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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ludella Does Diapers!

Lovely Ludella Hahn is an internationally known pin-up and fetish model who has graced the pages of Bizarre and Temptress, and worked for spanking sites like Girl Spanks Girl. I contacted Ludella about the possibility of doing some ABDL stuff for her Clips4Sale site-- to my surprise, she was quite enthusiastic about the idea! (These pics are screen caps-- the video is high quality.)
 Ludella is home alone when she discovers someone's sent her a present! She unwraps it delightedly, only to find a package of Aww So Cute diaper, some powder, and a Nuk 5 adult pacifier! She discards the bizarre gifts and tries to do a little reading-- but her attention wanders again towards the diapers, and finally her curiosity gets the better of her. Soon, luscious Ludella is cavorting in a diaper and sucking on an adult sized pacifier!

 Download the trailer here.
This one's a little different from my previous commissions: the narrative is kept to a minimum, so there's no formal script other than the little poem she reads (can anyone spot where I borrowed that one from?)-- the clip is mostly Ludella playing around and posing in a diaper (though there is a little twist at the end.)
I'm quite happy with the way it turned out and I may contact Ludella again in the future for something a little more complex (it should be noted that Ludella plays an excellent Batgirl... the possibilities are intreaguing...)
The clip is $13.99 for 13 minutes. You can see it now in WMV, MOV and MP4 format.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Batgirl Vs. Harley Quinn

Batgirl month continues! This time it's Batman's Best Girl versus the Joker's Main Squeeze... who emerges victorious? We do, dear readers... we do. (All pics by Cage.)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Big Numbers

400 posts. 3 million hits. And one hell of a good time.
UK Diaper Girls
Ready to party!
Huge thanks to all of you guys for reading and supporting this blog, for sending in the stuff that makes it great, for indulging all my off topic crap, for buying the comics and clips, and for all the stuff that I'm forgetting...

Thank you all so, so much. It's cliche but it's true: you are the ones who make this possible.
Naughty Girl! I told you what would happen if I caught you reading that nasty blog again!
Diapers?! Are you serious?!
Naughty Diaper Girls
God, Mom; I wish you'd never read that stupid blog!
Plastic Babe
 I'm too sexy for this diaper!
AB Dreams
 Diapered, whether she wants it or not!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Ultimate Surrender

(Hmmm... I'm not convinced this one made an entirely successful transition from fantasy to reality... I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.)

