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Monday, May 12, 2014

Laços de Familia

 Thanks once again to Dick for sending in this great spanking clip from Brazilian Soap Opera Laços de Familia ,with a  bratty beauty (Deborah Secco) going too far with her sassy backtalk-- and takes an OTK spanking in front of a witness as a result. Although this clip isn't age play per se, I still feel like the combination of the actress' pigtails, outfit, and high-pitched, whiny voice give it a distinctly age-playish feel.

Anyone speak enough Portuguese to provide a translation?


  1. Actually this is a Brazilian Soap Opera, but with voiceovers in Spanish. You may notice that the words (sounds) don't exactly match up with the speakers' mouths consistently. I am close to fluent in Spanish and I could provide a loose translation if you'd like, but there were definitely some words in there that I wasn't familiar with.

    1. Oh... heh heh... now I see it... tanks for the heads up.

      A loose translation would be nice-- are they saying anything interesting?

  2. Not actually she is saying that the guy Pedro married a bitch and he's saying that he can't wait to put her on a plane and send her home but she says that she's living on her sister's house so he can't do anything and when he insists she said you wanna bet so thats why he spanks her.