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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wonder Woman Restored!

The Week Of Shame Returns!
Thanks to the reader who gave me the heads up about a broken link on one of our most popular posts: the first part of Wonder Woman's Week Of Shame by Ziggurat and Satyq can now be found in it's entirety right here (the incomplete part two is still here.)

To celebrate, enjoy this selection of ABDL Wonder Woman art by JamJar Monster, SketchManDL, and Hyro:

JamJar Monster
SketchMan DL
I've never actually posted physical AR on this blog (generally it just doesn't appeal to me) but I had to make an exception in this case:
This is, I think, pretty much the ultimate WW regression scenario: she's so beautiful, statuesque and adult in the before shot, arrogantly brushing aside her teenage sidekick's warnings-- only to regress into a completely helpless baby right before the eyes of the girl she so recently dismissed as "silly." Now Wonder Girl will have no choice but to diaper her mentor and care for her until the effects of the fountain wear off. Meanwhile, poor Wonder Woman, now trapped in the body of an infant, her strength, power, and regal dignity just a distant memory, is forced to endure the humiliation of having her bottom wiped, powdered, and swaddled in pampers by her own giggling sidekick (who is beginning to enjoy babysitting her boss a little too much...) How long will this humiliation last? How long does it take to potty train an Amazon?

At first I thought this was by Joe Gravel, but upon closer inspection I'm not as sure now... does anyone know where this comes from?


  1. There is just something so appealing about Wonder Woman going through all these humiliating changes. I suppose it's just thrilling to see given how dominate she usually is of every situation she usually faces that seeing her in such a vulnerable state is just took good to pass up. Glad the link is working again, thanks a lot for all the bonus pics as well.

    1. She's just so regal, dignified and strong (with a hint of kink underneath)-- she really is kind of begging for it...