 “It’s almost time,” he said, kissing her hand softly. “Are you ready?”
     “…Yes,” she said after only a brief hesitation, not entirely able to hold back the quiver in her voice.  Below her the diaper was as crisp and white as a fresh pamper, and he’d been careful to fasten it tightly to her tiny waist. Inside it’s cottony folds, her little rump and pretty pussy was all slippery and gleaming from the lotion he’d massaged into her entire body before he’d diapered her so tenderly. Just like any other night.
     … Except that it wasn’t. Tonight was special. Tonight was the night that she gave herself over to him completely. More than a marriage, she knew… what they were entering into was a commitment on a level most couples could never even understand, let alone consider. She was giving herself to him, utterly, on every level, in a way most modern brides would think inconceivable.
         He held out the necklace, its gold shimmering in the candle light. Half a tiny gold heart hung from its chain, casting eerie glimmers across the room… she could sense its power instinctually… the power to alter her life forever.
     Yet she felt no real fear as he put it around her neck, it’s surprisingly heavy talisman dangling down between her bare breasts… surprisingly warm against her flesh. She watched as he took his own talisman and hung it around his broad shoulders, the matching half-heart seeming tiny against his muscled chest. Her skin tingled excitedly—she wondered if he felt it too.
     “There’s no turning back—if we go through with this, we’ll be bound forever… two parts forming one perfect whole… do you understand, my darling?”
     “I do,” she said, feeling a surge that left her feeling both energized and weak in the knees.
     “Tonight you will become on the outside what you are on the inside; the you that you show only to me will define you for eternity,” he emphasized it with a pat on her diapered rump. “Are you ready for that?”
     “I am,” she said, shivering as she did, another delightful, tickling jolt surged through her body… She tottered unsteadily and had to reach out toward him to keep from collapsing… he enfolded her firmly in his arms, pressing her tightly against him. She shivered once more, despite the warm, muscled embrace, the half-heart between her breasts growing hot, its heat spreading out across her body in prickling, throbbing waves. He leaned down and kissed her softly, then leaned close and whispered, his breath hot and moist in her ear.
     “The engine that drives this transformation is love,” he said, punctuating the statement by kissing the nape of her neck. “The more you love me— the deeper you feel it— the stronger the magic becomes.”
     And she could feel it… coercing through her with each beat of her heart. As the love (and, if she was honest, lust) she felt increased, the tingling got stronger, her arms and legs becoming increasingly heavy as the warm and not altogether unpleasant sensation overwhelmed her. She felt her legs give, felt herself lean against him for support.
     Without a word, he hoisted her into his arms and carried her toward the crib they’d set up in the spare room—her nursery, as they’d been calling it.
     “It’s OK, my love,” he said gently, lowering her onto the mattress. On her back, she peered out at him, surrounded on all sides by crib-bars looming over-top of her. Tingling all over, she found herself unable to do much more than squirm on her back helplessly. He popped a pacifier into her mouth.
     “That’s it, darling… just lie back and let the magic do its work,” he said softly, stroking her hair tenderly. “The more you love… and the stronger you feel that love… the weaker you become. Inching ever closer to becoming that oversized baby you’ve always wanted to become… and always known that you were.”
     She nodded as best she could… even lifting her head was proving a chore. The gold heart lay perfectly between her breasts, growing hotter and hotter. Each beat of her heart sent a tickling crackle of electricity throughout her body, sharpening her mind even as it made her body weaker. Behind her diaper her pussy was sopping, dribbling in anticipation of the pleasures to come. She sucked her pacifier eagerly, the tingling building up inside her, making her feel all warm and giggly and gooey.
     “And the more you love me, the more I love you… and that love makes me strong, darling. As you grow weaker, I grow stronger. That’s why it’s ok to let go, baby… I’m going to be strong enough for both of us.”
     She gurgled delightedly and squirmed on her back, as thrilled with her newfound helplessness as she was with his growing strength. Indeed, as she looked up into his face looming over her, she saw him peering in from over the crib bars like a god. She saw the half heart around his neck glowing like it had been pulled from a fire… a glance down confirmed that her matching half was doing the same, glowing brightly against her bare skin, warm but not too hot. Her world spun—she felt dazed and giddy, like she’d drank too much. The world had taken on a glistening sheen.
     “We’ll be frozen in this moment in time, my love… neither of us will ever age or die. We are eternal… as long as we remain true to each other. “
     She sighed contentedly and shut her eyes. She felt overwhelmed, as though she were drowning in a sea of her own emotions. She sucked her soother and listened to his voice enfolding her like a warm blanket. She felt like a fairy tale princess… all of her dreams were coming true.
     “That’s my girl,” he smiled, leaning into the crib and tickling her soft, smooth little belly. “Just let go…”
     She felt a warm gush from her pussy, felt the diaper growing warm and wet beneath her. She vainly tried to stop the stream, felt a rush of elation when she realized it was impossible. She sighed, relieved and contended, smiling up at him, eternally grateful to him for the gift he’d given her.
     “Aww… poor little girl—did you have an accident?” He chuckled, reaching down and rubbing her through the front of her soggy diaper. “Is daddy going to have to change you?” he asked rhetorically, smiling as she nodded earnestly in response. She bucked and gurgled behind her pacifier, aggressively thrusting her pelvis against his hand, grinding her sex into the pissy, squishy diaper. She worked the soother in her mouth, the tingling spreading out from the tiny gold heart on her chest consuming her, body and soul.
     “That’s it, darling… let it all go… all the stress, the worry the tension of your adult life… leave it all behind… entrust yourself to me… let it all go.”
     Her bowels roared to life inside her… With a shocked, gurgling cry, she exploded flatulently into her already soaked diaper, a hot, muddy load spreading her buttocks and quickly filling the seat. She gave a startled gasp, pulling her knees up to her chest to accommodate another poopy mess gushing involuntary into the seat of her pampers with a gooey fart. She quickly filled her britches, the seat inflating under her. He chuckled and continued rubbing the diaper against her, sending ripples of erotic embarrassment through her.
     “You really need daddy to change you now, don’t you honey?”
     She mumbled affirmatively around her pacifier… she was looking forward to a clean, fresh diaper… but not until after she’d had a nice orgasm.
