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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Doctor Smiley And Mister Daddy: Chapter Two

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(Pedantic alert: Yes, I am aware that 'I Wanna be Loved by You' is from the 1928 musical "Good Boy"... I tried to find an appropriate Victorian Bawdy song, but they were all a bit too Bawdy, so I decided to go with something a little cuter. Please excuse the anachronism.)


Chapter One


He tried to nap, but he could only lay awake, thinking, his mind a writhing snake-pit of images… Constance, Amanda, even a few other women that he knew—helpless, infantilized, diapered, and firmly in his care.  He imagined thickly swaddled bottoms crawling across the floor of his study… the delightful scents of beautiful adult women enjoying a second infancy…
     At last he couldn’t take it anymore… grabbing his hat and coat, he stalked out into the cool evening.

     His first stop was the medical supply warehouse he frequented. He selected a small array of lotions, creams, oils and powders, then an armload of adult nappies and rubber pants used in retirement homes and asylums.
    Working the till was a comely, red-headed beauty named Jill, whom Smiley had known, in a small way, for quite some time now. She smiled strangely as she rang up his purchases— “you opening up a rest home, doc?”
     “I’m going to be looking after some patients with some… special needs,” he said smoothly. He found himself staring as Jill tallied the items, studying her pouty red lips, just made for kissing… her body was a work of art, even in her modest clothing, and he studied her supple neck and full, heavy breasts. Again, he was intoxicated by her scent, practically salivating at the sweetly-sour smell of her perfumes and body odors. He took several deep breaths, trying to get himself under control, but it was no use. In his mind, he could see himself vaulting the counter and scooping Jill up into his powerful arms. He’d carry her into the back, stripping her clothes off as they went. She might resist at first, but after being anointed with some oil and powder, he was sure she’d settle in for a nice, long diapering…
     She reached up to scratch her nose, and Smiley deflated when he saw her engagement ring. Henry was suddenly wracked with guilt, hating himself for thinking and feeling this way. He felt like he’d been turned into some kind of animal…
     He grabbed his bags and quickly fled the building.

     The sun was down now, the streets filled with fog—Henry imagined himself a beast stalking the streets and alleys of the city. A thick fog had rolled in, and Henry started to feel more comfortable, hidden from view. The streets were crowded, and he paused here and there to watch the women moving through the streets, sometimes briefly following them, imagining what they’d look like if he had his way with them, their beautiful bodies wrapped up securely in thick, fluffy nappies while they cooed and gurgled helplessly…
     Smiley hurried off in no particular direction, deeper into the city.

     He heard the music first—somewhere in the distance, the throb of heavy base drums. He drifted towards it, the area growing seedier as he went. He wandered, drawn by the music, until he found himself in front of a smoky cabaret. He stood before it, wondering if he should go in, when he saw her.
     She gazed out from the promotional photo from over her shoulder, her eyes huge and black and doe-like, her hair black and lustrous. Her skin was olive colored, a just a little exotic—Henry judged she was from the continent, Italy, maybe, or Spain, or maybe even Greece. On her shoulder blade, a tattoo of a rose blazed, its color coming through, even in  the black and white photo, and Henry imagined what it would feel like to kiss it. Beneath her, a set of bold red letters announced her as Jasmine.
     Henry hurried inside.

     He pushed inside, through the smoke and arid stench of stale beer, past the raucous laughter of the dregs in the audience and took a table in the far corner of the room. A waitress came by and he ordered a whiskey. “Is… have I missed Jasmine?” he asked, trying not to look at her.
     She flashed a wicked smile. “You got here just in time, sir… she’s on next!”
     He tried to settle in, sipping his whiskey. It was cheap and bitter, but he drank it anyway, hoping to dull the enhanced senses that were slowly driving him insane. He watched the act on stage (a pair of nude female jugglers) finish their act and scamper off to the sound of enthusiastic applause. An announcer in pancake make-up came out:
     “And now, ladies and gentleman, for your listening and dining pleasure, my we present to you our own silver-voiced chanteuse, the saucy  songbird who makes you salivate, give it up for Jasmine!”
     Henry politely applauded with the rest, then watched her step out onstage, he body wrapped in a long, silky cloak of some kind. The spotlight followed her to center stage, and the applause slowly died down. Henry was drawn to her face, the finely chiseled features, so delicate and soft, topped with those amazing eyes, like dark pools of water.
     She slipped the cloak over her shoulders in a sudden move, and her body was revealed, poured into a sheer corset that amply revealed and enhanced her cleavage, her legs encased in black fish-nets, and nothing down below but a pair of sheer, see-through panties ( she turned, Henry could see her butt-crack clearly through the seat and felt himself stiffen.) She looked over the audience with a certain air of arrogance… Henry could tell she thought she didn’t belong here, and he was inclined to agree. The thought of one as dainty and lovely as her forced to work in a placed like this wounded him on the inside. He wanted nothing more than to wrap Jasmine up in his arms and never let her go…
     She waited for the hall to quiet, and finally, when you could hear a pin drop, she started to sing:
I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I wanna be kissed by you
just you and nobody alse but you
I wanna be kissed by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I couldn't aspire
to anything higher
and to feel the desire
to make you my own.
Badum badum bee doodily dum ! Boo !

