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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ageplay The Musical

...OK, not really, but thanks to Michael for sending this in anyway: A new entry for the media project featuring a group of adults dressed and acting like children in this vintage musical number (including a number of shots of the girls in big, childish bloomers). Update: Thanks to the commenter below who identified this as Playmates "...a 'soundie' produced for playing in a sort of video jukebox," from June 4, 1944.


  1. It's called "Playmates" and was released June 4, 1944. It's a "soundie" produced for playing in a sort of video jukebox. I haven't identified any of the performers.

  2. That was surprisingly fantastic, I guess it was how the occasional crew managed an ageplay production all those years ago.

    1. I love it too-- It manages to find a nice medium between old-timey fun and pervy fetish fuel.