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Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Tell Me Something New..."

Another contribution from Thrandrall, this time by way of noted pulp writer Clark Ashton Smith. In this spanking good story, first published in 10 Story Book, V. 23, #6, August 1924, a befuddled young man discovers that all the woman he loves really wants is a nice, warm backside...

Something New

"Tell me something new," she moaned, twisting in his arms on the sofa. "Say or do something original—and I'll love you. Anything but the wheezy gags, the doddering compliments, the kisses that were stale before Antony passed them off on Cleopatra"

"Alas," he said, "there is nothing new in the world except the rose and gold and ivory of your perfect loveliness. And there is nothing original except my love for you."

"Old stuff," she sneered, moving away from him. "They all say that."

"They ?" he queried, jealously.

"The ones before you, of course," she replied, in a tone of languid reminiscence. "It only took four lovers to convince me of the quotidian sameness of man. After that, I always knew what to expect. It was maddening: they came to remind me of so many cuckoo docks, with the eternal monotony of their advances, the punctuality of their compliments. I soon knew the whole repertory. As for kissing—each one began with my hands, and ended with my lips. There was one genius, though, who kissed me on the throat the first time. I might have taken him, if he had lived up to the promise of such a beginning."

"What shall I say?" he queried, in despair. "Shall I tell you that your eyes are the unwaning moons above the cypress-guarded lakes of dream- land? Shall I say that your hair is colored like the sunsets of Cocaigne ?"

She kicked off one of her slippers, with a little jerk of disgust.

"You aren't the first poet that I've had for a lover. One of them used to read me that sort of stuff by the hour. All about moons, and stars and sunsets, and rose-leaves and lotus-petals."

"Ah," he cried hopefully, gazing at the slipperless foot. "Shall I stand on my head and kiss your tooty-wootsies ?"

She smiled briefly. "That wouldn't be so bad. But you're not an acrobat, my dear. You'd fall over and break something—provided you didn't fall on me."

"Well, I give it up," he muttered, in a tone of hopeless resignation "I've done my darndest to please you for the past four months; and I've been perfectly faithful and devoted, too; I haven't so much as looked corner-wise at another woman—not even that blue-eyed brunette who tried to vamp me at the Artists' Ball the other night."

She sighed impatiently. "What does that matter? I am sure you needn't be faithful unless you want to be. As for pleasing me—well you did give a thrill once upon a time, during the first week of our acquaintance. Do you remember? We were lying out under the pines on the old rug that we had taken with us; and you suddenly turned to me and asked me if I would like to be a hamadryad . . . Ah! there is a hamadryad in every women; but it takes a faun to call it forth . . . My dear, if you had only been a faun !"

"A real faun would have dragged you off by the hair," he growled, "So you wanted some of that caveman stuff, did you? I suppose that's what you mean by 'something new.'"

"Anything, anything, providing it is new," she drawled, with ineffable languor. Looking like a poem to Ennui by Baudelaire, she leaned back and lit another cigarette in her holder of carved ivory.

He look at her, and wondered if any one female had ever before hidden so much perversity, capriciousness, and incomprehensibility behind a rose-bud skin and harvest-coloured hair. A sense of acute exasperation mounted in him—something that had smouldered for months, half-restrained by his natural instincts of chivalry and gentleness. He remembered an aphorism from Nietzsche: "When thou goest to women, take thy whip." "By Jove, the old boy had the right dope," he thought. "Too bad I didn't think to take my whip with me; but after all, I have my hands, and a little rough stuff can't make matters any worse."

Aloud, he said: "It's a pity no one ever thought to give you a good paddling. All women are spoiled and perverse, more or less, but you--" He broke off, and drew her across his knees like a naughty child, with a movement so muscular and sudden that she had neither the time nor the impulse to resist or cry out.

"I'm going to give you the spanking of your life," he growled, as his right hand rose and descended . . . The cigarette holder fell from her lips to the Turkish carpet, and began to burn a hole in the flowered pattern. . . . A dozen smart blows, with a sound like the clapping of shingles, and then he released her, and rose to his feet. His anger had vanished, and his only feeling was an overpowering sense of shame and consternation. He could merely wonder how and why he had done it.

