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Monday, February 3, 2014

Love & Rockets Redux

Some of you may remember this pic from the well know indie comic Love And Rockets and the post that went along with it:

Recently, a reader contacted me to update the info in that post, and it turns out that this panel is just the tip of the iceberg:

It's from the Wigwam Bam storyline (volume 1 issues 38 and 39). The older woman is Nan Tucker, a popular comedienne, who pays Crystal (a prostitute) to live as her little girl. The girl in the background is Hopey, the protagonist of the story, who is staying with Nan after befriending Jewel, her daughter (who disapproves of her mother's relationship with Crystal). Hopey and Crystal become friends, and Hopey seems fascinated  with her new friend and her lifestyle, and spies on Crystal and Nan "playing".

Later, Nan is revealed to be at the center of a network of older female TV stars and their hired little girls, and at one point there's even a big party featuring several "adult children." Hopey is very accepting of all of this, even saying it looks fun, and at one point gives oral sex to one of the "little girls." The story seems overall very understanding of age play lifestyles, although it takes a heavy turn toward the dark side near the end.


  1. Great find, the final picture is particularly fun.

    1. the entire party scene is very good (until it gets dark at the end.) On the whole, I think the entire subplot is very well done.