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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Must Be This Small To Ride...

(Just a quick one shot-- Let me know what you think!)
Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities (1991)

You Must Be This Small To Ride
“Me next!” Jenny pushed to the front of the small queue, elbowing past kids who were only about half her size. The curvy 18-year-old shoved her way to the front of the line, just in time for the small plastic horse to stop its gentle bucking. The little boy who had been perched on its back disembarked with the help of his mother, and Jenny smirked to herself, strutting lazily toward it. The plastic stallion stood quietly as Jenny inspected it—this ought to get his attention, she thought, swinging one long, lovely leg over the horse’s back and settling into the saddle, her plump, womanly buttocks just barely fitting into it.
     At the back of the line, someone’s mother piped up. “Young lady, you should be ashamed of yourself!” she scolded, shocked by Jenny’s behavior.
     “Cram it, ma’am,” Jenny said defiantly, slipping a quarter into the slot. The horse stirred to life, beginning his endless stationary gallop once more, gently rocking up and down, forward and back in imitation of a majestic steed dashing across the plains. Jenny smirked—her firm, ripe breasts swayed alluringly in time with the horses’ movements. The tight tank-top clung to her for dear life, seeming to almost mold itself to her, accentuating her body like it wasn’t even there. Likewise, her tight black pants seemed to have been painted on—every detail of her buttocks was visible through the fabric, and more than one man took a moment to hungrily study those beautiful, plump cheeks and the long, deep divide between them.
     Smugly smirking, supremely confident in her own sexy bodaciousness, Jenny shot a paralyzing grin across the floor to where the object of her desires stood behind a till and stared lustily at her. She got into her rhythm, rocking her hips lewdly in time with her plastic steed. “Mmmm… I feel like I’ve been ridden hard and put away wet,” she said, breaking into a naughty smile when he went pale. Those pants of his are starting to look a little tight in the crotch, she thought with a giggle. The parents waiting in line watched aghast, but what could they do except cover their little one’s eyes?
     A cool breeze from nowhere whistled through the store, whipping through the women’s hair and knocking off people’s baseball caps. Atop her mechanical fiberglass perch, Jenny shivered, her bare arms breaking out in goose-pimples. She tried to ignore it, but it was like an icy finger was trailing down the back of her neck, running the entire length of her spine right to the top of her butt-crack like a single, fat drop of water. Jenny felt a strange tightness in her stomach— but she pulled herself together, deciding to brass it out. So she continued her ride, noting with some satisfaction that her nipples were now poking out prominently against the fabric of her tank-top.
     Then she felt the strange crawling, like something slithering around her ankle; Jenny looked down, her eyes widening when she saw the cuff of her jeans creeping up her leg, over the calf, then the knee, and closing in on her creamy thighs. A quick glance to the left confirmed that it was happening on the other side as well. The horse was still rocking, her succulent body swaying in time, and Jenny could only watch helplessly as her tight, sexy jeans, which had cost her almost $100 just two weeks ago, shrunk first into shorts, then a pair of hot pants, and the rate of shrinkage didn’t seem to be slowing.
     It got stranger-- Jenny absently realized the panties she was wearing were extremely uncomfortable. Then she remembered she’d opted to go commando that morning (not wanting any panty lines under her body-hugging jeans.) Then what the hell am I feeling under here? she wondered to herself, shifting her rump experimentally in the plastic saddle. Whatever it was, it was hot—hot, and thick, and judging by the way it slipped and slid against the fabric of her pants, it seemed to have soft plastic on the seat…
     “No…” she said quietly, reaching down and touching her butt to check as discreetly as possible. She felt faint—a wave of dizziness and disorientation rose over her, and for a moment she felt faint. Jenny almost convinced herself it was all some sort of weird dream, like the ones where you turn up at school in your underwear… but no, it was all too real, the cool air, the gentle rocking of the mechanical horsey beneath her now padded and crinkling bottom…. No doubt about it—she was wearing a diaper… a gigantic, bulging diaper, poorly concealed by what was left of her jeans. This was no nightmare, she knew, feeling her brand new, $85 sandals turned into a pair of silky pink booties on her wriggling toes; it was sickeningly, horrifyingly real.