      She writhed in her hot, mushy, messy pamper, desperately humping herself to a climax. The tingling radiating out from the gold half heart was like a lead lined blanket laid over top of her, pinning her to the mattress. She felt wonderfully constricted, helpless to do anything but squirm on her back and let him have his way with her.
     “That’s my girl…” She noticed a strain in his voice, looked up and saw him grimacing a little. She gasped when she realized the metal heart against his chest was burning him.
     “Daddy?” she asked in a frightened little lisp.
      “It’s OK, darling… it’s just how the magic works. Don’t worry—you won’t feel anything… I’ll take your share of the pain,” he soothed her. At no point did he stop rubbing the front of her heavily soiled diaper. She wanted to be concerned, but she was too far gone, and soon slipped into a state of mindless pleasure. She was physically and emotionally over stimulated—she thought about him, about his strength, about his devotion, about the sacrifices he was making for her.
     Inside, she felt her heart melting into a puddle—she was vaguely aware that the gold half-heart had grown white hot against her flesh before she erupted into an orgasm. She briefly had a vision of herself exploding into light and sparks like a firework before the world when white, then dark.
     She awoke with a gasp. She had no idea how long she’d been out, but she could feel the poopy diaper squishing against her bottom, so she knew it couldn’t have been very long. The delightfully warm tingle had receded, leaving only a lingering weakness in her limbs, like she was wearing weights strapped to her wrists and ankles. She could hardly lift her head, and didn’t seem capable of anything more substantial than squirming on her back.
     “Are you alright darling?”
     She looked up at him and smiled shyly, utterly spent and exhausted, but exhilarated, thrilling at the delectable helplessness of her new condition. She tried to answer: “Murmble,” was the best she could manage, drooling a bit out the side of her mouth. He chuckled.
     “What a good, brave girl you are,” he said, removing the chain from around his shoulders. She noticed that the half heart was missing… She raised her head as high as she could, inspected the place between her breasts where it had rested. A tiny, already fading half-heart shaped spot marked the spot where the charm had rested. By tomorrow, it would be like it never existed.
     She didn’t have time to contemplate the mystery any further… He reached into the crib and scooped her up under her arms, lifting her from the crib as easily as a real baby. Tucking one hand under her squishy bottom, he placed her against his hip and carried her out of the room like a toddler. She rested her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh.
     She reluctantly allowed him to lay her out on the changing table, her mushy diaper squishing under her squirming tushy. The hall next to the table was a full-length mirror, allowing her to watch herself getting a change. He bustled around the room, getting her supplies ready; she studied herself in the mirror lazily, examining the space between her breasts where the pendant had rested. She could have swore she felt it burning her—but there was no indication that it had ever been there at all.
     She heard the tapes on her pamper being torn open. The front panel was pealed down, her messy bottom revealed to the room. “Phew! My goodness!” he admonished jokingly.
     “However did such a tiny girl fit so much poopy inside her in the first place?” he chuckled, bringing a sexy blush to her face. He balled the wipes in his fist, warming them before he applied them to her squirming bottom. She quickly discovered she had the strength to do little more than lift her legs for him. Once he had the main mess cleaned, he pulled to soiled pamper out from under her, replacing with a warm, soft cloth diaper straight out of the dryer. He took his time oiling her, making sure her got both butt-cheeks nice and slippery before squirting a line down her crack, making her shriek and gurgle as he got her crinkled little anus nice and lubricated. Her legs were lowered, her pelvis and vulva dowsed in oil and lovingly slathered, until she felt herself being swallowed by another climax. She cooed and gurgled and bucked, all modesty and restraint long forgotten…
     He pulled back a moment before she reached ignition, and she squealed frantically as the diaper was tugged up tight against her loins. She was pinned in quickly, before she could fuss too much, and before she knew it she had a pair of thick, hot plastic pants yanked up her legs and pulled up over her big, bulky diaper. She pouted, secretly thrilled by the tease and denial. She became aware of the way the front of the diaper was pressing up against her. She knew it was going to keep her maddeningly aroused all day. She smirked mischievously at the thought.
     He lifted her from the table with the ease of picking up a kitten and set her gently on her feet. She stood, semi-dazed as he dressed her in a little, white, Hello Kitty t-shirt and a pair of denim shortie pant overalls. She sucked her soother and looked at herself in the mirror-- her diaper was bulging noticeably beneath them, her tushy all padded and bulky… exactly as it should be, she thought with a smile. She wiggled her bulky, diapered bottom, giggling at the crinkle that emerged.
     “Come along, darling,” he said, opening the door and heading toward the kitchen. She tried to follow, but between the thick diaper between her thighs (and the lovely pressure against her crotch) and the new weakness of her limbs, walking was nearly impossible for her, and she was forced to get down on her hands and knees and crawl after him. She broke out into a wide smile, the delightfully childish sensation making her heart and pussy throb in time. The sensation of the carpet between her fingers and on her knees, the sexy security of the diaper tightly wrapped around her loins, the sensation of her bulky, diapered butt waggling in the air behind her, the plastic pants crinkling noisily… it was as though she’d been transported back in time.
     “Come on, honey: I’ve got a surprise for you!”
     She followed his voice into the kitchen, squealing delightedly when she saw the oversized stroller. He picked her up under her arms, lifting her into the air as though she was weightless. She squealed and kicked excitedly as he held her over his head, waggling her as gently as a real baby, before popping her into her stroller and buckling her in.
     She settled into its plush seat and grinned lazily. She felt a warm gush and realized she was pissing herself again. This time, she didn’t even try to restrain herself, contented to smile naughtily and squirm her bottom in her increasingly warm and sodden diaper.
     “All set, baby?” he asked.
     “Mmmm,” she confirmed sluggishly, her pee trickling off into a dribble before stopping. She was already starting to doze off a bit… a little stroll would be just the thing to lull her into a nice nap.
    She yawned and squished her bottom contentedly in her soggy diaper as he rolled out the front door and into her new life.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Batgirl Month Returns