"I suppose you will never forgive me," he began.

"Oh, you are wonderful," she breathed. "I didn't think you had it in you. My faun! My cave-man! Do it again."

Doubly dumbfounded as he was, he had enough presence of mind to adjust himself to the situation. "Women are certainly the limit," he thought, dazedly. "But one must make the best of them, and miss no chances."

Preserving a grim and mysterious silence, he picked her up in his arms.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Art Of 34Qucker

Some of you might remember 34Qucker's work from this recent post; a series of strips which amply demonstrated the artist's interests in diapers, bondage, and messy situations. Now 34Q has kindly granted permission to show some more of his pieces here (much of it produced on commission-- visit his DA gallery for ordering info and prices.) Enjoy!

Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Time To Play The Music! It's Time To Light The Lighs!

Thanks to Thrandrall for sending in in these nice Little Big Girl clips from The Muppet Show (1976-1981) (check out his blog here.) First up: German actress Elke Sommer performs "Animal Crackers in My Soup" (From ep 319):

In episode 310,  American actress and model Marisa Berenson dropped by the show to perform a rendition of "You're Always Welcome At Our House:"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wonder Woman Restored!

The Week Of Shame Returns!
Thanks to the reader who gave me the heads up about a broken link on one of our most popular posts: the first part of Wonder Woman's Week Of Shame by Ziggurat and Satyq can now be found in it's entirety right here (the incomplete part two is still here.)

To celebrate, enjoy this selection of ABDL Wonder Woman art by JamJar Monster, SketchManDL, and Hyro:

JamJar Monster
SketchMan DL
I've never actually posted physical AR on this blog (generally it just doesn't appeal to me) but I had to make an exception in this case:
This is, I think, pretty much the ultimate WW regression scenario: she's so beautiful, statuesque and adult in the before shot, arrogantly brushing aside her teenage sidekick's warnings-- only to regress into a completely helpless baby right before the eyes of the girl she so recently dismissed as "silly." Now Wonder Girl will have no choice but to diaper her mentor and care for her until the effects of the fountain wear off. Meanwhile, poor Wonder Woman, now trapped in the body of an infant, her strength, power, and regal dignity just a distant memory, is forced to endure the humiliation of having her bottom wiped, powdered, and swaddled in pampers by her own giggling sidekick (who is beginning to enjoy babysitting her boss a little too much...) How long will this humiliation last? How long does it take to potty train an Amazon?

At first I thought this was by Joe Gravel, but upon closer inspection I'm not as sure now... does anyone know where this comes from?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Batgirl's Sunday Funnies

Well, it took longer than I thought, but we've finally reached the end of Batgirl month. Thanks again to Cage for letting me post up his awesome art-- I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let's close things out with some sexy Batgirl strips:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Super Cool, Super Cute Sophie Little!

Sophie Little is relatively new to ABDL modeling, but she's already got some very nice vids up on Clips4Sale, including some very hot wet and messy clips. Sophie plays a great Little Girl, and gamely throws herself into the role of Adult Baby (she also does some POV Mommy clips.)
Sophie contacted me via e-mail and was kind enough to share some pics and a special video introduction for everyone (with a "surprise" toward the end):

Sophie also shoots custom clips, and she's let me know that she'll provide a discount on all customs to anyone who mentions they saw her on Babes In Diapers! Contact her now to get the ball rolling on a sexy clip of your own design (see the top of her C4S page for custom ordering info.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ageplay From The UK

Thanks to both Ben and Dan for sending in this excellent clip from Celebrity Juice: beautiful, sexy celebrities Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook are dressed in footed PJs and sent back to a giant nursery, where they're attacked by the tickle monster:

Ben also spotted this clip from the show Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps, showing the main characters as children (plus a couple of other women in Little Girl clothes):

Monday, May 12, 2014

Laços de Familia

 Thanks once again to Dick for sending in this great spanking clip from Brazilian Soap Opera Laços de Familia ,with a  bratty beauty (Deborah Secco) going too far with her sassy backtalk-- and takes an OTK spanking in front of a witness as a result. Although this clip isn't age play per se, I still feel like the combination of the actress' pigtails, outfit, and high-pitched, whiny voice give it a distinctly age-playish feel.

