don’t be silly,” Edward admonished laughingly. He spooned up a big blob of ice cream and shoveled it into her mouth. Jasmine chewed and swallowed as quickly as she could… the ice cream was rich and delicious and practically guaranteed to exacerbate her loose bowels.
     She tried to protest, but he simply continued to shovel ice-cream into her mouth at irregular intervals, giving her plenty of time to swallow. The cold, sticky cream overfilled her mouth, smeared her lips and dribbled down her chin.
     Midway through the bowl, she felt another cramp. Her anus dilated beyond her control, her attempts to squeeze it shut woefully inadequate—her bowels voided with a nasty, bubbly fart. Hot, gooey mud came pouring out of her backside and settled wetly in her diaper. Edward took advantage of her shocked expression to spoon some more ice cream into her mouth.
     “Isn’t that good, darling?” he smiled, spooning a little more into her mouth. Jasmine flashed him a wan smile, vividly aware of the warm, gooey mess in her nappy.
     Soon the ice cream was gone, and Jasmine let out a groan, her belly stuffed, her face smeared with ice cream, and her pants full of poop. “Wasn’t that yummy, sweetie?” he asked, counting their payment out on the table.
     In response, Jasmine could merely groan, pumping out another gush of mushy poop accompanied by a sizable fart. She reddened, feeling herself lifted as the mess spread out across her buttocks. If Edward had noticed, he didn’t say anything. She looked around frantically to see if anyone was staring. She gave a couple of sniffs to see if there was any smell, turning pale when she realized there was a faint but noticeable poopy odor wafting out of her messy diaper… she was going to have to avoid getting too close to Edward or risk having him find out she’d loaded her diaper.
     “It’s such a nice night,” he said when they were outside, taking her hand firmly. “Why don’t we walk home?”
     Jasmine nearly cursed out loud. Sure, in the confined space of a carriage it would be almost impossible to hide her dirty diaper. But the idea of walking back to her apartment in a squishy, poopy nappy wasn’t exactly appealing either (especially considering I might still have more in me, she thought miserably as her tummy gurgled.) She squirmed and struggled and half heartedly begged him to get a cab. But Edward was insistent, and he tugged her off toward a string of shops.
     They ambled lazily through the storefronts, occasionally stopping so Edward could browse in the window. Jasmine tried to remain still, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. But the diaper was heavy and gooey and itchy and soon she was squirming and dancing in place uncomfortably. At last, Edward turned to her and whispered “are you OK, darling? You seem uncomfortable?”
     Jasmine shuddered, feeling two inches tall. “I just—I was sort of hoping we could take a carriage the rest of the way…” she said, trying to be subtle as she shifted from foot to foot nervously.
     “Oh, sweetie… do your little feet hurt?”
     She gave a sigh of relief… Thank god, a way out without having to explain myself.
     “Yes, Daddy,” she husked breathily, shooting him her best sad puppy eyes. “These new shoes of mine are just a little too tight and…”
     “Well,” he said, reaching out toward her. “How about I just carry you the rest of the way?”
     “Nooo! That is… I… uh…” But Jasmine couldn’t think of an excuse, and before she knew it, Edward swept her up into her arms, slipped one hand underneath her to hold her up (squishing her massively messy diaper against her and making her gasp), and placed her against his hip, holding and carrying her just like she was a real baby. It was like she was weightless in his arms, and Jasmine frantically wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to think of a protest, but nothing came to mind. So she simple clung to him, blushing at the sensation of her poopy diaper squishing up against her, as he carried her slowly down the streets as easily as a toddler, occasionally stopping to browse in the shop windows.
     She rested her head against his shoulder, embarrassed and uncomfortable, but not in a position to do or say anything about it. People walked by staring, and Jasmine nearly died when she saw one or two crinkle their noses suspiciously when they passed. She buried her face into daddy… It was just so embarrassing!
     They stopped in front of a toy store. Edward spotted a beautifully carved rocking horse, painted up all nice and shiny. “Maybe I could get you a rocking horse like that,” he whispered to her, kissing her gently on her head. “Would you like that?”
     Through the tears leaking slowly from her big brown eyes, Jasmine looked at the horse and found herself smiling at the thought. With the stress of everything that had happened to her, she hated to admit it, but being able to just go back to playing with her toys and forget her stress sounded wonderful. She grinned widely. He kissed her neck, and Jasmine melted into him. She spent the rest of the walk home dozing in daddy’s arms, with a lazy smile on her face and a hot, mushy load in her pants.

     They finally arrived back at the apartment, Jasmine napping lightly in Edward’s arms. He awoke her with a kiss on the forehead. “Les get that messy dydee changed darling,” he said.
     Jasmine blushed and squirmed, her poopy diaper squishing beneath her bottom. The thought of getting a dirty nappy changed was a relief, but the idea of Edward seeing her bottom all smeared with poop made her prickle with embarrassment.
     Ignoring her protests, he took her into the bathroom and pealed her messy diaper off. Jasmine covered her face, not wanting to see his reaction when her brown-smeared buttocks came into view.
     But Edward said nothing, mealy commenced cleaning her off a bit before getting her into the tub. In the warm water, he gave her a though scrub-down, which Jasmine found herself quite enjoying. She sighed and reclined, letting the hot water soak away her troubles, at least for the moment. She tried to put the embarrassing evening out of her mind, but it nagged away at her… what if it wasn’t an isolated incident? How would she work? She couldn’t perform if she couldn’t control her bodily functions (she pictured herself on stage in her corset and fishnets with a huge, bulging diaper on the bottom and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.)
     “It’s alright, darling,” he whispered, his breath hot and moist on the back of her neck. “You don’t have to worry about anything, my love—I’m going to take care of you from now on.” He took the cloth and started working it between her legs. Jasmine let out a long, breathy sigh. “That’s it… all you have to do is let me take care of you. Will you do that for me, babykins?” He rubbed between her legs with the washcloth, making her chew her lip. “Hmm? Will you let me take care of you? And make sure you’re safe? And powder you and put you in your diapers?”
     “Oooh,” she groaned. “Y-y-yes…”
     He smiled and slowed. “Yes what, darling?”
     She blushed and whispered quietly, forcing herself to look at him. “Yes, daddy…”
     He grinned and masturbated her to a steamy climax.