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Friday, June 6, 2014

New From Ludella Hahn: Good Cop/Baby Cop

Fans of Ludella Hahn will be delighted to hear that she's unleashed a new Age Regression clip on an eager public (another custom commission from one of her fans.) The chase is on, with Officer Ludella perusing you on foot (POV style.) But just when it looks like she's got the drop on you, you spray her in the face with a strange compound. Ludella tries to make the arrest... but she feels kind of funny. She tries to regain control of the situation... but suddenly, she's speaking baby talk! Her uniform disappears, and soon Officer Ludella is crawling around in nothing but a diaper with her hair banded up in pig tails!

Those of you who liked Ludella in Caught in Diapers, but were looking for something with a little more story and character are going to love her follow-up-- Ludella is excellent as both the tough cop determined to bring her man to justice and as the adorably helpless Adult Baby who eagerly crawls around, explores her environment, and even sucks her toes! Ludella is unbelievably cute as she innocently makes her way around the apartment on all fours,examining the items she finds with adorable curiosity, as though she were seeing it for the first time. Eventually, Ludella finds herself back in uniform... but is she still the same tough officer who was so in control at the beginning, or has her experience changed her? There's only one way to find out, dear readers...
You can download Good Cop/Baby Cop now, $12.99 for 12 minutes, in WMV, Quicktime, HDMP4, and mobile formats.

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