Anyone speak enough Portuguese to provide a translation?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoons

OK, I'm not normally into furry stuff, but this is pretty cute. From the reader who sent it in:

It's from the series T.U.F.F. Puppy; in this episode (Bad Eggs), the villain is stealing eggs and turning the baby animals inside evil. Agent Puppy pretends to be a chicken and has his sidekick (Kitty Katswell) hide inside of a fake egg-- dressed like a big baby!

(Starts at 7:36-- Sorry about the rough quality of the video guys, it was the only copy I could find online.)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Of These Days, Alice...

Thanks to Dick for sending in this great clip: from The Honeymooners episode The Man From Space circa 1955, here's Audrey Meadows' Alice Kramden showing a lot of leg in her little girl costume for Halloween (starts at 19:37):

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Ultimate Surrender Chapter Two

(Dedicated to Nanamartinez)

They ambled leisurely through the park, she riding in her stroller, bottom swaddled in a warm and soggy didey. He pushed the stroller gently, making sure to keep the ride smooth for her. She’d been terribly self-conscious at first, not entirely sure how people were going to react at the sight of her.
    But the spell seemed to have some sort of secondary effect on the people around her—instead of staring at her in confusion or even disgust, people looked at her with benevolent smiles… like they would a real baby. Men ignored her almost totally… not even the teenage boys she saw tried to sneak peeks at her sexy bare legs.
     Women seemed found her as irresistible, and more than one stopped to comment on how adorable she looked. She was tickled under the chin and had her cheeks pinched, and more than one woman commented on her long blonde hair banded up in adorable pigtails. She giggled and squirmed appropriately, and even squirted a few more involuntary drops of pee into her diaper.
     She almost feared for her life when they were practically mobbed by a group of girls from the nearby high-school, who crowded around her, practically screaming endearments at her as they reached down to tickle and fondle her, just like a real baby. “Oh my God, Mister, she is so CUTE!!” one gushed, reaching down to stroke her chin and make her giggle, squirming in her soggy diaper. “How old is she?”
     “22… months,” he said with a mysterious smile.
     “I LOVE her cute little outfit!” the next girl squealed, reaching down to tug at her overalls and pat the front of her soggy diaper.
    “And these little piggy tails!” said a third.
    “Oh, she’s so cute I want to eat her up!” said the first girl, tickling her bare knees below the cuff of her overalls and making her squirm in her pissy diaper. “You’ve got to let me babysit her sometime, mister… please?!”
     “No, me!” Said the second, “please let me do it… I’ve got my first aid certificate!”
     “No… Let me do it mister!” the third one pleaded. “I’m a part-time lifeguard—I could take her swimming! Please let me do it mister!”
     They continued to bed and plead, so strongly at times that she there was a moment she thought they were going to tear her to pieces in her stroller. Only when he took the girls numbers and promised to call them should any baby-sitting opportunities arise in the future. She sucked her soother nervously… she didn’t think he’d actually turn her over to that gang of savage teenage babysitters, but he would probably hold it over her head whenever she got cranky with him…
     “I thought we could have a nice picnic,” he said, rolling her out onto a nice spot of the grass and unpacking their things from the compartment under the seat of her stroller and setting them out on the lawn. She sat back in the stroller, enjoying the warm sun on her bare legs and relaxed as she watched him work, getting everything perfect for her… just the way it should be, she thought, allowing herself a slightly superior smirk. Yes, a lovely light lunch was just what she needed right now—followed by a diaper change out here in the sun, she thought, and then back in the stroller for a nice nap… a perfect afternoon, she thought.
     Once the blanket had been spread out on the ground and the food was ready to serve, he helped her gingerly out of her stroller. With his aid, she was able to toddle awkwardly across the grass, the diaper sagging heavily between her legs before settling in on her pampered bottom with a squish. He opened a plastic container, revealing home-made apple-sauce. It seems I’ve even been demoted to a baby’s diet, she thought, flushing with pleasure.
