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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Batgirl Month Begins

DM sent me a huge package of pics featuring popular DC superheroine Batgirl in a variety of compromising positions, which I'll be posting throughout April. A few of them had already been posted a while ago, you can check them out here. Apparently the majority of these were done by the same artist, but DM doesn't remember the details so if anyone knows the background on these, please let us know in the comments. (Update: Apparently the artist is Cage, who posted on Omuchan before it went down. Thanks to Sir Spankalot for the info.)


  1. The artist is Cage, he emailed me a few months back and talked of setting up his own site to host the work after Omuchan went down, though I think that he was then on a hunt to find a collated source of it all first.

    1. Thanks for the info... If you've got his e-mail handy, would you mind sending it to me?