I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I couldn't aspire
to anything higher
and to feel the desire
to make you my own.
Badum badum bee doodily dum ! Boo !

I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you
Ba deedily deedily deedily dum
Boo boo bee doo !
     Smiley was enraptured, his heart snared by her warbling… the entire world dropped away, and for one long moment it was like she was singing to him and him alone. He tried to imagine her scent… and how she would look in a big diaper…

     It took a long discussion with the manager  and no small amount of money, but Henry was finally able to talk his way backstage. He found her door and knocked politely, his heart thundering in his chest. He had no idea what he was going to do or say… he clutched his bags in his hands nervously.
     “Come in!”
     She sat with her back to him, touching herself up in the mirror, a thin, silk robe draped over her petite figure. She eyed him curiously in the mirror. “Who might you be?” she demanded coolly in lightly accented English. Smiley wasn’t the first smooth talker to make his way back stage to proposition Jasmine for a quickie, often with offers of cash, like she was some kind of whore.
     He took off his hat. “Just an admirer,” he said in a clear confident voice. “I thought your performance was lovely.” She snorted derisively.
     “And what have you got in the bags, mister admirer? Presents for me?” for the first time she turned to look at him directly. He chuckled, like it was a big joke.
     “Not exactly, no; I’m a doctor; they’re supplies for… an experiment I’m conducting. I was on my way back and I heard you singing. I wanted to meet you…”
     “And see if I up for a quick roll in the hay, is that it?” she demanded angrily.
     He smiled. “Actually, I wanted to see if you were free for dinner.”
     She stared at him suspiciously. “What did you say your name was, mister?”
     He smiled, only hesitating for a moment. “Call me Edward.”
     He took her to the nicest restaurant she’d ever been in. it was a fine meal, and Edward was great company, mostly… every once in a while, something strange would rear its head… when hear meal arrived, he asked her if she needed help cutting it (she assured him that she was fine), and he insisted on spoon feeding her the last couple of bites of her dessert when she said she’d had enough. He paid the check and left a hefty tip for the waitress (she noticed, with a small smirk, that he eagerly checked out her butt as she walked away.)
     He flagged down a carriage and asked where she lived. She ruefully admitted that she shared an apartment near the theater with a couple of other girls from the cabaret. He tutted: “That will never do.”
     He stopped at a newsstand first, scanned the classifieds in earnest. She tried to see what he was doing, but she still had problems reading in English. Finally he looked up: “Perfect!”
     He gave the driver a set of instructions, a relatively nice area not too far from the cabaret. A hotel, maybe?
     They got out in front of an upscale apartment building. It was late, but the manager was more than happy to listen to Edward’s proposal, and in moments they were inside a wonderful, fully furnished two bedroom, two bathroom flat with a fireplace in the living room.  “What do you think?” he asked.
     “It’s very nice, Edward,” she said, not fully understanding what was going on.
     “I’m glad you think so,” he said, handing her the keys, “it’s all yours.”
     She gaped at him, disbelieving. She swallowed, containing her excitement. “What do you want?” she asked quietly, looking down at her shoes. He put a finger under her chin, tilted her head back so he could gaze into those amazing eyes, so big and dark, her lashes so long and luscious.
     “Only you,” he said, bending down to kiss her wetly, “all of you. Now and forever.”
     He quickly relieved her of her dress and undergarments and studied her naked body in the firelight. He hoisted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.
     He deposited her, naked and jiggling, face-down onto the bed, and Jasmine prepared herself for sex. The tattoo gleamed brightly on her back, and he bent down and pressed his lips to it, making her moan.
     He kissed her between her legs, licking and tickling, his tongue probing and tasting. He took hold of her buttocks, squeezing and massaging her plump cheeks. She gave a cry of surprise and delight when she felt his tongue on her delicate anus… Edward had seems so civilized and repressed when she’d first seen him, she never knew that he’d be so… animalistic…
     She shivered and sighed, quickly slipping into a haze of sexual bliss.