     Her jeans had crept all the way up her legs, right to the place where her thighs met her buttocks. Even the fabric was undergoing a metamorphosis, rough, black denim becoming soft, pink cotton with red hearts. The leg bands sprouted lacy frills, and the opening, ringed with elastic, sunk into her skin around the tops of her legs. She reddened, hearing the crowd giggle at her expense as a row of frills sprouted across the seat of her baby-pants, which now bulged at the rear and crotch from the still expanding diaper inside. People were starting to chuckle at her now, and Jenny, faint from her very public humiliation, could only clutch the plastic reigns with white knuckles, the diaper expanding beneath her like dough rising in the oven, and for a moment, she felt herself rising with it in the saddle.
     She felt a tickle near her belly-button; with a glance down, she realized her tank-top was unraveling from the bottom up, spools of white thread dropping uselessly to the floor until she was nearly naked. “Oh no!” she cried helplessly when she felt the fabric melting away from her back, leaving it bare and vulnerable. What was left of the shirt re-arranged itself around her neck and over her chest, until all that was left was a white bib that covered her nipples, just, as long as she held still—which of course was impossible when she was perched atop the galloping plastic stallion, her large, full breasts now mostly bare and jiggling delectably in time with the thundering of its artificial hooves.
     It had all happened so quickly she had hardly had any time to feel anything about her situation other than disbelief; but now, staring down at her bulging, ruffled butt so thickly swaddled in pampers, Jenny let out a squeal of fear and shame. She’d only wanted to have a little fun—she didn’t deserve this! She turned to the crowd, fearful, embarrassed tears running down cheeks that glowed like freshly polished apples. “Help me!” she pleaded, growing angry when her earnest plea was met with derisive laughter from a crowd that was clearly enjoying her comeuppance. Fuming impotently, she tried to curse them, but could only mumble around a large rubber nipple that had just appeared in her mouth.
     “Uuummaa hhuuucckk?!” she mumbled, crossing her eyes to see the pacifier that had appeared out of thin air in her mouth. Her hair started moving on its own, as though it was being manipulated by unseen hands. Before Jenny knew it, her long black mane was banded up in pigtails.
     By now Jenny had become an object of much interest, the laughter and catcalls of the original witnesses attracting shoppers from other parts of the store.  Before she knew it, Jenny was surrounded by gawkers. Ordinarily quite the little show off, and frankly a bit of an exhibitionist, Jenny was forced into the unique position being the center of attention and absolutely hating it. Sobbing at the humiliation of being seen with her hair up in pig-tails, sucking on a pacifier, with her delicate tushy swaddled up in pampers, Jenny decided she would give anything to be able to climb off her mount and run home to cry about it—but when she tried, she found she was unable to let go of the reigns… she was stuck, she realized with a cold stab of fear. Blushing, she looked over at Kevin, sobbing when she saw his disbelieving look. He was probably never going to talk to her again.
     She sniffled and gurgled around her pacifier, bouncing lazily along with the horse, looking ridiculous in her bulky diapers and pig tails. She felt a tickle down below her waist, felt the crotch of her diaper growing warm, the material beginning to expand and sag like she was…
     “Oh no!” she cried around her pacifier, the horror that she was pissing herself without control or warning slowly dawning. She continued her seemingly endless ride with a soggy diaper squishing under her gently bouncing butt. She crinkled her face in discomfort….. Could this get any worse?
     On cue, her bowels gurgled to life inside her. Oh my God, she prayed silently, not now, not here! But the stress of the last couple of minutes had really gotten her guts working, and Jenny was soon clenching her rump as best she could. But her position, straddling the horse as it thrust and throbbed beneath her diapered bottom, made it difficult. Her delicate buns were rubbing up against the seat of her hot, wet diaper, irritating the delicate skin, which wasn’t making it any easier to hold in her impending accident, nor was the gentle but incessant jostling of the horsey doing anything to sooth her raging bowels. Still Jenny clenched and squeezed and squirmed and shivered, determined not to humiliate herself any further.
