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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This one was inspired by my friend Mandy, who lamented that she thought the daddy in my Ultimate Surrender stories was “kind of a wimp” and was in market for a daddy character that was more forceful, dominant, and masculine… So to Mandy and the rest of you I present my attempt at creating the ultimate Daddy-Dom—a dark character with sinister intentions… but hopefully a little sympathetic at the same time (and maybe a bit likable, too.) It’s pretty dark, not to mention a bit spicier than my other stories, with a fair bit of sexy-bouncy-naughtiness, so those of you who like your stories chaste may have to skip over some parts here and there.
     (This story was also inspired by a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and to a lesser extent the novel upon which said cartoon is based.)
     (Oh, by the way, the author would like to paraphrase Mark Twain in informing readers that persons attempting to find historical accuracy or fidelity with the source material will be shot. Enjoy!)

England, 1886:
Nestled in the far end of a quiet country lane in Cheshire County near the welsh border sat a house, modest in comparison with some of its neighbors, but still large enough to be called a mansion, tucked away behind a thick line of trees and bushes. It was out of the way, its nearest neighbor almost ten minutes away by coach. Once he’d moved in, the new occupant set about buying up as much of the surrounding land as he could, to ensure they would never be built upon—to maintain privacy.
     It wasn’t that he was an unpleasant man or a recluse… on the contrary, he was young, rich, and handsome; had been, in fact, quite the eligible bachelor when he’d lived in London (rumors abounded of an ill-fated engagement, but if anyone in the neighborhood had learned the truth, they’d kept it to themselves.) A Doctor to boot, as it happened; chemicals and the like, they said-- on the fast track to a life of prominence and respect in the community, that was the scuttlebutt.
     But then something happened-- he’d withdrawn to the country, purchased his house and his lands and moved in, with truckloads of specialized equipment and furniture; to care for and study his patients, you understand.
     It seemed that back in London, the Doctor had run across a rash of cases so perplexing as to stump even a formidable talent such as his. To better study these cases, he said, so similar in nature among people with little or no contact, he had to move them into a specialized facility—one as far away from the city as possible, lest it prove contagious.
     And what was the nature of this disorder? The doctor hadn’t revealed any details of the illness or of his patient’s identities, but Mrs. Astor down the lane watched them unpacking, and swore up and down that she saw a young woman looking “quite addled” being led into the home by the Doctor after dark one night.
     Whatever went on in the house, people were happy to give it a wide birth… especially once a rumor circulated that the Doctor may have been treating patients with a rare, highly contagious disease—people decided not to take the risk and kept their visits to the Doctor’s home to an absolute minimum, contenting themselves to admire his simple decency and dedication to his professional duty from afar.
In the study, Edward Daddy took advantage of the quiet of naptime to write in his journal:
Recent blood tests confirm my suspicions—daily exposure to the serum has caused a build up in the body— I hypothesize that very soon, perhaps within the next few weeks, the change will be permanent and no further exposure to the serum will be required.
     He smiled at the thought—it had been a hard road, fraught with personal and professional perils, but now, it was all about to pay off. He’d walked through the minefield and come out a winner. Now there would be government grants and funding from wealthy philanthropists, on top of his own not inconsiderable fortune (which had taken a hit from his recent property acquisitions, but was still more than enough, even without the other money coming it.) He could ensure that his charges had the best possible care and the highest level of comfort available to them. He could tend to their needs individually, as they deserved.
     There was a small noise in the hallway by the door… he turned quickly, just in time to see a flash of dirty blonde hair whip out of sight. He smiled to himself and watched, his patience quickly rewarded with a face peeking at him from around the corner with one big brown eye at a little above knee height, like they were sitting on the floor, whoever it was… Edward had his suspicions.
     “Who’s that?” Daddy asked, faux stern. He was rewarded with a breathy giggle as the eye quickly retreated around the corner. “Who’s that little girl crawling around when she should be napping?” He said, suppressing a good natured chuckle. “Hmmm? Someone who wants her bottom spanked, I think,” he said, smiling at the excited laugh that emerged.