     “Mmmm…. That was amazing, she sighed, stretching out on her back.
     He smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.
     He moved toward her, and for a moment Jasmine thought he was going to kiss her. She was surprised when he rolled up his sleeves and motioned for her to turn over on her stomach. She slowly complied, turning her bare bum to the ceiling and watching over her shoulder as he retrieved a bottle of oil from the bag, which he began spreading out over her back. She murmured and sighed, luxuriating in the tender massage.
     He poured a line of oil right down the center of her butt-crack, drawing a squeal, followed by a groan as he worked it into her wriggling tushy. Jasmine groaned and wiggled her hips, rubbing her quickly stiffening bud against the bedspread. Soon she glistened and gleamed all the way down to her feet (he tickled and teased them, making her chortle and squirm.)
     He dusted her with powder, paying special attention to the glistening hillocks of her plumb backside. Jasmine oooed and ahed and wriggled her toes excitedly. It was so strange, but it felt just wonderful… she had a sudden urge to suck her thumb.
     He turned her onto her back, repeating the entire process on the front, playing with her nipples and tickling her tummy, before he started working the oil into her sopping pussy. He powdered her front, and she started having visions of being prepared for some sort of ritual.
     “I want you to lie very still,” he said taking the diaper and unfolding it. She suppressed a smile and forced herself to lie still, sure she was in for another round of steamy sex.
     She felt something thick being tugged up tightly between her legs, pressed up against her crotch in a most delightful way. She felt her hips being enfolded tightly. Stunned, she looked up just in time to see him fastening the pins, trapping her in the diaper.
     “What? But… why?” she stammered, blushing shamefully as he tugged the rubber pants up her legs. He reached out and began to rub her tummy reassuringly.
     “Think of it as a symbol,” he said. “It represents how much I love you, and how much I care for your well-being.” He bent down and lay on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. “I’m here to care for you now, sweetie,” he said, nuzzling her neck. Jasmine sighed, her heart throbbing in her chest. “You belong to me… and I accept the responsibility of you and your well being.”
     Jasmine knew she should be horrified, in fact part of her was… but mostly she felt touched. What he was saying was frightening, but there was also such comfort in it—she wondered to herself if she could really let it go, let everything go and just place herself in this man’s care.
     “Do you trust me to do that?” he asked, kissing her neck. Jasmine responded with a long, affirmative moan.
     “Good girl,” he said, quickly pulling himself off her. Taking her hand, he pulled her into a sitting position. “Let’s get a good look at you,” he insisted, helping her up to her knees. Jasmine’s cheeks were shiny and red, but Edward laughed and tickled her under the chin, making her squirm.
     “Show Daddy, how you crawl,” he commanded gently. “I want to see how your little diaper bottom looks.”
     Hesitantly, Jasmine complied, lowering herself to her hands and knees and crawling around on the bedspread, the massively padded nappy waggling lazily in the air behind her. He chuckled and reached out to pat her thickly diapered rump, making her blush… Jasmine felt for all the world like a giant, overgrown baby.
     “What a good girl,” he said, quietly, mesmerized by the sight of this lovely, mature, womanly woman wrapped up in a huge diaper. Jasmine looked over and saw his erection bulging against the front of his pants. Grinning wickedly, she crawled over and un-zipped his fly, reaching in to free his rock-hard penis (her eyes bulging with delight when she saw how huge it was. Grinning, she gave it a supple lick with her soft pink tongue; he sucked in a shaky breath as she took him into her mouth and started to gently suck, bobbing her head eagerly. Edward groaned, reaching out to stroke he long, black hair softly, enraptured by the sight of her diapered bottom wiggling ever so slightly as she gleefully sucked him to orgasm.


  1. I really like the story, it almost feels like your back in your element.

    Can't wait for more

  2. hey this is a fantastic story, I've been a huge fan of this site for a long time.. :)
    please keep it going!!
    also, do you plan on continuing your series of "Mama's Girl" or "Messy Jessie"? Those are my absolute favorite stories from you!!
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