     As it turned out, she had no choice in the matter. Jenny felt her body brace its booty-clad feet against the pegs the plastic nag had in place of stirrups—before she knew it she was standing as best she could, gripping the reigns as she lifted her butt out of the plastic saddle. Standing astride her steed with the ease of a trick-rider, pampered derriere stuck out toward the audience behind her, Jenny gave a scream from behind her pacifier as her body began pushing the load out into her diapers, totally against her will. Blushing tearfully, she heard herself grunt loudly, followed by a thick, gassy squelching. The first installment came out of her like a flatulent gunshot, hitting the back of her diaper like a fastball hitting a catcher’s mitt. Jenny tried to clamp her anus shut, but the muscles weren’t obeying her commands, and she let out a shocked and horrified groan as she felt huge, gooey mess ooze out of her and settle into the seat of her diaper, accompanied by a ghastly array of farts and squelches.
    Jenny squealed and cried, trying desperately to regain control, even though her diaper was growing heaver, saggier, and stinkier by the second. The folds and creases in the seat of her diaper puffed and stretched themselves out as poor Jenny continued to noisily fill her britches.
     For a moment she thought she was done—but she felt a sharp cramp in her side, and her bowels rumbled to life again. Jenny was helpless to do anything but brace herself and grit her teeth; she heard herself fart loudly before one final messy brown mudslide poured out of her and into the seat of her waiting pampers.
     Finally, it was over, but now Jenny had a new problem. She was still standing on the stirrups-pegs the seat of her bulky, padded (and now extremely messy)pampers  suspended in the air above the plastic saddle. She gripped the reigns and pressed her feet into the pegs, sinking her teeth into the rubber nipple. Jenny was determined to avoid sitting in her dirty diaper.
     But she was exhausted from the losing struggle to control her bowels, and the strain quickly proved too much for her. She fought with all her might, her legs shaking, sweat dribbling down her brow, the seat of her loaded diaper drooping behind her. But In the end, it was like the weight of the sagging diaper was too heavy for her, and Jenny plopped back into the saddle with a messy squish.
     “EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!” she cried, bursting into tears as she settled back into her rhythm, her hips rolling in time with the thrusts of the plastic stallion, her plump, firm buttocks kneading the mess inside her diaper into a disgusting, squishy pulp. The crowd was in hysterics now, even though the smell of her mess was beginning to emerge. Jenny was mortified as the stench of her diaper emerged, enveloping her and forcing those standing closet to her to pinch their nostrils shut in distaste. Still the horsey continued his stationary gallop, oblivious to the cries and displeasure of his passenger. Jenny wailed despondently, the mess mushing further and further beneath her with every gentle bounce of her bottom, spreading it into every nook and cranny. It seemed like she’d already been riding this stupid thing for an eternity already— how much longer could a quarter last?!
     As though it had heard her prayer, the plastic horse slowed to a stop with one final lurch. Jenny gasped as she settled onto her bottom, her finally stationary butt sinking into the muddy mess contained within her diapers, She sobbed, partially with humiliation, but mostly with relief—her ordeal was over, and now she could finally get off this stupid horse and just run away, get out of these horrible diapers and clean herself up…
     She stiffened, her eyes nearly popping out when she heard the horrifying sound of a quarter being slid into the slot and clanking into place. “This ride’s on me, girly,” she heard. As the horse lurched to life once more, she turned to see that the woman she’d cut in front of was grinning and brandishing a full change purse (which she jangled in her hand with a mischievous smile.)
     “And the next one’s on me!” said another woman she’d jumped in front of, holding up a quarter of her own.
     “And the one after that’s on that’s after me!” said a man in the crowd, holding up a shiny silver disk of his own.
     Poor Jenny, still gently bouncing up and down in her messy diaper, let out a howl of despair when she looked around and saw an army of smiling faces brandishing quarters of their own…


  1. Someone's going to make a fortune on that ride :)

  2. I loved it. It feels like forever since you've written a story like this. Thank you. I hope you don't abandon the Humble Games though

  3. Really enjoyed it, the build up then her puzzlement and slowly realization dawns plus the end results was well done.

    1. Thanks so much, really glad you liked it!