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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Congratulations To Our Contest Winners!

(I've fallen way behind on my e-mails- if you sent something and didn't get a reply don't worry-- I'm going to try to get back to you this weekend.)
It's over! Huge thanks one more time to everyone who sent entries-- I genuinely enjoyed all of them and choosing just three was a tough job... I hope you enjoy the winning entries as much as I did:

Congrats to Brad for his winning entry-- he gets a copy of Kymberly Jane Vs. Sinn Sage:

The adaptation I would love to see would be Birthday Girls, a classic and still my favorite. Your writing was really showcased in that story. Character descriptions were vivid, and I can picture a short film being adapted from it.

As for the casting, I'd love to see:

Rebecca- Jennifer Lawrence
Because I believe Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful young woman, and would be utterly phenomenal in the scene where she would be filling her diaper on Mikes lap.

 Amanda- Emma Stone
Because I have always loved Emma Stone's beauty, and would thoroughly enjoy seeing her be spoon fed and having her diaper changed.

Veronica- Alexandra Daddario
While I was reading, I could picture Her playing this role really well. Her beauty alone should be enough to play the vixen that Veronica is.

Mrs. Wilson- Amy Adams
Amy Adams is gorgeous, and picturing her baby talk down to Jennifer Lawrence makes me ├╝ber exited. She would capture this role perfectly

 Mrs. Barnes- Reese Witherspoon
Picturing her spoon feed Emma Stone would be epic. Reese Witherspoon could play a mom, and a hot woman. So this should be a shoe in

 Mrs. Marshal- Selma Hayek
Selma Hayek is a beauty, and would be a fair fit as Veronica's mother. I can picture the chemistry already.

Sarah Hayes- Rachel McAdams
I included Sarah as well, because I noticed she had a small part in the story, and she has always fit the cheerleader trope.

Mike- Cam Gigandet
He's a built guy, and could play the football player look anyway.

Thanks a lot Brad-- I think your list stands up to and perhaps surpasses the one I came up with (and J-Law as Rebecca is an especially great call!)

David wins a copy of Akira Lane Vs. Randy Moore for his entry:

I choose "Poor Little Rich Girl" I choose this story because the concept of a strong powerful woman who doesn't even realize she wants/needs to be pampered and cared for finding herself failing quickly without even understanding how is i think very powerful and well i would definitely pay to watch that. Also i could easily see the story drawn out since it has many possible ways for it to go and i would like to see those possibilities explored (Hint Hint ^-^)

The cast I would chose would be 

Stephanie Van Horne- Jessica Alba 
 Because I think she a strong independent women and i would love to see her get spanked and pampered, now i don't know how tall or short she is but movie magic can fix that easily.

Eric- Tom Hiddleston 
 I think after seeing him as Loki he would be perfect for noticing a woman's inner desire to be pampered and capable of leading her into a pampering without her even realizing it.

Tammy- Amanda Tapping 
I could easily see her in a maids uniform and quite ready to mother a spoiled proud little girl like Jessica.

Thanks for the list David, and for making an especially great call on Stephanie.

Last but not least, Sierra gets a free copy of Governess Returns for this great entry:

For my movie, I've chosen Haunted House. I think with the recent resurgence of good movies about haunted houses, it would be a good time to add a little diapered twist to it all!

Molly- Kristen Bell
 With her petite size, she's perfect for diapers, and she has experience playing a character curious and spunky enough to go snooping around, even knowing deep down there's bound to be nothing good in the room all the weird noises are coming from! 

Jenny- Amanda Seyfried
With those big eyes of her, she would make an adorable babygirl, but she's still hot enough to buy as the devious "big sister" she becomes, tempting Molly away from her adult life and back to messy diapers and bottle feedings, where she belongs. Plus, it would be fun to have a little Veronica Mars reunion there!

Charles- Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm would make an amazing Charles. Tall, handsome in a very classic "50s sitcom" sort of way, and looks super sexy in a suit! I don't think any baby girls would mind being spanked for being a naughty girl and pooping her diapers if he was the one doling it out!

David- Andrew Garfield
And finally, I think Andrew Garfield would be a good David. He's younger than Jon Hamm, and would be good as a more traditionally comforting presence at the beginning, only to become a Daddy himself by the end. He might still seem a little inexperienced, but I think he'd be able to give a good sense of being able to grow up into a strong Daddy like Charles.

 How do you think they did? Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

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