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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Diaper Pins: On Sale Now!

An ABDL pin-up book featuring an all-star roster of your favorite artists!
Mama's Girl By Elven Dreamer (preview size)
 The mandate was simple: I asked the participants to deliver two pin-ups, each one based on some of your favorite Babes In Diapers stories, clips and comics:

And two all new, never before seen pieces by Pink Diapers

In addition, the book includes an all new story written by me, featuring SpankingToon's Bridgette Redheart in an embarrassing tale of very public ABDL punishment and humiliation... and accompanied by a new illustration by SpankingToons, exclusive to this volume.

Also included are the pin-ups from Power Princess (by Pink Diapers), Xara Slater (Elven Dreamer and Okokokayokay), and Little Miss Smarty Pants (by Elven Dreamer).

Prisoner Of The Mechanical Nursery by RFSwitched (preview size)
All of this is available now for just $3.50.

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