     He affixed a bib around her slender neck and began feeding her, carefully spooning the delicious amber mush into her eager mouth. She still dribbled and drooled more than was strictly necessary, and soon her face and bib were covered.
     “Look at how messy you’re being!” he said with a good natured chuckle. “I know you’re just a baby, but I think you should be able to open and close your mouth at this point, sweetie.”
     In response she gave a bratty giggle, more applesauce dribbling down her chin and plapping against her bib. Finally he was forced to take a cloth and clean her off a bit before finishing the rest of the container.
     Once she’d finished, she sat back and belched contentedly, and passively allowed him to clean her up a bit. She’d gotten all sticky from the applesauce, and it felt wonderful to be all clean again. Once he’d gotten her mouth clear, he bent in and kissed her. “There she is! I thought I’d lost you for a moment!” he scolded good-naturedly, tickling her under the chin and making her chortle.
     “What do you think?” he asked rhetorically, digging around in the picnic basket. “Time for baba?” he produced a bottle for her, filled to the top with her favorite—grape juice!
     She eagerly crawled over and cuddled up in his lap. He popped the nipple into her mouth and she started. The bottle was big, over a liter, and she was still full from her big lunch. Yet she still slurped the bottle like it was the only nourishment she’d had in days, hardly pausing to even take a breath. He watched with surprised amusement as she sucked the entire bottle down like a trooper, then burped contentedly. He chuckled, “You’re so cute!” he said, raking his fingers across her belly and making her chortle helplessly.
     She suddenly gasped, her giggling forcing out a sudden and uncontrollable gush of pee. She sighed contentedly, even as the sound of her stream spraying loudly against the already sodden diaper emerged quite audibly, making her blush and squirm as he fixed her with a knowing smile.
    “Time for a change, I think,” he said firmly. Her overalls were unsnapped and tugged down, over her booties and removed entirely, her sodden and sagging diapers revealed to the entire park. Once again she felt a shroud of self-consciousness and embarrassment descending, sure that every eye in the park mush be on her and her diaper, all swollen and discolored.
     But one again, few people seemed to take notice beyond a few older women passing by… veteran diaper changers themselves, she guessed by the knowing, sympathetic smiles on their faces as they passed.
     Soon she was down on her back, diaper open, bare butt and bald pussy lewdly on display. He took the wet wipes and went to work, cleaning her squirming pee-pee before lifting her legs and going to work on her bum, the cool wipes heavenly across her buns and in her butt-crack. He tutted.
     “Somebody’s getting a red little bottom,” he admonished. Taking a big dollop of cream, he lifted her legs and worked the cool balm into one cheek, then took another dollop and repeated the process on the other cheek. He even spread some diaper-rash ointment on her pussy, which throbbed and tingled in a most delightful way—
     But she found herself much too tired to enjoy the sensation, already yawning and drifting to sleep even as he slid the fresh diaper under her rump. The heavy lunch had done a number on her, and now she was ready to go down for a nap—just like a real baby! She fought the sensation briefly, but her eyelids were drooping heavily, and she was yawning nearly uncontrollably.
     She was snoozing before he’d even finished fastening the tapes of the diaper…

Friday, May 2, 2014

Return Of The Giant Babies

Some of you might remember this post from a while ago and several interesting "role reversal" pics containd within, featuring shrunken mothers at the mercy of their giant babies:

Now, Dick has been kind enough to track down the original source of these pics: a series of advertisements for Johnson's Baby Products from the 1940's, and the accompanying text is quite interesting, focusing on the women's reduction in stature and power, and their discomfort and embarrassment at being treated like babies (and by their OWN babies, no less!)
If only they'd carried the idea to it's logical conclusion and dressed the babies in adult clothes... and the mommies in diapers!