     He saw her peek around the corner again, this time enough to see her shy smile. “Come along, darling,” he said, holding out his arms invitingly. “Come to Daddy!”
     He smiled when Amanda appeared in the doorway on all fours and came crawling toward him. Edward watched his former fiancée with amusement. Six months ago, Amanda thought that by this point, she’d be quickly adjusting to life as a married woman. He remembered her as she’d been then: fairest maiden in all of London, the proud, cultured, daughter of a prominent family, and clearly destined for great things.
     He watched her crawl across the rug to him on hands and knees, face bright, excited, but free from the concerns of the adult world. She was accompanied, as always, by the omnipresent crinkle of her rubber pants, their baggy dimensions stretched taunt over the massive, bulging diaper below. The nappies were extra thick for naptime, and Edward couldn’t help but smile, watching her crawl toward him, her massively padded rump waggling in the air lazily behind her, like she’d stuffed her baby-pants with thick, downy pillows.
     She stopped on the floor in front of him and folded her legs beneath her, sitting on her knees and gently bouncing her padded tushy on the floor of his study. “What are you doing out of your crib, missy?” he asked sternly.
     In response, she held out her arms emphatically toward him. “Up!” she demanded, bouncing up and down on her diapered butt for emphasis.
     In response, Edward reached down, scooped her up under the arms, and with seemingly impossible strength, lifted the giggling diaper girl off the floor and into his lap, easily as he would a real toddler. Amanda squirmed and shifted, adjusting her nappy into a comfortable position before leaning back into him with a heavy sigh, resting her head on his chest contentedly. Edward wrapped his arm around her bare torso and held her to him, savoring the sweet smell of soap and baby powder emanating from her, mingled with light hints of a wet (but not soaked) diaper and the unmistakable scent of her moistened sex. His senses had slowly gotten sharper over the past few months, his sense of smell especially; both a blessing and a curse when caring for an adult baby, he mused, savoring the warmth of her body against him and inhaling deeply once more. She purred and wriggled in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling against him, almost aggressively. He smiled contentedly, gently patting her bare thigh with his free hand.
     They sat like that for about five minutes before Amanda shifted to look up at him, regarding him with the same mixture of awe and expectation she’d worn ever since she’d finished her regression. She seemed to see him as both an all-powerful deity, capable of things she could never achieve with her regressed mentality… and a servant to be at her beck and call and cater to her whims—after all, who else did she know who could take care of her needs in her diminished state? Of course, Daddy handed out punishments for excessively naughty behavior, but it didn’t seem to be much of a deterrent…. Edward was beginning to suspect she sometimes acted up on purpose, just for attention.
     She started to squirm and fuss in his lap. Edward grinned—he knew what she wanted. “Oh—is my little darling wet?” he asked rhetorically, not waiting for an answer before he stuck his hand down the front of her rubber pants to feel the front of the nappy for dampness (rubbing the front of her diaper far more than was necessary as he did.) Amanda gurgled and pressed her hips foreword, spreading her thighs as far as they’d go. Daddy grinned and rubbed the front of her diaper in response. “Oh yes… you’re soaking, baby-doll.” He worked his hand faster against her crotch, getting Amanda all excited. “If daddy gives you a diaper change, will you go back to sleep?” He rubbed her gently through the front of her bulging, soppy nappy. “Hmmm? Will you be a good girl for me if daddy takes care of you?”
     “Mmmm… Yeth Daddy,” she lisped breathily.
     Edward sighed and rose, hefting Amanda as easily as a rag-doll, and taking her towards the corner of the study where he’d had a changing station installed (one of four he’d had put in outside the nursery: he also had one in the downstairs bathroom, one in the living room, and one in the master bedroom.) Carrying her on his hip like a real baby, he smiled when she snuggled against him. He easily carried her across the room, patting her thickly padded diaper-butt the whole way. He laid her on the table and secured the side rail so she wouldn’t roll off. Amanda grinned lustily and squirmed on her back, her feelings of security and confinement sending a sexy, ticklish excitement throbbing through her.