More diapers for poor Batgirl in this excellent art from Cage-- Check out the first two parts in our series here and here.

If you've got something you think our readers would enjoy, let me know and I'll get it up ASAP.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ageplay The Musical

...OK, not really, but thanks to Michael for sending this in anyway: A new entry for the media project featuring a group of adults dressed and acting like children in this vintage musical number (including a number of shots of the girls in big, childish bloomers). Update: Thanks to the commenter below who identified this as Playmates "...a 'soundie' produced for playing in a sort of video jukebox," from June 4, 1944.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Funnies

(Just a couple of quick notes:
I've been really busy lately which is why it's been so slow around here this month. I hope to be able to post with more frequency soon.
Re: The Humble Games: We've hit a bit of a snag-- My co-writers and I are currently working to alleviate the problem. I'm not entirely sure when the next part will be up, hopefully sooner rather than later.)
(Thanks to Jerry for sending these in.)
Update: Thanks to liljdude for letting me know the artist is 34Qucker: Check out their DA gallery and Tumblr.

I don't normally post up art without giving credit to the artist (if fact I usually write them and ask permission) but I just love these strips so much that I'm going to forgo that at the moment. If you know who the original artist is, please let me know in the comments so I can give them full credit. If you are the artist and you'd like me to take it down, please contact me and I'll get it down ASAP.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Batgirl's Bad Day

Batgirl Month Part One

Batgirl gets her fanny paddled in this short comic (originating from here); We've also got a few more diaper pics from Cage:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Public Poopy Diaper Prank!

This was sent in ages ago by an anonymous reader, I misplaced it on my hard drive and only recently uncovered it. I'm not sure what the context is here, seems to be a hazing stunt or a dare of some sort. I'm also not sure where this clip originates from... anyone know?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Batgirl Month Begins

DM sent me a huge package of pics featuring popular DC superheroine Batgirl in a variety of compromising positions, which I'll be posting throughout April. A few of them had already been posted a while ago, you can check them out here. Apparently the majority of these were done by the same artist, but DM doesn't remember the details so if anyone knows the background on these, please let us know in the comments. (Update: Apparently the artist is Cage, who posted on Omuchan before it went down. Thanks to Sir Spankalot for the info.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laxative Prank Backfires...

... No pun intended.

Thanks again to JT for sending in this clip from the Indonesian show Cinta Yang Sama (and just in time for April Fool's Day). Durring a women's volleyball game, the protagonist's team spikes the opposition's drinks with laxatives, causing them to run off the court in the middle of the match. They win the game-- but then accidentally partake of their own spiked refreshments...