     After taking a few moments to gather the changing supplies, Edward pulled the rubber pants over her nappy, down her long, sexy legs, and off her feet (which he paused to tickle a little, making Amanda twitch and chortle). She smiled shyly and sucked her thumb when he undid the pins and pulled the diaper down, possessing just enough modesty to get a sexy thrill from the exposure and embarrassment of having her nappy changed by an attractive man—especially one as ruggedly handsome as Daddy.
     “Oh my… very wet indeed,” said Edward, raising an eyebrow when her glistening pussy came into view. He gave her crotch a going over with a warm, wet cloth, then hoisted her ankles into the air to expose her plump, white bottom. He went over each cheek, then wiped up between them, making her coo and squirm. Throughout this process, he was careful to brush against her clit, and his probing fingers penetrated into her pussy far deeper than was required for anything other than keeping her stimulated… probably unnecessary, considering the way she groaned and thrust her hips suggestively. Edward smiled: the formula had reduced her mental capacity to that of a toddler, and restricted access to much of her memory. However, Amanda was still physically a grown woman, with all the needs and appetites inherent in other women. Although the formula had not worked directly on her libido, Edward had noticed a distinct rise in Amanda’s sexual appetites—or maybe she had just regressed to the point where she no longer felt any reason to repress her desires. At any rate, she was virtually insatiable, and Daddy was sure the naughty little minx sometimes spent half the day playing with herself.
     At last she was clean and fresh, wriggling on her back on the table, all pink and naked, looking up at him with a lazy grin. “There we are—all clean,” said Edward. He bent down and pressed his mouth against her sopping pussy, giving it a big, wet kiss. Amanda moaned and thrashed, gurgling her approval, delighting in the sensation of his tongue gently lapping at her moist sex.
     Edward looked up and smiled at her. He began to rake his finger-nails gently over her naked torso. “You naughty girl,” he chided, watching her chortle and squirm helplessly. He tickled her arm-pits and made her scream with laughter, writhing helplessly to get away. “Daddy’s going to tickle the naughtiness right out of you, young lady!” His fingers danced and scratched up and down her ribs, then across her chest until he was tickling maddeningly at the sensitive skin under her firm, ripe breasts. Amanda was kicking and squirming, chortling and groaning in torturous ecstasy, both desperate for him to stop and praying it would never end. Her breath caught sharply when her started playing with her nipples, first tickling, then squeezing and gently thumbing them. Soon giggling had turned back to groaning. Edward reached down with one hand and deftly undid his pants, freeing his raging manhood.
     He took her by the hips and pulled her closer to the bottom of the table. She gave a surprised and delighted gurgle when she felt him push inside her. It was tight, even with all the lubrication and Amanda sighed contentedly as Daddy got into his rhythm, slowly at first, drawing out each thrust and withdrawal. She spread herself as wide as she could and moaned, partly as an involuntary expression of pleasure, but mostly out of frustration—she wished Daddy would stop teasing her and give her an orgasm already! She started rocking her hips impatiently, trying to hurry the process along.
    Finally, he started to pick up the pace, and Amanda groaned and grunted enthusiastically, loving every moment of it—just what she needed before a nice nap!
     They finished within moments of each other.

     Edward cleaned himself first, then set to work on Amanda (who, he noted with a satisfied smirk, was far less animated now—was, in fact, almost asleep.) Once that had been completed, he took the fresh diaper, folded it expertly, and secured it to her loins, followed by another and another, until she was diapered for her nap again. A new pair of rubber pants were selected and pulled them into place over her big diapered butt. He lowered the side-rail and hefted her into his arms, holding her against his hip once more. He smiled when she wrapped her arms around him lazily, nestling against his shoulder with a contented sigh. Edward kissed the top of her head lovingly and carried her down the hall toward the nursery with ease, patting her diapered bottom all the way.

     The nursery was a symphony of conflicting odors, the air filled with the scent of lotions and ointments and powders, diapers and rubber pants and the subtle, but unmistakable scent of female flesh… and, if he wasn’t mistaken, at least one dirty diaper. A line of three large cribs sat against the far wall, two of them taken, their occupants slumbering gently. Edward crossed the darkened room silently, dodging the toys strewn around the floor with ease. One of the cribs, he noted had been opened. So that’s how she got out. “Naughty girl,” he scolded gently. “What are we going to do with you?”
     He’d allowed Amanda to remain a little more mature than the others, so she could serve as a big sister to them. There were only brief moments when he regretted it. He laid Amanda down in the crib and pulled the bars back into place— he would have to think of a new, more complicated locking system for her, but in the meantime she didn’t look like she’d be making any more escapes during this nap.
     He tucked her in tight and smiled as he watched her fight sleep as best she could for a moment before succumbing, drifting off adorably before his eyes. Works every time, Edward thought to himself. Now to find out who had the messy diaper.
     He made his way over to Constance’s crib. Supple and blonde, she generally didn’t fuss much during sleeping periods, and when she did wake she usually just masturbated until she fell asleep again. The exception to this pattern was when she wet or mess during her sleep, which caused her to fuss loudly until someone came and changed her. Watching her sleep peacefully, Edward was sure she wasn’t the culprit, but he checked anyway. He found Constance clean and only a little soggy (and noted, with some amusement, that she’d fallen asleep with one hand down the front of her nappy.)
     That just left poor Jasmine, and Edward knew even before her checked her diaper that she was the guilty party— his enhanced sense of smell picked up her mess with increasing clarity with every step he took. It wasn’t much of a surprise since she’d been regressed the fastest and the farthest; Edward guessed her current mental age to be just a few months—barely old enough to crawl. She also had frequent messy accidents during sleeping periods, so Daddy wasn’t very surprised by the thick stench currently emanating from Jasmine’s crib.
     He crept up quietly and peeked over the side at her. With her jet-black hair and lovely dark eyes, she had just a bit of an exotic look about her. Edward pulled back the blanked a bit to look at her, noticing with satisfaction the small but colorful tattoo on her shoulder blade— a souvenir of her former life.
     Edward lifted the blanket gently and was rewarded with the sight of a bulging, messy diaper—that, and an increase in the poopy smell. Edward was forced to fan his face, but still managed a smile at the sight of the lumpy seat of the rubber pants. With great care, he tucked a finger into their waistband and pealed it down a bit to expose the seat of her nappy, which he noted had a small, but obvious brown stain. He chuckled to himself… six months ago, she would have been so mortified to be seen in this position, it would have driven her to Bedlam. Now, she hardly even noticed.
     Edward heard Jasmine make a little noise, and he stiffened, worrying that she was waking. She grunted, followed by a noisy, rumbling fart in her diapers. The Nappy grew visibly lumpier, the stain growing wider and more noticeable. He smiled, realizing he’d caught her mid bowel movement. He quietly stood and watched as Jasmine grunted in her sleep and filled her britches, occasionally letting out another loud, gassy emission… It’s a wonder she hasn’t woken herself up, he thought, suppressing a laugh. Or the other two, he realized, checking to make sure Amanda and Constance were still slumbering peacefully.
     He heard Jasmine strain briefly before she filled her diaper to capacity with a gooey blast. Edward heard her sigh in relief and shift a bit without waking. Chuckling, he slid the waistband of the rubber panties back into place and tucked her in again gently. The mess would keep until after she woke, he knew all too well, and he still had some things to take care of during the relative peace of nap-time.
     Slipping out of the nursery quietly, he returned to the study. He took his place back at the desk, made a note about the latch on Amanda’s crib, and then pulled out his checkbook from the desk drawer. He set about paying the schools various bills with a sigh… the responsibilities of fatherhood, he thought sardonically as he signed the check ‘Dr. Henry Smiley.’


  1. I love it, and I cannot wait to find out more about the three darlings and their daddy.